We are one in heart (an ishqbaaz ff) Chapter 6… (Shruthi lies to family)

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chapter :-06..

Everyone in disbelief by sruthi talk….

Om looks at her eyes ..

Om:- what’s the reason ..

Sruthi felt finally relief at least om asks the reason ..

Sruthi comes to om and hold his hand and sit by her knees ..

Sr:- papa… we want to attend my friend birthday party .. she is my best friend in Facebook she come one day my college also but i never meet her still in her place ….

Om:- but..

Sruthi :- she has cancer papa… this is her last birthday also..

Om and everyone felt sad… they never want to say no her to fulfill her friend last wish…

Om:- ok but i also come with you..

Sruthi :-(tension)  no need..

Gauri :- why??

Sruthi :- abi is also her friend that by he came.. karan come for our safety .. if you will come … she will feel about her cancer as weakness …

Om:- but..

Sruthi :- she’ll think you come to see her for her sickness ..

Dadi:- yes .. you should go …

Gauri and priyanku felt little insecure about their journey  without om..

But om console them…

….In Mumbai airport ….

Om hug abi, karan and sruthi ..

Om:- karan.. this is your big responsible to keep them safe..
And i hope your little like play boy but don’t be careless in this ok..

Om hug karan and bides bye to them…


In goa airport ….

Shivay hug virat ..

Shivay :- happy journey and enjoy your  compition.. 

Virat :- I’ll win surely ..

Shivay :- i know you’re son of shivay na..

They smile …

Shivay :- don’t make problems ok..  then your mom will get disappointment …ok..

Virat think about suhirth..
Virat :- ok dad.. I’ll try..

They hug and om bide bye to virat …….

…………….In hotel room….

After sruthi tells the story to make om agree … karan and abi never speak one word to her…

She got confused …

Sruthi :- what happened why are you silent guys…

Only silent in there..

Sruthi :- please tell me.  What happened .. you guys are never speak to me until we reached goa.. i don’t want to shout at you in public that why I’m silent .. now tell me.. if you’re never speak then I’ll shout as total hotel shaken up..

Abi:- why you lie to papa like that??

Sruthi understand their feeling ..

Sruthi :- I’m not..

Kara:- what? ?

Sruthi :- yes.. my friend die because of cancer last year.. she is goa.. my friends went for her last rituals but i got sick so i didn’t attended .. now i also want to meet her family.. now tell what wrong i did.. i hide half true and tell half lie .. because we don’t have another options.. did you know when i lie to papa i only get much hurt…

Tear fill her eyes…

Abi come hug her tight ..

Abi:- di we are sorry .. please forgive us .. we are fools don’t have much intelligence like you.. please ??..

Sruthi :-???

Karan hold his ears and tells sorry sorry …

They hug..
La…la..la plays..

………..episode end ….

Precap:- om meets virat…..
Shivay meets abi….


(a/n:-sorry guys this is short one … I’ll post long part with color full.. now drop who is your favorite character in this ff except senior oberoi)

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  2. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice

  3. ItsmePrabha

    Fabulous…And my Fav character is Abi..he is cute..i like Virat too …Will be waiting for the next..

    1. Dishani01

      thanks dear praba ?? yes abi is cute because he is little oberoi na… virat is also fantastic character keep reading

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