Molkki 30th June 2021 Written Episode Update: It is Purvi’s Sangeet Ceremony!

Molkki 30th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Purvi picks up a knife and slits her wrist. Virender shouts against it but it is too late. A servant asks Virender if he should bring something for him. Virender looks shaken and realises that it was a dream. He notices Purvi and Vipul dancing happily. Virender asks for water from servant. He thinks that he cannot do anything now as he swore on Bawri. I cannot go against that now. I will have to see her marry Vipul. My heart or I might break but I wont break the swear given to Bawri. May God keep you happy always!

Sakshi asks the couple to sit down for mehendi. Juhi complements the mehendi. Anjali tells the mehendi girl to write Vipul’s name in Purvi’s hand. Vipul offers to do it himself. Entire Rewari will see the color of the mehendi. Virender stops Vipul as he holds Purvi’s hand. He offers to write it instead. She is going to be your wife. She is my family member till the time you get married. I will complete her mehendi. Purvi extends her hand. Virender and Purvi look at each other as Virender writes the initial V on her hand. Vipul thanks Virender for writing his name on his Purvi’s hand. I wish that our relation will blossom and become strong like this mehendi with your blessings. Virender thinks I may not be able to be a part of your life but I did write Virender’s V on your palm.

Virender is packing his clothes. Sakshi tells him that it was a lot of fun today. Why are you packing your bags? Are you going somewhere? Virender keeps mum. Sakshi asks him again. You cannot go anywhere right now. You promised to fulfil all rituals yourself. Why are you leaving suddenly? Virender replies that nothing has happened to him. I am not going anywhere. Don’t worry. I will fulfil all my promises. I will take part in all rituals and I will bid Bawri adieu happily too. I wont be able to share a room with you after today though. We will live in separate rooms. She asks him what has happened suddenly. Virender says that’s what I have been trying to ask you since days. Why are you in a rush to marry her without the divorce getting finalised? I told you to let Bawri go to her village; let us get used to living without each other; let me rebuild my affection towards you. I told you to let her find a good guy. Why do you want to start a new relationship when the old one hasn’t even ended? I don’t understand any of this. Can’t you wait this much even? You cannot tolerate me leaving this room. You could have given me time to become used to losing Bawri atleast but you don’t care about anyone! You only care what you want. You want to show the world how great you are. You are finding a good guy from a Molkki and want her to have a good life. Truth is that you aren’t doing this for Bawri’s well-being but you are taking revenge from me and Bawri.

Sakshi asks him why he is saying this. He says it is true. You were pained to see Bawri and me together. You want to give that to me. You know that I wont be able to see her marry someone else but you are still persistent. You want to rub salt to my wounds. I am doing everything for your sake. I am doing it to make you happy. You told me that sacrifice is the real meaning of love. How could you forget it then? You wouldn’t have arranged this marriage in front of me if that was true. You have no affection towards Bawri. You just want to hurt me. Bawri and I agreed for this marriage. Bawri and I sacrificed something but what have you sacrificed? She tells him to stop. It’s all a lie. Trust me that I am doing this to make Purvi happy. I don’t have any other intention. He calls it a lie. You very well know that neither Bawri nor I am happy with this decision. Only you are happy. I am only leaving this room. You will be my wife, the mother of my kids and the Mukhiyayini of this village. I am not taking away any rights. I ended up going away from you instead of coming closed after what you have done recently. I cannot stay with a woman who pretends to love me yet hurts me so much! She tells him to listen to her. please don’t do this. I can never hurt you. Please let me speak. Virender tells her not to follow him. We are like train tracks. We can go parallel but we can never be together. She follows him to his study but he locks the door from inside. Sakshi wonders what she did. I only wanted to see Purvi happy. This ended up in breaking my marriage instead. I wont let this happen. I wont lose so easily. Once Purvi gets married and leave the house, I will pacify Mukhi ji. I have to focus on my goal instead of accepting defeat! I will make it happen.

Virender is on the terrace. Purvi comes there looking for him. He asks her what it is. Purvi thanks him for living up to his word. The ritual went smoothly today. He asks her who all she will miss once she leaves the house. Purvi says I will miss everyone and everything. I wont be able to forget it even if I want. I will even miss Anjali Bhabhi’s taunts. He asks her if she wont miss him. Purvi says we remember only those who we forget. We live with those who live in our heart. You were and will always be with me. I am going away from you, from this haveli but I will really go away from you once Kanha ji calls me. He is taken aback. Don’t say this. It is late. Go and rest now. Purvi leaves. Virender looks at the moon and calls out after her. She comes back. Virender tells her to look at the moon. It looks so beautiful. If you miss me once you leave and if you have anything to say to me, look at the moon and say everything. I will look at the moon and understand everything. I will tell everything to the moon. She asks him if he will come to her Sangeet ceremony tomorrow. He says yes. Purvi heads downstairs.

