Raglak ss the incomplete past by kitkat – part 6

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Hey friends kitkat here with next part of my SS….

So here we go….

Part 5 Here


Ragini’s car came to halt as they stopped in front of the hotel where conference was arranged along with their hotel possession….

Kids who were already awake opened the car door n ran towards the garden they spotted…..

R:- Raksh, Ansh slowly don’t run…..

But they didn’t bothered to hear even a word from her….

R:- Pritam u plz come with me we have to meet the organizers n tell them that we are here….

R:- Neelu( Raksh n ansh’s nanny) b with kids all the while…. n no excuses…. got that….

N:- Ji madam n she left to the direction of kids….

Ragini n Pritam had a talk with organizers n went to kids for heading to their rooms….

Laksh who was also going there felt a cold wave of air hit him as he came from left corridor while surfing his phone n he stopped…..

L:- Ragini…. he muttered softlyly

just then before he could see Ragini turned right as she was talking to pritam….. but she to felt something…..

She was about to turn back but her phone rang n she rushed after watching caller ID as neelu….

So before Laksh could see her she along with Pritam left from there…..

Laksh sigh feeling it as his hallusion n went away….

Meanwhile in garden….

(Ry:- Ragya, Rk:- Raksh, A:- ansh…)

Raksh was about to sit on swing but just then someone pushed him n sat on it…. That someone is reveled as Ragya….

Raksh hurted his leg n elbow n started crying….

Ansh who was on merry go round along with neelu who was helping him to turn it heard him scream n ran to him….

Meera who reached there while catching her breath as Ragya ran before her saw this bewilded and Raksh started crying badly by taking Raginis name…..

N:- Raksh baba calm down come we will apply cream on it…..

Rk:- No.. call mumma…. n I have to complain about this witch to her….

He said pointing to Ragya….

Ragya hearing this got angry n stoodup from swing….

Ry( with her tiny hands on her waist n bossy tone):- whom u call witch??? U dracula….

Rk:- u r a witch….

Neelu meanwhile called Ragini n told this while meera called Laksh…..

N:- Raksh ansh come mumma have called u n we have to dress ur wounds too….

Rk:- no first tell her to say sorry…

M:- Ragya very bad…. u hurted him n now bossing him…. is it what i n papa taught u….

Ry:- but bua….

M:- chup ask sorry….

Ry( in a blunt tone):- Sorry… n she ran to her room….

M:- sorry from her side….. n ran behind Ragya….

Just then Ragini came there n Raksh hugged her while crying n Neelu explained her the whole scenario…

R:- this kids of new generation n their irresponsible parents…. why should u give birth if cant handle….

They took Raksh to room allotted to her n the kids….

Neelu did the dressing n Pritam was diverting him with stupid jokes…. who was resting his head on Ragini’s chest n she was hugging him….

Rk:- Pritam maasi that girl was very rude u know….

P:- All are not well mannered like our Raksh n ansh hena???

Ransh:- yes

Ragini kissed his forehead n he slept with ansh as they were up at 5 AM this morning….

Mean while in Laksh’s room….

Ragya was sitting on bed with her head bent down n Laksh was before her with stern expressions n hands fold…..

M:- Bhai plz….

L:- no meera you wont save her today…. what if that boy had got any severe injury??? She is a becoming more fightercock day by day… so Ragya ur punishment is u will b in room whole day today n meera will be with u…. u wont come out….

Ry:- But papa…

L:- No thats final n no more arguments…. Whatever u want u will get here but you wont go out….

Saying so Laksh left the place n Ragya huffed getting irritated….

The day went with some introductory sessions n the companies who were in the contract race were supposed to b introduced in a welcome party in evening….

In evening…..

All were present in the Party hall n were allotted different tables….

Laksh, Ragya, Meera n Karan were on a corner table while Ragini, Raksh, Ansh, Neelu n Pritam were on Middle table of front….

Ragini was in a Plain black sari with golden black earrings n a bracelate n watch in her hand…. without much makeup n bare neck( one she wore in Indonesia)….

Laksh was wearing black jeans with plain white T-shirt n a Maroon jacket….

H:- So Good Evening ladies n gentlemen…. We are obliged to have u all her n without much delay we would start the introduction of the participants….

