Raglak ss the incomplete past by kitkat – part 5


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In Ragini’s car….

In middle seat, Ansh n Ragsh are sleeping at each side of Ragini with their heads on her chest n her hands wrapped around them…..

Their nanny was on back seat n Pritm was on front seat beside driver as Vansh never allows Ragini to drive when kids are beside them….

Ragini’s POV….

I could denay before world that I love you but not before myself…..

I know my decision of leaving ur life was incorrect but was needed for ur safety…..

Noe I know atleast u r safe, but I wouldn’t had left I may have lost u forever…..


She wore her sunglasses to hide her weldup eyes n rested her head back while drifting in thoughts of her past….


The day when Laksh cameback getting injured during accident…..

Ragini was tense n passing in the back yard too n fro while Laksh was sleeping in room due to medicine effect…

Just then Ragini’s phone buzzed with a call from private no…..

She Received it…..

R:- Hello

C- Hello Mrs. Ragini… How is ur husband now?? He was saved this time but this wont b the case always….

R( a bit Raged now):- who the hell r u??? N don’t u dare a finger on my husband….. What ur problem…..

C ( now in a cold tone):- U n ur husband r my problem…. He always snatch from me whats mine…. first was u during our college n now this blo*dy contracts….

R:- What’s ur price to spare my Laksh??

C:- u r my price baby…. come to me n I will spare Laksh….

R:- R u out of ur mind??? He is my husband….. I wont ever…

C:- Ok baby ur choice… but I give u time till ur first anniversary… opps may b ur husband’s last anniversary with u….. Think whats ur decision…. Bye baby….

R:- Hello hello….

But the line was dead….

Now scene shifts to the anniversary day…..

Ragini was in Raglak’s room n wipping….

Just then a private no is flash on her phone n she received it quickly….

C:- Hello baby how r you?? I was missing ur voice…..

R:- Who r u n y have you called me???

C:- Oh baby… so i think we should directly come to the point…

Ragini suspiciously squeezed her eyebrows…

C:- I have warn u to leave Laksh but u didn’t…. now see… he cheated u…..

R:- he didn’t I know my Laksh cant do this ever….

C:- Wow what a confidance… but If u didn’t left his life now permanently he wont b in this world from tomorrow I beat…. n as u know before to I spared him with wounds but now I will directly kill him… n I will do it in real….

Ragini was freezed n a lone tear escaped her eye……

R( a bit panicked):- No… u wont…. plz I beg u… I will do whatever u want but plz don’t do anything to my Laksh….

C( with a wicked laugh):- oh my my baby so much love…. ok I won’t harm him but for that u have to exit his life…. u have to divorce him n come to me…..

Ragini was beyond shock now…. n she bursted in a cry….

C:- Stop crying n now exit this house n laksh’s life forever or it will cost his life….. I will now contact u directly after ur divorce…..

R ( in a determined voice while wiping away her tears…):- ok I will leave this house n Laksh’s life forever but u won’t harm him….

C:- baby u r so innocent…. the moment u will exit his life he will b half dead….. ok I m waiting for the news….. bye sweetheart…. Muuhha…

Ragini felt it disgusting…… n shatted on the floor with a loud cry…..

And then left the house…. ( See part 2)

She was feeling like killing herself but the symbol of love of her n Laksh in her stomach stopped her…

She didn’t had guts even to face him or even turn while living or she would have gone weak n told the whole truth to Laksh which was dangerous…..

She went to her home where she told whole truth to her chacha n chichi Ramprasad n SUjata as they left the party early……

( here they are Ragini’s chacha chachi who only have a daughter named uttara who is younger than Ragini n Ragini leaved with them for studies after her dada dadi passed away…. Sujata always treated Ragini as her own daughter n loved n pampered her alot…….)

They were concerned about her as well as helpless before her stubbornness….

They asked her to tell the truth to DP n Laksh but she denied…..

She had threatened them that she will go away somewhere without their knowledge n wont return if they told the truth to any of those two……

day by day she was getting depressed n her condition was not less than a coma patient just the life supporting system was remaining…..

