RIAANSH : LOVE AND BETRAYAL . Episode 40 . Ragini and Riddhima’s connections


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Episode  39– Click here

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Episode 40  :

Riddhima and Ragini’s connection

The episode starts

Scene – 1 .

Ragini : Thanks Vansh and Riddhima,  for saving me.

Vansh  : It’s my responsibility to save you…but i want you to tell me 1) Why did you backstabed me and 2) What is the mystery of that night ?

Ragini  : I will tell you..afterwards.  i promise.

Vansh  : Cone with us to vr mansion.

Riddhima  : Why do you want to take her to mansion…book a hotel for her .

Vansh  : I will…but for now she will stay with us..at VR MANSION. She needs support.

Riddhima nods her head in agreement  . Angre puts both shahnawaz and ragini’s goons inside jails of vr mansion.

Angre : You all will be here..inside the jail of vr mansion.

Vansh and riddhima goes to vr mansion with ragini.

Scene  – 2

Everyone enters vr mansion  .

Dadi : Where were you both since so many days .

Vansh  : I have to do something important work

Riddhima  : And i have to do important work of serving my husband 🤣🤣🤣 .

Vansh  : I have to meet you all with someone..whom you know knows already .

Chanchal : Who is it ? ( excitedly )

Vansh  : Welcome Ragini Vansh raisinghania  .

Ishani  : Bhai , why did you called this ragini here ? Did you forgot how she cheated you ?

Vansh  : I know everything…vansh raisinghania never forgots his foes nor let his enemies forget him .

Anupriya  : So what was the for bringing her here .

Vansh  : Shahnawaz men were following her and they raped her…and she needs support both emotionally and physically.  So i brought her here .

Ishani : Only rape ? I wanted that shahnawaz to kill this  ragini ?

Anupriya  : I know she is our enemy..but we shouldn’t say such things to someone.

Dadi : Shahnawaz? Was he again after ragini ?

Vansh  : Yes dadi..he was after ragini but at the end ..i killed him and brought our rifles and gold bricks back.

Dadi : How did shahnawaz get those things..tell me Ragini.

Ragini  : I will tell about it afterwards.

Ragini went from there..

Ishani  : Bhai..you did this mistake…i will kill her and in few days..you will get her dead body .

Ishani goes from there and everyone also goes.

Scene  – 2

Vansh and Angre goes to their office.

Angre : Did you saw…every member in the family were against your decision.

Vansh  : I know . But i want to know why did Ragini backstabed me ? And what happened that night  ? Therefore i brought her home .

Angre : Boss , how will riddhima feel ? When you brought Ragini here  ?

Vansh  : I know it will be difficult for her . But she is strong and understandable girl …she will definitely understand  .

Angre :Boss,  do you think..Ragini will tell anything  ?

Vansh  : I don’t know …but let’s try .

Angre : We have killed shahnawaz…But if Akeel will come to know about it ?

Vansh  : Akeel is not much danger for me .

Scene  -3

Ragini comes to riddhima’s room.

Ragini  : I have come to apologise you for killing noor

Riddhima  : If vansh have forgiven you..then it doesn’t mean that i will forgive you . Because you are a killer . A bad omen..who even cheated his first husband.

Ragini : How did you know  about that ? I told you…i didn’t cheated Ronit . And moreover…don’t try to think yourself pure…because you are still riddhima who once was responsible for bloodbath by  killing 1000s of innocent people for your mean happiness at Roma’s ring ceremony.

Riddhima : Stop this don’t remind my past . Moreover how you know about this incident ?

Ragini  : I have to left Ronit because of shahnawaz…I have to kill him..because…he got to know my past . I got to know about your past..when i went to the dark world.

Riddhima  : It means you lied vansh there infront of everyone. And I come to know about your past in Ajay’s database..when i was searching for you..during noor’s murderer.

Ragini  : It was a half lie . Ronit somehow come to know my past …that  i was a murderer therefore I have to kill him. But i didn’t killed his family.  Ronit’s family , my family were killed by Shahnawaz only .Therefore if you didn’t noticed then while i was shooting shahnawaz…i told that he killed my family,  my groom’s family but i didn’t mentioned of Ronit there  ( episode 39 , scene 4 )


It was a  wedding night . Two couples were enjoying moonlight …

Ronit : I want to know …will you love me  ?

