Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rags and Menka smiling seeing Suhani in trouble by her dog Snoopy. Suhani takes the cold pack from Rags and uses it on the dog. The dog calms down. Pratima praises Suhani. The servant taunts Rags and Menka. Pratima apologizes to Suhani. Suhani says I came here to say sorry to Ragini. Rags says I thought you will apologize on phone, but its good you came home, I guess I can forgive you now. Suhani says thanks. Rags says now you look people have to bend infront of us. She says its good you got your sense back soon.

Rags says this is the problem of people like you, middle class. Rags taunts Suhani. Suhani says I came here for the day when you had to lose your hair, I was saying sorry that day too, what I said yesterday, it was not wrong. I did not wish to hurt you. Menka asks what about cold pack. Suhani says buy a new one. The dog was feeling hot so he was barking, use cold pack on him if he barks again. Suhani says sorry again and leaves. Suhani calls Soumya and sees her infront of her on the road. Soumya says I was trying a stunt. Suhani asks where did this roses come on you. Soumya says a long story, and asks about Rags. Suhani says they said a lot and I answered it.

They have a laugh. Soumya asks Suhani to practice driving her scooty and leaves. Suhani covers her face. Yuvraaj is with Sharad and asks why are we going on this bad road. Sharad says your mood is bad. Yuvraaj says you are the dump person of my life. Sharad says stop for some time. Suhani also covers her face. Some goons stop Suhani. The goons tease her. Suhani asks them to let her go. Yuvraaj asks Sharad where are we going. Sharad says we will get less traffic there. Sharad plans to make Yuvraaj a hero by saving Soumya, but they don’t know its Suhani.

Yuvraaj goes to save Suhani. He beats the goons. Sharad smiles thinking Yuvraaj will win over Soumya’s love. Yuvraaj sees Suhani. Sharad is shocked seeing her. Suhani gets glad as Yuvraaj saved her. Sharad says Yuvraaj is beating them a lot, now they will charge more. The goons tell Yuvraaj not to beat more, as they will stop the drama and cancel the deal. Yuvraaj asks what deal, tell me. They leave. Suhani gets angry and says so this was your drama. Yuvraaj says I don’t know how were they. Suhani scolds him.

Sharad’s plan flops. She asks him to say sorry. He says why will I say sorry, what did I do. They start arguing. She says I m sure you came to take revenge for Rags’s insult. Its good I came to know the truth else I would have been happy. Yuvraaj says you should be thanking me, they just said something and you believe them and not me. She says you have sent them and came to save me, this is the old joke. I can take care of myself, so don’t interfere in my life. Yuvraaj gives her an angry look.

Suhani leaves. Yuvraaj comes to Sharad. Rags look at the dog. She asks Pratima and Menka not to give food to snoopy else she will not have food. Pratima says he is very hungry. Rags says he should be hungry. Menka says yes, he has insulted Rags by obeying Suhani. Rags scolds Menka and leaves. Menka says why did she shout on me and goes to ask her, Pratima gives the food to Snoopy. Soumya comes to Suhani’s home and Lata gives her butter milk.

Suhani comes home. Soumya asks why is she late. Suhani looks upset and goes in her room. Soumya asks her what happened. Bhavna talks to Amit and blushes. Soumya and Suhani disturb her. Suhani says what to tell you, its strange. Yuvraaj says strange, I saved her and she scolded me. Sharad says she is Soumya’s friend, if she tells Soumya, she may get angry on you. Yuvraaj says did I go to tease her, look at her face, who will tease her. Sharad says you should have apologized to her. Yuvraaj asks Sharad who were the goons, tell me the truth.

Suhani tells everything to Soumya. Soumya says does he want to impress you. Suhani says are you mad, no way, he wanted to become a hero. Yuvraaj says no way, Sharad how can you do this, I became a wannabe because of you, whats your problem. Sharad says I can explain. Yuvraaj says I argued a lot. Sharad says listen to me, you don’t know their psychology, go and say sorry to Suhani.

Yuvraaj and Suhani fall. Soumya looks on. Suhani gets hurt.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. old story…..yuv k sath suhani ki saadi hogi.but yuv will not love her as she is not the last,suhani ki ucch vicher and beatiful dil ki bajeh se yuv ki khubsurati wala philosophy down ho jayega and they’ll be happy.ek hi story hain sabka,dekhtehi paata chal jata hain,aur kehte hain ki”humari story aalag hain”.ha ha ha….fools…

  2. Suhanis not that ugly guys

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