Ek Mutthi Aasman 16th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Raghav holds the director and says how dare you to touch kalpi. He starts hitting him si bad. Kalpi is scared. Raghav calls police there. The director begs him not to call police. He says please i have a wife and childern. Please don’t do this. Kalpi stops Raghv. he says pardon me please. Ragahv says if you care about your wife you would never have done that. He runs away. Raghav says are you getting where you were about to stuck. Why you needed to be at such a place. Why didn’t you attend my call. What if i could not come at time. Receive my call whenever i call you. Kamla comes there and asks him what are you doing there. She asks kalpi why is she crying.Ragahv say the director she was giving interview was niot a right man. He plays with girls. I called you both but you didn’t receive. So i had to come here. Kamla says stop crying kalpi it happens to poors. These people play with our respect. She says thanks Ragahv. She says kalpi don’t ever give up. God sends help like he sent Ragahv singhaniya sahib. Ragahv says let me drop you home. Kamla says now i will only sit in the car my daughter will buy.

She and kalpi go out for house. Kamla says don’t worry kalpi everything will be okay. She says i am so hungry lets go to some resturant. Kalpi says no. Kamla says no lets go. They take an auto and go to a resturant.

They waiteress serevs them the food. Kalpi recalls all that happened she is quite upset. Kamla says let me tell you something when i started working i was scared at first. I thought i will never settle but i kept on trying. I tld my self that there are both kinds of people in the world. We haev to face them all, don’t give up.
the manager of the resturant comes there and says here we have by one get one free today. Its our five years celebrations. She tells her that this is our resturant my husband died and i started working. I mingled with some other widow ladies and now we out this place. Its better to own something than to be someone’s servant. kamla says thats a good listen. It was really nice talking to you.
Kamla says did you listen kalpi. Its always better to own something of yours. I think you should start your own business. Do you remember people in your chowl made you different dishes on your birthday. How about starting something like this. Kalpi says that a good idea. She says your food is alwasy tasty. We can start a small business on that. But we need money to invest. Where will we bring it from. Kamla says lets talk to baba first and then we’ll talk to other women.

Scene 2
Kamla and kalpi come home. Pakiya says has she got the job ? Kamla says she won’t work for someone. She will start her own business. She says to Vitthal baba me and ai wanna talk about something. Vitthal sits. Kamla says tell me one thing how many houses we have in this chowl. Pakiya says 16 i guess. Pakiya says let me go and confirm. Kalpi says that means we can have 16 dishes. That is good for the beginning. We will get things on rent and then we will own our own stuff. Vitthal says are you opening a hotel. Kamla says no kalpi is. People of chowl will work there. Nettu says such an stupid idea is that. You think a hotel on paper will work. And the people of chowl are going to help you. Vitthal says thats a good idea. This is best actually. Nettu says you are not getting it. It doesn’t work like that. Vitthal says my daughter can turn coal into diamond. She can do this. Nettu says let me see who works for them.

Kalpi and kamal go downstairs. Kalpi says i wanna talk about something. Kamla says me and kalpi have thought something for all of you. We all work for someone. How about starting something of our own. We wojnt have to work for someone and we can stil earn. We should use our talent. Kalpi says i am polanning to start busines of my own. You all are invited to take part, We will distribute the profit. They decide the dishes. Everyone is so happy with the idea. one asks is that gonna happen ? Kamla says yes that will happen. Ladies say that we will ask our husbands. Kalpi says i will go and look for the place. Manda says wow kalpi you are getting so warmed. Kalpi says if you all trust me then i can do the best. Kalpi says will they come ai ? Kamla says just trust God they all will.

Scene 3
At night kamla is in balcony. she recalls when she saw Ragahv at the office. She calls Pakhi. She asks oakhi how are you ? Pakhi asks her too. Kamla says i am always worried about you. I pray for you everyday. Pakhi says the why have you to be worried ? You pray that enough. kamla asks i wanna ask what between you and Ragahv. Pakhi says he is getting humbled day by day. He will start loving me. Kamla says just trust in God and one day you will come close. No one will come between you. Pakhi says when you pray i feel that everything will be good with me. She asks how is kalpi ? Kamla says she is good. She is starting a new business with people of chowl. We just need their help. Pakhi says thats so good. I will be kalpi’s first costumer. I will have your food everyday. Kamla says should I tell her about the sindur thing. She then says no. It will just hurt her.

Precap-Ragahv says to kalpi outside chowl, you can work in my office. If you want you don’t have to work anywhere else. He says i love you kalpi. I can’t live without you. Kamla sees them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. where is sadda haq’s update guys?

    1. Channel v ke shows pe jao

  2. WTF was that?!?! Does Kamla not care that her daughter was about to be raped?!?! All she cares about is her getting a good job?!?! Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!

  3. In ema kamla always interrept between raghav and kalpana..

    1. this is bs

    2. Agreed. Total BS.

  4. Why is Kamala making decisions for Kalpi? She has to choose her own carrier.Kamala is intefering too much and she is not realizing that her daughter was almost raped by the Director.Thank God,Raghav saved her.

  5. Is kamla kapli’s gps now….the girl cant get a break without her mother up on her rare all the time…..Come on ema let her be able to see raghav without any interruption atleast once gosh….she already not able to think for herself anymore as kamla not only plays god but now kalpi brain….and always givin pakhi hope of love but yet it overrated for kalpi smh total and utter bs…like ema and pavitra rishta goin a competition who poor character cud have tortured love the most hmmm…ankita and kalpi should have their own show jus two successful business women wit no love interest cuz like the blight in that are

  6. I think on kalpi s wedding nite
    Kamla dumbooooolaaa should sleep next to Kalpi since she is so motherly loved right now

  7. Seriously I agree with all the comments that have been posted. Kamla needs to keep her nose out of Kalpis business. Kalpi cant you see how much RAGHAV loves you!!!!! Take a stand and grow up! !!