Sakshi is looking at her family photo sadly. Mukhi ji and kids are near me yet they aren’t mine. I cannot live without them. Please erase this distance and return my family to me, God.

Virender is still on the terrace and is looking at the moon. Purvi is also looking at the moon sadly. Screen flashes to Virender, Purvi and Sakshi. Past memories flash in the background.

Next morning, everyone has gathered for the Sangeet ceremony. Sakshi asks Anjali if Purvi is ready. Guests are here. It is time. Purvi comes with her mother just then. Sakshi praises her. Vipul joins them as well. Vipul sits next to Purvi. Servant asks Sakshi to check the preps. Sudha comes as well and meets Purvi. What’s happening? I found out about your wedding when I came back. Why are you marrying Vipul? Purvi agrees to tell her everything later. It is my Sangeet today. Join us.

Sakshi tells the servant all the preps are fine. Anjali asks Sakshi about Virender. Guests are asking about him. Sakshi is about to reply but Anjali says what to do when he isn’t keen to join. Sakshi says it isn’t so. He will surely come. Virender comes downstairs. Sakshi tells Anjali he is here. Anjali goes. Sakshi asks Virender to come. Anjali thinks Virender is here but till when he will be able to see his Bawri with someone else. I swear it would be a great thing to witness. Let’s see what happens!

Sangeet ceremony starts. Prakashi signals Anjali. Anjali asks Purvi and Vipul to dance in their Sangeet. Sakshi nods. Please put a nice song. Prakashi smirks. Vipul and Purvi dance romantically. Virender is not happy to see them together. Vipul ends up losing Purvi’s hand and she falls in Virender’s arms. They dance romantically. Everyone watches them. Purvi and Virender are all smiles as they dance together. Vipul and Sakshi feel uncomfortable. He showers flower petals on her in the end. She walks away feeling shy as he leans closer but he hugs her. they continue dancing romantically. It turns out to be Virender’s imagination. Everyone claps as Purvi and Vipul’s dance comes to an end. Virender looks shaken.

Precap: A function is going on. Virender drinks alcohol saying he can’t see Purvi and Vipul together. He comes out of his room and falls off the stairs. Purvi goes running to him, telling him to open eyes for his ‘bawari’ and saying that she loves him a lot. Vipul, Sakshi look on.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. THank you Pooja for the update. Always look forward to it but sm reason today Ive been anxiously checking for your update. 😊

  2. * A sigh of relief *Am glad the wrist sliting drama was only a dream..Virender poured out his heart to Sakshi but she is either in deep denial or so dillusional that she can hardly comprehend nor see his great pain and distress 🙁🙁.

  3. 1. Thank you Pooja di. I always look forward to your updates.
    2. In all Ekta shows, during separation,leads talk through the moon and hallucinate romantic scenes.
    3. Finally Virender confronted Sakshi. He was right, Sakshi should have waited for divorce and given Purvir some time to adapt.
    4. Maker’s are dragging and making it boring, they should pick up pace…… I mean Purvir marriage (both times) was shorter then Purvi-Vipul marriage. 🙄🤔

  4. I feel you Sham 😅…Been waiting and constantly checking since last night!

    1. Even more after I saw the short precap clip. 😅

  5. Well finally some progress in the track. From only reading the update (a few times), one can feel Mukhiji’s pain. The part where he packs his clothes and tells Sakshi off is so powerful. Everything he said he has been saying all along but Sakshi just cdn’t get it or didnt want to. VPS had such a valid point that both he and Bawri were sacrificing but not Sakshi. Even the divorce was not finalised yet she pushed for Purvi’s marriage. I like the part that he told her she wants to rub salt into his wounds. Mukhiji finally said directly what he already felt in Goa that he has nothing now for Shakshi. She pushed him away with her actions. no more. Even then she wonders at she did.
    Asia you said either Sakshi is in deep denial or delusional. My opinion that the writers have written her character to be partially realistic in being jealous and wanting to get Purvi away from Mukhiji & her kids as soon as possible but at the same time also partially delusional as she convinces herself that she is doing the right thing for Purvi & also to get her husband and kids back close to her. As for Mukhiji, He literally closed the door on her face, a statement from him that he is done with her. Yet she convinces herself that after Purvi leaves she will pacify Mukhiji and not accept defeat & the next morning she is back to the wedding again! Now that is delusional.
    But credit to the creators of the show for bringing in Toral Rasputra to play the character of Sakshi. She potrays the character perfectly and flawlessly until the audience could despise the actions of the character.
    There were quite emotional and beautiful scenes of PurVir especially the dancing together and wa something we (or at least I) wanted to see after so long dragging it on.
    Hopefully , they wrap this track up soon and we can see some nice PurVir moments together with Genda & Kargoos.

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