Laksh tried to call her many times but she blocked him…..

After a week Vansh took her with him to Pune as he thought that being away from the familier surrounding may help her to forget her bitter past…..

Ragini soon joined Vansh’s office as his CEO n the divorce procedure was almost done….

When the stalker again called ragini vansh took help of police n found him n he was Vikrant kapoor ( played by Vatsal Seth), one of business rival of Laksh who was Laksh classmate n Ragini’s senior during their graduation…..

He was jailed for 10 years n Ragini felt relived….

She was now in her 5th month…..

She decided to tell Laksh the whole truth n returned Banglore….

She went to MM n the guard left her in with a smile….

But the sight before her crushed her heart into pieces n as if she had forgotten about something she came back to reality…..

Kriya was sitting on swing of MM n Laksh was making her eat something forcefully while she was denying to eat…..

Ragini felt hurt n left the place hurt telling security to not to inform Laksh about her visit….

Vansh felt bad for her condition as he never in his life had let Ragini cry n her just because of Laksh she was completely broken…..

He held Laksh responsible for this condition of her n was determined about not letting her to go back to Laksh even if he pleads her….

Ragini was always quit but now atleast interacted with Vansh n urjita…. while the only member who made her smile was Ansh who was just a year old still…..

Ragini use to carve for things n wanted her husband beside her to pamper her n love her but it was not possible n this made her cry……

This hurted Vansh a lot n he felt miserable as he cant do anything for her……

Ragini use to forget all her problems only in two situations i.e. when she is in office or with Ansh…

In her nineth month she delivered a baby boy n named him Raksh which was suggested by Laksh while they were planning for their baby….

One day evening….

Ragsh was 7 months old now…..

Ragini was humming a song n engrossed arranging Raksh’s stuff in his cupboard……

Vansh n Urjita knocked the door of Ragini’s door which broke her trance…..

R:- Arey bhai bhabhi come na…

U:- Ragu Ansh is playing in nurcery…. can I take Raksh with me to him??

R:- Sure bhabhi no need to ask… Like ansh is my son Raksh is also yours….

Urjita smiled at her while cupping her face n kissed her forehead n left theroom with Raksh….

V:- Chutki I need to talk to u….

R:- yes bhai tell na…

She said still arranging the stuff…

Vansh made her sit on bed while holding her shoulder n sat beside her….

V:- Ragu its about ur remarriage….

Ragini was stunned n stood up with a jerk followed by Vansh…

R:- Bhai if this is a joke its a very bad one…. u know that i don’t like such stupid jokes….

Vansh got a bit irritated now as she was taking everything so casually….

V:- Ragu I m not at all in the mood of joking….. U know that Urjita’s brother Swayam ( Played by Shantanu Maheshwari ) likes u n so Urjita’s mom have brought his alliance for u… Moreover he is ready to except u with Ragsh….

R ( a bit shocked n teary):- Bhai do u think me as a burden n want to throw me out of the house…???

Hearing this vansh startled a bit n tried to cup Ragini’s face but she threw his hand away in anger while facing other side……..

V:- Never ever think like that chutki….. But think about Raksh…. he is so small… He will too need his father at a his side…..

Ragini now calmed a bit…

R:- No bhai plz I beg u…. I cant marry someone n give that place to anyone else than Laksh….. N Raksh will know only Laksh as his father….. u r there to take his responsibilities as a father…. Swayam is young n handsome but I m a divorcee n cant fulfil all his wishes as a wife…. He needs someone who can understand him n not someone like me who herself need a support now….

V:- Ragu but what about u?? U too need someone by ur side…. u r still young…. u cant stay alone all ur life……

R:- Who said bhai that i m alone…. I have u, bhabhi, ansh n my Raksh with me….

V:- but ragu…

R:- bhai this topic is over n i don’t want this discussion again…. if u will talk about my remarriage I will go away from u all along with my Raksh…..

Just then urjita came there with Raksh who was crying badly…

U:- Ragu I think he is hungry….