  8. Lamps too much u are playing a more or like tan veer role y r u everywhere toto distrub kalpi n raghav stay out of them

  9. Kalpi thru kamla apne sapne ko sakar karna Chahti hai,what about kalp’s dream??
    She don’t have her on dream wish ??
    Ema kaha se kaha ja raha hai
    Where is revange?where is old ragh ??
    Think so rakhi scenc will start soon
    No hope left for raghna

  10. Hi tu frnds
    Where is ap choco Girija ji anshu

  11. Wen kalpi needed her mom c was never der n now c is tryin to show off her fake love to kalpi. I dnt blieve a mom can b so mean to her own kid n always prays to god abt pakhi bullshit

  12. Confused Creative Team, Mr& Mrs Tony Singh,
    EMA writers have you ever written any storyline is this your first one? Do you know there is something called capturing the audience interest and hearts? There was good times when EMA aired Mills & Boon like love story of RAGNAAA which captured lot of viewer’s attention and tht was short lived.Directo Sir you did good job. Along the way EMA has lost its meaning. Recently there is nothing in it except to watch the lovely pair Ashish and Rachna. Mr.Tony(producer) you could not pay them enough to keep them in EMA because if the leave the show, there is no storyline and nothing left and will go down the drain quickly. All it has is chaos righ now like writes mind. The creative team have become so no-creative and EMA is so confusing cannot follow one episode clearly and without losing patience of viewers along the way. Mr.Tony, friendly advice, you may need to pay more and hire better writers at this point before EMA gets drowned 100%.

    The character that has suffered the most in this show is Raghav. It seems like he is surrounded 4 worst women 1.Manipulative(Kamlaa), 2.Greedy(Neetu), 3.Obsessed with no acting skills(ms poop sorry Ms pakhi), who cannot differentiate between love and obsessiveness and then there is 4.Ms Gauri (who got back her memory in a day and wants to take revenge). Women are portrayed very badly. Given the situation Raghav is entitled to make few mistakes . Unfortunately he did a big one because of EMA writers and he is trying everything in his power not to lose the LOVE of his life. The only smart one is Kalpi and all 4 women above are trying keep her away from Raghav. Kalpi character is supposed to be in 20’s. Writers make her character little bit more assertive and stand up to her brainless, loveless, greedy maa. Who takes the molestation of Kalpi so lightly and still worried about Ms. Poop and is not even grateful to Raghav for saving his daughter.

    BTW Where is the revenge part in all this? Raghav marrying Kalpi would have been the greatest revenge. What are the writers thinking. BTW Ms.Pooo.. does not work so where is she getting the money to buy her saris and jewelry? Also mummy ji has a nurse to take care. Is that part of the revenge ;-)?
    Also make Raghav’s character get his control over his brain and body, so that he can stop getting hypotized & differenciate between Kalphi and Ms.Poo and focus on getting revenge. He should let Pakhi and mymmy ji leave the house and move into Chawl as Manda’s neighbors . Get the marriage to Paaki annulled quietly as he got the his property back. Not sure why EMA team needs 365 days to execute this. Of course Kapoor’s suffering can go on for all the crimes they have done for 365 days. Ms. Poo still has a nice room to sleep with, when all if Jadhav’s family and criminal Kapoors live that same size house.

    Writers get hold of your selves and on the storylne.

  13. Kamla is a dumb fool or what? Mr and mrs singh molestation happens to the rich and poor..but evryone knows in your country that if a girl gets raped etc your governemt don’t do crap so that’s why you have this stupid storyline? It goes to show how stupid you all are

  14. Let kamla’s business fail because of her stupidity.Let ragna be united and pakhi out of the picture……..and let vitthal understands wht kalpi wants and not wht they want

    1. Kamla acts so effin stupid!!!!

  15. If you see how this daily soap is going on, is like someone is trying to make a life that is not real. 1. Every parents has a dream for her/his child to be a positive person in life with a good perspective.
    2. A child wish to be something in life, eg., a professional.

    But when you see this daily soap every day you hear that she chatter the dreams of her parents. what about her dreams.
    Normally in a real life you call such of parents selfish, because they only think about them.
    If you see this show everyday i don’t know exactly what the point is for making the show so long to reunite the couple again Raghav and Kalpi.

    Why is Kamla ma inform every step that Kalpi take to Paaki. It’s like a stepmother is better than the real one. (That is what the daily soap is showing you.)

    A mother has to be special for his child in this case Kapli to be trust full and what she told her most be a secret between them.

    This story doesn’t let you see this at all.

  16. I hate this show now. So disappointed. Raghav wants to call the police BC of the potential rape but not for the death of his dad?
    Kamla is calling paaki and consoling her instead if kalpi?? Kamla goes to interviews with kalpi who is old enough to get a job?? Whose mom goes with them??? This is backward!!!!!

    1. kamla..she goes with kalpi for her interview….=D

  17. hi chocopie mon ap anshu girjaji dd an all tu frns gud morning

  18. no wonder we will get to see the intense sceanes of rakhi shortly bcs damla said that ki raghav pakhi ke itne karib aa jaye ki kabhi alag n ho sake i dono why pd paired raghna if she has to show this kind of mess

  19. Kamala doesn’t care about kalpi’s feeling even she told that RAGNA will be together after one year. She just think about paki and about her dream

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