RIAANSH : LOVE AND BETRAYAL . Episode 39 . Riaansh Saves Ragini


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Episode  38– Read Here

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Episode 39  :

RIAANSH saves Ragini

The episode starts

Scene – 1 .

Riddhima  : Whose call was it  ?

Vansh  : It was Angre’s call ?

Riddhima  : Why did he called you  ?

Vansh  : To tell that you are not at home . Why are you here ?

Riddhima  : I was feeling impatient for you…and my heart was telling me that i have to be with you.  Therefore I came .

Vansh  : Did you sprite Angre’s tea  ?

Riddhima  : Yes , so that he won’t stop me…i can think of living 1 minute without you..

Ishq Mein marjawan ….ishq main marjawaan.

Riddhima  : You are telling that someone kidnapped Ragini..but who could it be  ? ( Acting level 💯) .

Vansh  : It could be Shahnawaz…. ? Ragini was telling me that after her deal get completed she will leave this city …

Riddhima  : But who is Shahnawaz  ?

Vansh  : Shahnawaz is a dealer…and a “Herald of Prince Akeel  ” .

Riddhima  : Who is this Prince Akeel  ?

Vansh  : Prince Akeel is a saudi 🇸🇦 Prince and shahnawaz is his assistant.

Riddhima  : It means shahnawaz works for Akeel ?

Vansh  : Yes .

Scene  – 2

Ragini  : I have to some how tell Vansh…that shahnawaz have kidnapped me here and he had stolen Vansh’s rifles and gold bricks.  Common Ragini…be strong.  Believe in yourself  .

Ragini gets up ..she wipes her tears . Ragini removes a dagger . 🗡 Ragini went near one of the men of shahnawaz…she sliced that man’s neck ..Ragini takes that man’s phone . That man shouted ” Help..ragini raaan away ” . Ragini ran away from there with that man’s phone and hides behind crates.

Shahnawaz came and saw his man lying down and his neck cut.  He didn’t find ragini also.

Shahnawaz  :  ( shouts)..Where is Ragini  ? Bring her towards me . I should have killed her earlier..but i thought of giving her pain before i kill her . But no problem…i will kill her now.

Shahnawaz removes his gun and orders his men to search for Ragini…

Ragini   : That shahnawaz have started finding me…i have to inform vansh first.

Ragini calls vansh.

Ragini  : Hello vansh,  please save me…shahnawaz have kidnapped me…track the location of this number. And shahnawaz had your rifles and gold bricks… call ends

Shahnawaz finds ragini.  He pulled her outside.  Ragini fell down on her stomach.

Shahnawaz  : You animal ..How dare you called vansh.. ? Prepare to die.

Ragini  : If you want then kill me . But i am happy that i told vansh about that rifles and gold bricks.

Shahnawaz brings a iron rod and hits ragini’s hand…

Shahnawaz  : Jann, enjoy your torture . Anyone bring me hot water .

Shahnawaz’s men brought hot water . Shahnawaz tries to put hot water on Ragini.

Shahnawaz  : You looks glamorous in water…enjoy the hot water .

Ragini  : You can’t do anything…because only i know the password to open that suitcase.  And if you don’t have the password then you cannot get that rifles and gold bricks to sale..

Shahnawaz  : What? It means i have to keep you Alive .

Ragini  : Yes , if you want the rifles..then you have to open the silver suitcase and to open that suitcase..you need password and you need me.  So you have to keep me alive .

Shahnawaz angrily uses the iron rod on suitcase…but still it didn’t break .

Ragini laughs seeing Shahnawaz condition 🤣😂😆

Shahnawaz  : stop this laughter.

Scene  – 3

Riddhima  : What was that call ?

Vansh  : it was ragini’s call ..she said that she had been kidnapped by shahnawaz. My doubt was right…i have to save her .

Riddhima  : It could be her another plan

Vansh  : No her voice told me the truth inside her .