Ragini wiped her tears n took Raksh from urjita n said bluntly while facing urjita…

R:- I need to feed him so plz can u all go out of my room……

Vansh felt a bit hurt by her words n urjita got the tressed atmosphere n left the place quietly while dragging a disturbed Vansh with her….

Ragini closed the door n left to bed with Raksh for feeding him…. While feeding she recalled Vansh’s words n cried her heart out while remembering Laksh….

Vansh too was disturbed but Urjita made him understood Ragini’s condition……

Next day at breakfast table….

All were quietly having their breakfast….

Ragini’s n Vansh’s eyes were baggy n faces were dull which proved that they cried whole night….

This silence was killing Vansh as its first time that his chutki is sad because of him….. It was him who was responsible for her tears n made her cry……

but he didn’t knew where to start..

Ragini finished her breakfast n about to leave but Vansh quickly stoodup n held her hand…,.

V:- I m sorry chutki…. plz apne iss bewakoof bhai ko itni badi saja mat de…. maaf nahi karegi mujhe….

Hearing this words full of love from his mouth melt her heart n she turned towards him n hugged him while sobbing n later burst in a crying whike melting in his embrace……

R:- Bhai u ask me anything else I will do but don’t separate me from u… or else I will die…..

Vansh too hugged her back tightly while crying n guilt was visible in his eyes….

V:- Ok if u don’t want to marry I won’t force u but don’t cry ok…. I cant see my princess crying….

He broke the hug, wiped her tears n kissed her forehead….

watching their love for eachother urjita’s eyes too weldup….

Vansh saw her n asked also to join n the trio shared a hug….


Ragini use to do all sorts of Vrats for Laksh including Gangaur, Teej n Karvachauth n thought that Vansh n Urjita didn’t knew about it….

but even after knowing about it they use to play along with her for her satisfaction….

Vansh use to feel bad for her when she use to fake a smile before all as he knew she will definitely cry once alone….

He use to curse Laksh every single day for spoiling his sisters life n slowly his anger towards Laksh unknowingly turned into hate….

Ragini’s room had a photo of her n Laksh n many a times Vansh asked her to remove it but she denied saying its the only way for her n Raksh for experiencing Laksh’s presence….

The first word Raksh uttered was PAPA which was the biggest surprise for Ragini…..

later she found that it was Ansh’s impact on Raksh but still she was happy….

Vansh carried out all the responsibilities as a father for Raksh….

He was favorate of all i.e his mumma, mama-mami, Chote nana- nani ( RP n Suji), Uttara maasi…..

N the only lifeline of Ragini……


Ragini’s POV….

It was my last breakdown before bhai on that marriage topic n after that I decided not to cry for anyone n to live for the family who loves me to core…..

Specially my Raksh n Ansh….

But still I love u Laksh…..


A lone tear escaped through her glasses n she wiped it off n kissed forehead of both Raksh n Ansh n she to dozed off….

Here in Lonavla,

Laksh woke up but Ragya was still sleeping hugging him tightly…..

so he left to get fresh n decided to jog n gym for a while as it was only 6 AM and first session was to start at 10 AM so he had much of time….

He returned by 7o’clock n while wiping his sweaty face his gaze fell on the ting n cute figure of sleeping Ragya n a smile appeared on his face….

He kissed Raksha’s forehead n she wokeup yawning n stretching her hands…..

R:- Good morning my handsome papa…..

Laksh made her sit on his lap….

L:- Good morning my cute sunshine….

Ragya giggled at this n Laksh kissed her chick n Ragya kissed him back…..

He asked meera to look after her n make her ready who just came from her room beside theirs……

Ragya followed meera to her room….

He had a bath n got change in his formals….

He wore a maroon shirt n a sandy shade formal pant n overcoat along with a tie…..

N wore his glasses…..

Screen spited on two sides focused on a slipping Ragini n a expressionless n all set Laksh

PRECAP:- Raglak faceoff……


Here i finished 5th part of my SS….

Do tell me how is it through ur comments…

N yes I m on a break now for almost 2 weeks so HAPPY DIWALI in ADVANCE…..



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