Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi finds Kokila and happily hugs her. Kokila asks who is she. Gopi says she is Mr. Bharat’s wife Gopi. Kokila gets flashback of calling Gopi’s name before. She says she does not know her and asks her to go away from her. Kokila says she wants to go to her mother’s house and runs from there with Gopi following her.

Jigar calls Gopi, but her phone is out of reach. He informs about it to his family. Parag and whole family gets worried about Kokila. Kids cry that they want to meet their mother.

Gopi runs behind Kokila calling her maaji/mother. Kokila stumbles on the floor while running. Public gather around them and help Kokila regain consciousness. They ask Gopi who is this. Gopi says she is Kokila’s daughter-in-law. Kokila says she does not know her and has 2 small kids. She insists she wants to go to mother’s house. People get confused that she wants to go to god’s house/temple and ask Gopi to let her meet mother and to accompany her. Kokila agrees to take Gopi with her.

Gopi and Kokila travel in a religious group to the temple reciting religious songs. Gopi gets worried that Kokila is forgetting everything and prays god to get Kokila well soon. She hears a co-passenger talking on his phone and borrows phone to call Ahem, but gives it back when Kokila asks whom she wants to talk so urgently. Gopi thinks she should hide and call Ahem soon.

Vidya and other kids cry and say they want to meet Kokila and Gopi. Rashi consoles them explaining them about the situation and asks them to help her finding Gopi and Kokila by praying god. Kinjal starts crying and says dunno who is taking care of Kokila.

Kokila’s slipper are struck with thorn. Gopi removes thorn from her slipper and asks if she is fine. Kokila says she is fine. Co-passenger praises Gopi that she takes care of her mother-in-law so well.

Kinjal prays god to get back Kokila son and help Ahem and Gopi find her. Radha sees that and thinks no matter what she prays, Kokila will not come back.

Ahem in Chennai railway station tries to call Gopi, but her phone is switched off. He calls Jigar and informs about it. Jigar asks Ahem to come back home. A con lady hears his conversation and says she saw his mother and takes him with her. She takes him to a secluded place and asks him to give all his belongings showing a knife.

Gopi asks co-passengers to take care of Kokila while she goes out and call her husband. Co-passenger agrees. Gopi comes to a public booth to make a call, but the booth owner says phone is dead. He gives his phone to make a call. Gopi calls Ahem, but he does not pick her call. Goons start beating Ahem and ask him to give his wallet. Ahem overpowers them and starts beating goons. His phone falls on ground. Before the con lady picks it, police come there and thieves run from there. Ahem picks his call and checks many miss calls. Gopi calls Jigar and informs about the place she at right now and says Kokila is with her. She informs how she met Kokila and says Kokila’s health is deteriorating and she even forgot her name, she is trying her best to get her back, but she is not listening to her. Jigar thanks god that Gopi is with Kokila as everyone is worried about them. Gopi says temple is on the cliff and how will she manage Kokila. Jigar says they all will come there soon. Gopi informs her phone is switched off. Jigar says Ahem is in Chennai and once he reaches home, they all will reach her place. Ahem calls STD booth owner’s phone and says he got many miscalls from his phone. Owner informs that a lady traveler called him and she left from there.

Precap: Radha calls Tripti and scolds her for not killing Kokila yet. She warns her that she will inform everything if she is caught.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. another bakwass episode omg how long will this bakwass continue

  2. And how long we must bear this nonsense this serial is torturing the audience in the name of enjoyment. Kokila please this time go to Himalayas and join in the saints they will have a lot of patience to bear you…..!!!!!now everyone left this bechare Gopi with that Ghajini alone poor how can she bear her total modi parivar is not able to bear her and now this poor gopi should alone bear her….!!!!!!please kindly stop this nuisance please………………
    Dear saathiya fans……..
    Please don’t take my comments seriously and kindly try to understand the frustration of a poor little girl…….

  3. Nw soon kokila will regain her memory … accrdng to tellychakkar when all the family at the temple …then kokila regains her memory.

    1. We are hearing the same news from last 2 months the same news will be appearing even after another two months we lost all our hopes on kokilas memory………hope atleast our great grand sons may be able to see the kokilas memory back episode….!!!!!!”

    2. hahah….. true.. then we can tell our grand kids the story when she lost her memory and how…

      I dont understand.. whenever other people are talking on phone radha is always there…. and when she is talking tripti… no one hears .. be in in varanda or kitchen or her room…. lol…. I guess Modis annouce that they are making call before they do so that Radha evesdrop…. hahahah

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