Bandhan 31st December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bandhan 31st December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Meethi is asking the servant to work. ganesh screams. Shaku says he makes a lot of noise. Meethi says before we could play with fire with him his sister ended his fire. What if he comes here and hits us. Shaku says I wont let that happen. ganesh comes in. Meethi says what will he do now. Darpan says sahku bua don’t be scared we wont harm you. We are here to apologize. I have accepted my mistake and so has ganesh. ganesh sits down to apologize. Darpan says he is asking for pardon. Shaku bua meethi maa we will do all you ask us to. We know that you say it all for our better. Shaku says I told you she is a tubelight. Shaku says I am glad you got what I said. Now don’t ever mess with me. Darpan nods. shaku says go now. Meethi says there is something wrong. Shaku says you don’t get it. I feared her from fire. Now don’t be scared. They are both on line now.

Raghav is working with hammer. Naraini comes and asks him what are you making? He says I made this for sparrows. Now they can come and sit on these shelves. Naraini says wow you are so smart. She says in heart you remind me of someone. My kids would have been of your age. Raghav hurts his hand. naraini says oh God. Are you fine? Come I will dress your wound.

Darpan asks kaki what are you doing? She says I am washing shaku’s favorite saari. darpans smiles and says you work so much. She says yes I get tired. DArpan says go and rest I will wash it. Darpan says it will be fun to tear this saari she starts hitting the saari. They throw it everywhere. Raghav comes. Darpan gets sacred. He says can I play it too? Darpan says wont you tell anyone? He says I wont. darpan says raghva is our pal ganesh. They all start playing with the sari. Darpan says ganesh don’t be angry raghav is our friend. He helped me so many time. ganesh bows down to apologize raghav.

Darpan is in temple. she says thanks gano sahib you made ganesh brave. You brought me nice people like sheetal aunty, naraini aunty and kajri did. darpan says to ganesh we made shaku bua and meethi fool. We torn her saari. Shaku and meethi overhear it. meethi says I told you they are not innocent at all. shaku says just see what I do to them now. Shaku comes with fire and says darpan. you mess with me. I think you have not learned the lesson. I will burn your brother. She scares ganesh with fire. ganesh steps forward and takes the fire from her. He scares shaku with fire. Meethi says lets run ganesh. Shaku says darpan please ask your brother to step back. I will never tease you. Shaku and meethi are scared. darpan says stop ganesh we cant harm anyone. We cant be like them. Ai baba didn’t teach this to this. DArpan says you cant scare us anymore.

Sanju says to raghav you are in ganesh’ side. pinky is also scolding at him. narani says this is how you talk to your brother. Go and apologize him. Sanju says never. Naraini says I will tell your baray papa. Sanju and pinky say sorry and leave. Raghav is in tears. naraini says don’t cry, your are brave. he says aunty tell me what to do. they don’t talk to me and keep taunting me. Is supporting right wrong? naraini says no you should always support truth. Its hard but they win in the end. Naraini husg her. bhao comes and says madam, what is all this? This is my house. They are my kids. Don’t poke in my house’s matters. Don’t try to get into my family especially in kids. Naraini says Ragahv go to your room. Raghav leaves. Naraini says to baho you don’t know what to talk and what not. by saying that I love kids doesn’t mean you actually do. bhao says stay quite what you wanna prove? Naraini says lower your voice if I start talking your whole house will know what was in between us. Bhao collides with meethi when he turns. bhao says what have you done? Can’t you see. He leaves. bhao goes to his room and changes. he recalls naraini’s words. He says she has come to ruin my house. I wont let that happen. ganesh comes outside his room and sees his tattoo. He recalls prabha and Mahesh dying.

Precap- ganesh sees bhao and dev talking. He recalls the tattoo.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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