Vansh calls Angre .

Vansh  : Angre i am sending you a number in message. Please track the location of that number .

Angre. Ok boss..i will track the location.

Riddhima  : ( in her mind)..vansh should never know that i helped shahnawaz in catching ragini.

Vansh  : we will get ragini and know what happened previous night.

Vansh blows at riddhima’s eye 🤣🤣🤣.

Scene  – 4.

Shahnawaz is seen packing all his things in a truck.

Shahnawaz : Pack soon…we have to run fast before Vansh comes here …

Ragini : ( laughs) so you got scared from vansh.  This is the fear of Ghost 🤣🤣 .

Shahnawaz  : Stop laughing…if we cannot get that rifles then vansh will also not get that rifles..

Shahnawaz points his gun towards ragini . Ragini throws a stone at Shahnawaz’s hand and the gun fell down . Ragini ran with her full speed . Shahnawaz and his man starts following her .

Scene  – 4

Angre calls vansh.

Angre : Boss i got the location…the place where ragini is now is at west of viridian forest .

Vansh  : Thanks Angre.  I will handle them.

Riddhima and Vansh goes to the west of viridian forest.  Ragini is running and shahnawaz and his men are following her.  Ragini fell on Vansh chest .

Vansh  : Ragini are you ok ?

Ragini  : Yes.

Riddhima  : Let’s go…no need to fight with them .

Ragini  : Vansh…shahnawaz had kidnapped me…and then..he did 😢😥😥😢😢 ?

Vansh  : What did he done with you ?

Riddhima  : Let it be…we will see afterwards  .

Vansh  : No..riddhima..let Ragini speak  .

Ragini : He forcefully used me for his physical pleasure and raped  me . 😥😥😢😢😥😢😢😥 .

Vansh anger turned to outrage.

Vansh  : ( Angrily) . Whatever you did with Ragini…you will pay for it …How did you dare to do with my wife . She is Ragini vansh raisinghania…my wife and it’s my responsibility to protect her . Not just her…this the responsibility of all boys to protect their friends ( girls) , sisters. A boy should always be there when a girl needs its help…but boys like you is a stain .

Ragini happily looks at Vansh.

Shahnawaz  : What will you do ? I am Shahnawaz….I am the accomplice of Prince Akeel.

Vansh removed his gun and shoot at Shahnawaz.  Bullet goes into Shahnawaz’s chest . Vansh gives his gun to Ragini.

Vansh  : Shoot at Shahnawaz.  Take your revenge . Remember what he did with your family  ? Remember what he did with you ? Remember how we used you for his physical pleasure  ? Use all your Anger and kill him .

Ragini recalls her house getting burnt , her  family dying , her groom and her father Ronit dying and forcing her.

Ragini  : You molstated me  , you killed my family,  my in – laws also.  Now it’s time to get your prize .

Ragini shoots all the bullets on Shahnawaz.  Shahnawaz dies . Shahnawaz’s men tries to run away . But Angre comes there with Vansh’s men…and they  both fought . Angre and Vansh’s men captures Shahnawaz’s men and ragini’s men .

Ragini  : Thanks Vansh and Riddhima for saving me .

Precap  : Riddhima ” Ragini,  I can’t forget that you killed my friend noor  ” . Ragini  ” Oh really! Am i the one who is lying …did you forgot about Roma’s ring ceremony  ” Riddhima  ” don’t take that name  ” .

Episode ends. 

So how did you like todays episode.  So Vansh and riddhima saved Ragini .

1) What happened at Roma’s ring ceremony  ?

2) Did you remember that in episode 10 , scene.   …….2..Riddhima said ragini that ” Did you cheat your husband ” …what does it mean ?

3) And ragini replied that ” Riddhima,  you were responsible for bloodbath  ” . What does it mean  ?

4) And what happened at previous night ?

5) Are you feeling thrilled? Tell me below.

Bye,, take care and thanks  .

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