Guns and Roses #Riansh (Immj2) Episode 26

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Episode starts…..

In morning

Siya and vansh were having their breakfast. On the dining table only they were present. Siya looked at vansh and a smile crept on her face seeing her brother happy and relaxed.” Bhai LADDU kab khila rhe ho?” She asked from vansh.

Vansh with a confusing face ” what laddu?. If you want to eat sweet then ask the chef.”

Siya: awww!!! How innocent is my brother??

Vansh gave her a stern look and said ” don’t beat around the bush. Say clearly what you want to say”

Siya: Don’t show me this innocent face….I know you are not that innocent as you are showing. These tricks will only work on Bhabhi, not on me….if you want to hear directly then mai bua kb banane wali hu.

After hearing Siya’s words vansh started coughing due to sudden shock. Siya offered water to him and when he became normal.

Vansh: what rubbish are you talking about?

Siya: I am saying the truth. I know that you and Bhabhi enjoying yourself a lot….in the early morning also I have seen you coming from Bhabh’s room. The hickey that you gave her is not hidden from us.

Vansh became embarrassed and his cheeks and ear became red. His face started burning due to shyness.

Siya: Bhai, there is nothing wrong with this .you both love each other so it’s normal.

Vansh’s eyes widened hearing Siya’s wording and he looked at her. ” But be careful about all this because you divorced her. This will create problems for Bhabhi and people will start judging her. They will not leave any chance to raise finger on her character.”

Siya: you don’t know how we girls feel when a person rais a question about our character. It feels like someone is killing us without any tool.

Vansh became worried and his face turned yellow. ” what happened siya? Is anyone said anything to you….tell me his/her name…that person will not able to see tomorrow sun.” Inquired he with anger.

Siya: not to me but Bhabhi.

She told everything to vansh. Vansh’s anger has no boundaries after hearing this. He stood up with rang and marched to Ragini’s room. His eyes were red and filled with anger. Ragini was sitting on her bed. He shouted her name. Ragini got scared due to sudden noises.

With a breaking voice, she asked ” wha…wh…wha….what happened vansh?”

Vansh with anger ” what happened???? You tell me what you did???..I never expected that from you Ragini.”

Ragini: tell me clearly what I have done.

Vansh: ooohhh now I have to tell you….that what blunder you did.

Ragini: seriously vansh I don’t know…

Vansh: ooo wwwooowww ( started to clapping) you don’t know what you did….you didn’t know you badmouthed Ridhima’s character”

Ragini: ooohhhhh so you are here for that cheap Ridhima….

Vansh grabbed her arms with force and shouted ” don’t you dare call her name by your filthy mouth… are not that good to even call her name with this clap”

Ragini: vansh leave you are hurting me…
Vansh suddenly released her arms from his gripping.

Vansh: what about that hurt which you gave to my Ridhima…..This is the last warning” stay away from her. Otherwise, I will forget that you are the one with whom I was in love…… And you will face my wrath for hurting my Ridhima”

Ragini: wow vansh wow… Now I am no one to you…now that girl became everything to you….How can you so easily forget everything between us….

Vansh: you know what now I got it that I wasn’t in love with you….it was…it was just a mere infatuation between us, nothing else…that is why I forget everything between us. Now you got the answer.

Ragini: I know you are saying this because of that Ridhima….. Van sh you don’t know how is she…..she is not that innocent as she is showing. She slapped me.

Vansh: what is wrong with that… did a mistake and she corrected you by giving you a tight one…..why you are only blaming my sweetheart….siya also slapped you….is her slap was sweet to you so that you forget about Siya’s slap.

Ragini: vansh I can’t believe that you are saying this….vansh you are changed….your not my vansh…

Vansh: now you got it that I am not yours… the for your kind information sometimes changes are good….so I am doing for my Ridhima. You believe me or not that doesn’t matter anymore…..

Ragini: vansh what she did to you that you can’t see anything except her.

Vansh: she gave me love, care, affection, peace,l, a reason for my smile and happiness, respect, assurance that she is with me whatever the situation, she holds my hand when I needed her, she understands me,

She accepted me with my flows. she accepted me as I am. She didn’t change me because she loves me….I am changed because I love her, I want to be perfect for her. She tamed the beast inside me with her love and care. I started laughing who hardly smiles earlier. This is the power of her love.

Ragini: if she is that much good then why you divorced her.

Vansh: who said I divorced her.

Ragini: that day you both singed the divorced paper…

Vansh: yes we signed and after sometime I fired them also. Who said I submitted them in court.

Ragini was speechless after hearing all this…..vansh is known as heartless, known for his cluelessness. Now his heart started beating someone. He also started containing emotions.

In hall

Vansh: siya call the Ridhima.

Siya: she is gone.

Vansh with worry: where??

Siya: office.

Vansh: she didn’t wait for me.

Siya: she came to you…but I think she left because you were busy with Ragini.

Vansh: okay I will see her in the office.
And goes from there….

Chanchal: pata nhi ish ladaki ne kya jaadu kr diya vansh pr….pure din Ridhima….Ridhima krta rhta…..

Dadi: Chanchal aas pas dekh bhi liya kro kabhi.
Both looked at Ragini and moved from there.

In office….

Vansh: Ange call Ridhima.

Angre: she is not present.

Vansh: what do you mean that she is not present?

Angre: she didn’t come today.

Vansh: How is this possible. Siya told me that she left the house for office.

Angre: Boss I checked earlier she is not here.

Vansh: okay!!! Go and if she comes then send her to me.

