Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi asks TC if he get any news about Kokila. TC says he did and asks his colleague to check in other compartments. Colleague calls Kokila’s name in all compartments and says her family is searching her. Kokila hears her name and thinks she should hide.

Hetal gets a call that Kokila is not yet found and starts crying. Chirag says we shall go and advertise in channels and newspapers.

TC and Kokila start searching Kokila and come near Kookila, but Kokila hides her face with her shawl seeing Gopi. Gopi calls Ahem and informs that she did not find Kokila yet.

Train stops and all the passenger get down the train, but Kokila is still asleep. A co-passenger wakes up Kokila. Gopi calls Ahem and worriedly says she did not find yet and says hope Kokila is well. Ahem asks her to go back home as Chirag has already advertised it in news channels and papers. Gopi says she has already reached Jammu and feels Kokila is around her, so she will not lose hope. Kokila on the other side says co-passenger that she wants to go to mother’s house, co-passenger says they are all going to mother’s/god’s house itself and asks her to accompany her group.

Dhaval’s partner calls him and says she came to know about his mother-in-law missing and asks him to call her if he needs her help.

Tripti reads news about Kokila missing and happily thinks about calling Radha and check how she did it, but her phone needs charging, so she thinks of charging it and calling her later.

Urmila calls Rashi and asks her to come back. Rashi says she is fine now and all her differences are sorted out. Hetal calls her, and she cuts the call. Urmila gets angry.

Gopi gets down the railway station and wait out in search of Kokila. Taxi drivers pester her to get into their taxi to reach the temple. Gopi asks them not to pester them as she is not going anywhere. Kokila is seeing going out with religious trip group.

Tripti calls Radha. Radha says it is good she called her as she does not have balance and praises Tripti for the plan. Tripti intead praises her for trying to destroy Modi while staying at their house.

Hetal is very tensed about Kokila. Chirag console her and says they will find Kokila soon.

Dhaval’s partner Pooja comes home to meet Dhaval. Urmila sees them together and thinks it would have been good if she would have met before Dhaval’s marriage and thinks now she is showing concern as if she is a family member.

Chigar calls Ahem and asks him not to worry. Ahem starts searching in train compartments. Kokila walks with religious group. She sees a CD shop and starts there. Gopi cries as she could not find Kokila yet. She hears Kokila’s voice scolding a shopkeeper.

Precap: Gopi emotionally hugs Kokila after finding her. Kokila pushes her and says she does not know who she is.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Nice episode so much that kind of episode i like nice

  2. kokila.. :: log kehte hai pagal hoon main bhi naa jaanu…. 😛
    it is like “comedy evenings with ghajini kokila”…lol!!!!

  3. What’s the hell is this I think we must take this Gopi n Ahem to a nice eye specialist keeping a giant figure in front of their eyes and searching since 3 days…..!!!!!!!!!!!disgusting is this a way to drag the episodes.we can’t bear this torture anymore what are the cops doing while this Gopi is only doing all the detective works.To search that gaint figure in a single train it took gopi 3 days…!!!!! Gopi please consult an opthalmologist kindly for our sake.

  4. You all people think the story is about joining the family together. NOWAY now The director brought gopi to Jammu in order to show us that gopi can fight even with terrorists in future episodes. So prepare to bear the torture

  5. plz end this track of memory loss.
    bring a fresh new track.This is
    humble request to the directors of show

  6. this week also over and koki has not got her memory. Now what chamtkar. but when………………..

  7. f**k the serail
    f**k the f**king loser f**ker kokila
    f**k the whole f**king concept of this f**king serial
    f**k all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Bukbaas when did koki memory came back

  9. What is wrong with most Indians nowadays
    Theyre so stupid
    Yu idiots who are complaining about saathiya just f**k OFF will ya
    Loads of people love this
    If u h8 it then why do you watch/read it you f**king bastard
    You’re so stupid

  10. Heyy anju whoever u r itz a fact dat d stry is simply torturing d viewers n u don’t have brains to understand it dats why u r praising d serial…so u keep ur mouth shut n stop using abusive language

  11. dear Anju… we understand that you love the serial a lot… or am i mistaken that even you have memory loss .. COZ my lady this perticular thing of memory loss is going on for more than a month now….. and surprisingly always Radha the Great pops in when they are planning to give medicines or something……..

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