One by one companies names were announced n their representatives were called on stage to introduce themselves….

Com:- Next participant company is Maheshwari constructions n the representative is Mr. Laksh D. Maheshwari….

All the people present there greeted him with huge applause n he nodded to them formally but here Ragini was snunned n so was Pritam n neelu as they knew Ragini’s past….

Rk:- Momma even dads name too is Laksh Maheshwari na???

Ragini was just freezed n numb to react…..

The person for whom she had been running away from all this years was here….

But still she saw in his direction….

He was not the same person anymore….

His eyes were baggy, he had grown some beard n his body was well tonned than his thin one of earlier….

Com:- Our next participant company is Raksh Constructions n their Representative is Miss. Ragini Gadodia…. This company have been active for a very short time but their shared are rapidly increasing in the market… Kuddos for the womenpower…..

N now it was time for Laksh, Karan n Meera to freeze….

Laksh looked the Direction n found Ragini’s swipping figure which was blurred as she rushed out towards garden….

Ragini Ran towards the grassy landscapes n feel on her knees sobbing with her hand on her mouth…

All the moments of her n Laksh were moving from her mind n then she felt a soft hand on her shoulder… The so familier touch for which she had carved this many years… which only has love for her….

She stoodup n mate her hazal dove eyes with his brown orbs….

The only eyes in the world who will have so much love in them for her… they were eyes of her Laksh….

As soon as their eyes mate her heart melt n all the agony she stored in her all this years n she clashed in his embrace crying and poured all her sorrow’s n worries before him though her tears….

He too hugged her back tightly n tears made their way through his eyes….

Both were sobbing….

L:- Where were you all this year’s ha?? You know na I cant even make a decision without ur support n u took it away?? Didnt thought about me even a bit?? U know how much I missed u Ragu….

He kissed her forehead….

R:- I missed u too… Do you think it was easy for me to leave you??? I faced 1000 deaths before I left u with a stone on my heart…. I wanted to run back to u… In ur embrace but….

Just then Reality striked her n she suddenly stoodup pushing him away…

L( a bit shocked):- what happened Ragini???

R:- Its not correct Laksh… U r married now n ur wife wont like this….

L( a bit loudly now):- Cut the crap Ragini… N about which wife are you taking?? The one who slept with someone else n claimed on me that baby is mine??? Forced my wife to leave me?? Who broke my marriage?? Made me responsible for a crime which I am not responsible of??? If yes then let me tell u that she was a lier n had got her share of punishment…. She is no more in this world….. did u understand??? She is no more…???

Ragini felt like she got her breath back once Laksh stopped…

She recollected his words n rushed to him n hugged him tightly….

R:- I m sorry… I didn’t mean to make u angry but the things i faced all this year’s made me do it…

L(calmed a bit n hugged her back):- I too didn’t wanted to shout on u but the thought of u going away from me again scared me Ragini….

Just then Pritam, neelu, Raksh, ansh, Karan, meera n Ragya came there n Raglak parted….

N as soon as Raksh n Ragya saw Raglak they ran towards them is opposite direction….

Raksh towards Laksh n Ragya towards Ragini….

They both hugged Raglak n started crying….

Rk/Ry(while sobbing):- Mamma/Papa I missed u soo much….

Raglak startled a bit but then Ragini went towards Raksh n Laksh towards Ragya….

R:- Laksh he is our son Raksh Laksh Maheshwari….

Laksh was shocked as realisation hitted him… n he sat on his knees near Raksh….

Laksh moved his hand on his face n kissed his forehead n hugged him still crying but with a smile…

Ragya ran towards Ragini n tugged her saree from bottom n asked her to bend a bit……

Ragini was confused n looked at Laksh for a second n then kneeled before Ragya….

Ragya hugged her tightly n started sobbing….

Ry:- Mom was I that bad that u left me n went away??? I missed u soo much….

Ragini’s heart skipped as pain in ragya’s innocent voice reached her n she hugged her back unknowingly….

The tense expression on face of Laksh’s n others face changed to a soft smile while a frown appeared on ragsh face….

Screen freezes on faces of Laksh, Ragini, Ragya n Ragsh respectively….

PRECAP:- Cute moments between Raglak n kids….


Heya friends….

So let me know how is it with your votes n comments….

Next update soon….


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