Angre: ok Boss!

Vansh took out his phone and looked at the tracker which is showing ridhima’s location at VR Mention. Then he suddenly realised that Ridhima has removed her Mangalshutra( nuptial chain) which contain a tracker
(This was the reason that vansh reached the Mishara hotel when sejal was kidnapped)
Now he cursed his bad luck as he was not able to track anymore.

So he gave her a ring and she received his call..” Hello, where are you Ridhima.”

Ridhima: I came to the temple.

Vansh: okay when you will come.

Ridhima: sorry today I will not come…

Vansh: what happened? Is everything ok?

Ridhima: yes everything ok.

Vansh: Then why are you not coming today?

Ridhima: I am going to meet my one friend so…

Vansh: Ridhima you started working here…you can’t take leave like this…if you want to take leave then first inform me or angre…… This is your second day and you took leave even without informing us. There are some rules and you have to follow them.

Ridhima: sorry!! I was in a hurry so I forgot to inform you.

Vansh: Next time keep this thing in your mind.

Ridhima: ok

Vansh: when will you come.

Ridhima: in the evening.

Vansh: Ridhima it’s too late, …

Ridhima: I know vansh but…please understand nah…

Vansh: okay! I am going to miss you a lot.

Ridhima: just a few hours vansh….

Vansh: you are talking about hours…I can’t live a second without you…..

Ridhima: okay I will try to come early and I miss you too.

Vansh: come soon and take care….

Ridhima: Bye….

In temple

Ridhima: I want to learn shooting….how much time it will take.

Shooter: it depends on you….how good you are in concentrating and focusing on your goal.

Ridhima: okay! I will start training from now….and I will come daily early in the morning.

Shooter: ok

In VR mention

Ishani: we have to something teach a lesson to that Ridhima.

Ragini: yes you are right…we have to do something.

Ishani: I have an idea.
She told to Ragini. the whole day goes in planning and plotting. Ridhima was busy in learning shooting and vansh was busy in the office.

In evening

Ridhima back to VR mention. She was exhausted and her face was dull. She headed to her room and when she opened the door…..
She was frozen to view. Her room was lit by candles and candles were encircled by rose petals. The headboard was filled with their photos and lights on them. For a second Ridhima thought she came to the wrong room but when she saw vansh with a rose. She smiled and moved to him with baby steps.

Vansh goes to his knees and forwarded a rose to her. ” Ridhima agar maine Duniya mein sabse jada kisi se pyaar kiya hai to do tum ho…I love You”

Tears of happiness started coming from her eyes and she goes to his level and hugged him with the words ” I love you vansh.” They broke the hug and looked into the eyes of each other then joined their head by closing eyes. Flashbacks of their moment started coming to their minds.

Vansh: what happened you are looking pale.

Ridhima: I enjoyed myself a lot with Gaayu so…

Vansh: you didn’t miss me…

Ridhima: yaa…I did!!

Vansh took her in his arms and went couch. She was still on his lap and resting head on his chest. she was stuck to him like a small baby.

Vansh; hungry!!

Ridhima Hmm!!

Vansh: wait you sit here….
He took the plate of food and sit on the couch.

Ridhima looking at him. ” what are you looking…come nah” said he.

Ridhima: kaha….I am already sitting with you.

Vansh: like yesterday in my lap.

Ridhima: vansh!!!

Vansh: you don’t want to eat.

Ridhima: I want….

Vansh: then come nah…

She sat in his lap and said ” now start vansh”

Vansh: first give my charge.

Ridhima: what charge???

Vansh: you sitting in my lap and asking for food….kuch tho mere liye bhi banata hai nah…

Ridhima: vansh tum nah kabhi nhi sudharoge…

Vansh: tum bhi!!! What were you planning with siya….should say…

Ridhima quickly pecked his lips. Vansh at her antic and started feeding her. Soon they finished their food. Now Ridhima was looking relaxed and eating chips. They were talking about random things. When Ridhima was holding chips with her lips and vansh moved to her lips and took chips from her mouth to his.

Ridhima with an innocent face like a child: I did nothing only siya was asking for baby…..she is also like you…you know what I became sandwich between you and her.

Vansh: so you didn’t like all this.

Ridhima: you are getting me wrong.

Vansh: Sorry
Looked down with teary eyes…

Ridhima became worried and asked, ” what happened vansh?”

Vansh: because of me…..Ragini raised finger at your character. I didn’t mean to…

Before he could complete his sentence Ridhima sealed his lips with her. Vansh’s widened due to her sudden action. When Ridhima didn’t found him countering she broke the kiss and looked at him with frown.

Till now vansh didn’t recover from the shock. She cupped his face and said ” Vansh!! ” Now he came to senses.
She continued ” yes I felt bad that she raised the question on my character but it doesn’t mean that I ashamed of carrying this. I love to carry all those things which belong to you and I didn’t need anybody’s clarification. What I am doing and with whose. Everything that was yours now became mine either those are good or bad it didn’t affect me. Rahi baat Ragini ki to maine use answer de diya tha.”

Vansh was speechless. He didn’t have words to express his enjoyment and now a lone tear escaped from his eye.

Ridhima wiped his tear and said ” vansh I can’t see tears in your eyes “and he hugged her tightly.

Vansh: now she will not assert anything to you. I confronted her.

Ridhima: I know Meri Jaan.

Vansh looked at her and smiled.” Aaj kal tum kuch jada hi romantic ho gayi ho”

Ridhima: you lose your romance.

Vansh: shall I show you my romance.

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