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Raman felt very bad about Ishita, but felt happy  that she independently handling everything and trying to do all on her own. And he compared Ishita with Shagun the female who left him and his baby at orphanage just for money.

Next day morning ,

Raman came to office for the samples at mihir cabin.

Mihir: Bhai, finally i’m meeting u after a week, wat is this yaar ,working for same company but unable to meet and see, u came for this sample.

Bhai, i swear  she is genius wat a sweet person, she is very calm , sweet nature, after this project she will work under me.

Raman: pagal hai kya. y will i send her  to you,  and i cant miss chances of contracts and such a hard working person.

Mihir get the sample.

Mihir: its really beautiful, cant imagine this color combination. if u see her way of work its amazing, she is very clear about her design and colors.

Raman: dont make words show me the design i’m eager to see her work.

MIhir gave him design ,he was fully impressed.

Raman leave the cabin immediately to meet and congratulate her , Mihir follows him.

Ishita is in tailoring department and by the time raman enter she is giving instructions . Raman saw her back and before he goes to her, he got a call from Client.

Raman turned otherside and ishita turned back and saw Raman’s back , Mihir hinted him as Raman to ishita.

Raman felt she looks like some known person and even ishita felt same.

By the time raman turns back she left the department , and raman dint had  time to wait and left to meet  client with the sample .

Ishita expecting a call from Raman about her work. But MIhir came to her cabin.

Mihir: Hello Ishita, Very tensed about u sample work.

Ishita: S, u r right, but he dint call me.

Mihir : my god ishita, u r genius . u know i really cant express his happiness. u made him happy , after his wife left him he lost most of the contracts and u came gave him hopes.

Ishita: ok, i cant ask y also, becoz in my life i have seen that kind of person also.

Mihir: U had lover and he left u.

Ishita: No, i’m married have 5 year old kid also.

Mihir : dont lie, u dont look like married woman.

Ishita: But i’m , i live with my in laws , they are very good. my husband he went to US on site and he married a girl to get settle there. and we got divorce when my son was 3 months old.

Mihir: Wat!

Ishita: But my In-laws are so good that they made me study further  and become a designer and today i’m here becoz of them , now my brother in law he got job and we are happy family.

Mihir: its a very rare combination to get a in laws like that.

Ishita: When my mother came and asked my mother in law to take me to my home u know mihir wat she said” My son is died but i got my daughter, she will be equal with my other kids and if u get some good guy for her who accepts me with my kid then she will get me married to that person” she is such a good person.

Mihir: wow ! u have a very good family. anyways all the best. and by the way if u r waiting for Raman he wet to meet client with ur samples.

Ishita: from the day one i couldnot meet him properly, hope i’ll meet him one day.

Ishita is back to home , she got message from Raman ” Thanks a lot  ur sample color has been approved”

Ishita is very happy and she shared good news with toshiji.

Toshiji : Ishita, changa hoi, but Ishita prateek wants to meet u , but i told him, he cant meet he is insisting so i told him only Ishita he can meet but not adi, so he agreed.

Ishita: but mummyji

Toshiji: Dont worry, prakashji will be with him so dont worry.

Ishita: but i’m scared,

Raman thinking ” shall i call someone to act like my wife and get my daughter but who will act — oh god getting complicated”







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  1. superb update

  2. Rashita

    Grt update… Ishu shared her past to mihir..mihir also told her she got a lively family.. But did Ishu not see Raman tht day in the meeting..??? First day..?? Raman thought someone will act as his wife to get his baby.. Hope he goes to Ishu..

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