Ragini : Yes , i will love you  . Why ? 

Ronit : You thought that i will never come to know ..about you . You are a murderer . 

Ragini  : Who told you this …and if you know about it..then why did you get ready to marry me ?.

Ronit  : i think you still didn’t understand…i am Ronit…a CBI Agent and i became ready to marry so that i could uncover your truth .

Ragini  : You did a mistake. My past should never come out .

Ronit shows a cctv video in which Ragini was killing a man. 

Ragini  : Please try to understand…

Ronit tries to go from there . But ragini stabs Ronit in his back. Ronit fell down on his knees and breathed his last.  Ragini puts Ronit’s dead body in her house and saw Shahnawaz’s men coming there . Ragini washed her hands . And started running in her bridal attire towards her house…



Riddhima  : You killed Ronit..and put his blame on Shahnawaz’s head to get Vansh’s sympathy.

Ragini  : I have to do that . Ronit was a CBI Agent and before he come to know that i was a murderer i had to kill him.

Riddhima  : But why did you choose the road of crime  ?

Ragini  : I was in Mental tension…to earn money for my family.  I can’t thought of any other alternative.  I applied for many jobs …but everyone rejected.  Then i thought of stealing . I decided to steal some money from a house….i went inside the house. …i took the money . I thought of that after stealing the money..i will silently go ..but a man saw me stealing.

Riddhima  : And after that man saw you stealing…you got scared and killed that man , isn’t  ? And in this way your murder case was recorded in the road side cctv cameras and Ronit get to know.

Ragini : yes , i don’t wanted to kill that man…but i had to..because he saw me stealing…and to save myself i have to kill him 😥😢😥😥😥😥 . I feel guilt for this  till now.  But i have to steal for my family.  And yes , that entire incident was recorded in the cctv cameras nearby and hence ronit came to know about it…and planned fake marriage drama.

Riddhima  : I could understand…it is difficult when you cannot do anything for your family.  But you had chance to be in good path ? But i didn’t have any other option.

Ragini  : Why did you killed so many people..during Roma’s ring ceremony  .?

Riddhima  : After my childhood got destroyed due to a bomb blast.  I was taken to a orphanage…but in reality that orphanage was a assassin school . And i was tasked to kill them . And i was brain washed therefore i killed Roma and the entire people who were there in the party . I didn’t have any personal enemity with roma…i don’t even know Roma…i was assigned the task to kill Roma..therefore i killed them  .

Ragini  : But after i killed Ronit …i was entangled in dark world.  I wanted to hide this incident..therefore i took help from dark world and then i come to know about you , vansh and so many underworld peoples ..then i come to know that you killed so many people . Therefore i got shocked after seeing you that day ( episode 9 , scene 2)

Riddhima  : And i come to know about you killing Ronit…in Ajay’s database.  Ajay is my friend and the person with whose help i come out of dark world.

Ragini  : You were lucky.  But i want to forget everything..therefore I wanted to leave this city.

Riddhima  : Why did you backstabed vansh  ?

Ragini didn’t said anything and went away.

Riddhima  : Ragini is still hiding something in her heart . I have to find out..How did she cheated vansh  ?

Precap  : Ragini gets pain in her stomach…she vomits. Everyone gets shocked.  Vansh  ” call the doctor ” . Dr says ” Ragini is ………” 

Episode ends.

So how did you like todays episode.  In this episode I Have told that why Ragini got shocked by seeing Riddhima in episode 9 , scene 2.  And how did Riddhima knew Ragini.  So Ragini killed Ronit and ronit was a CBI Agent….wasn’t this surprising.  Riddhima was a assassin and killed so many people..even though she was brain washed.  And in this episode we come to know why Ragini was running during her wedding day..because she killed Ronit . And Riddhima killing so many people was the secret which Ragini was going to tell vansh in episode 37 , scene  2  during their camp.  I hope this are cleared.

1) What is the mystery of ragini cheating vansh…that she fears of telling  ?

2) And how did she cheated vansh  ?

3) Are you feeling thrilled  ?

4) And how did you like the connection of shahnawaz as prince Akeel’s assistant


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