Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 25th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 25th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, all are busy in diwali celebrations n arrangements for it, summit n dolly arrive for diwali bash, all welcome them with lots of love, roopan says summit n dolly u look very fresh n charming any good news, dolly says plz aunty stop teasing, dolly sees nisha n goes to her, nisha says she missed her a lot, dolly said so did i n all the cousins give dolly a group hug.
Laxmi tells dadi abt nishas childhood incident, dadi says oh lord wat pain my child must have suffered,laxmi says n this is the reason for the change in nisha, dadi says no worry laxmi i will tell u n i know things will change. Laxmi says that incident made a huge impact on nisha n i want nisha to get over it before she gets married, i already lost her n don’t want her to loose again, dadi says i promise laxmi i will not let nisha get engaged to ritesh before she gets over her pain.
Cousins force dolly n summit to show them honeymoon photos, summit says i will but only few come lets go, dolly sends all with summit except nisha n take her to a side, dolly says how did u agree to get marry to ritesh he is so weird, nisha says he is but he is good as well, kirti comes n hands nisha the teddy ritesh n leaves, nisha says oh its so cute, dolly says cute this teddy tells that ritesh is so wrong for u n he doesn’t know u, nisha says still i don’t know myself wat will ritesh know, dolly says nisha laxmi aunty told me abt everything, nisha says dolly di plz i don’t want to talk abt that, dolly says sure why not but abt rites hi want to talk n that to right now.
Laxmi tells dadi that she hasn’t told ramesh anything abt it, dadi says laxmi are u out of ur mind nishas engagement is approaching we are deciding to cancel it n u didn’t tell him, laxmi says i know but i need some time , dadi says ok take ur time but let me tell u one thing there is no doubt that this engagement is cancelled now n i will talk to dadaji abt this but first u talk to ramesh abt it.
Dolly says nisha u n ritesh are completely opposite why did u say yes, nisha says i know but things will work out later, dolly says this isn’t an answer how will things work, nisha says u know i heard an interview abt mr.rathode the riffle shooter n he says life can take a good turn anytime, dolly says u are diverting the topic n this nisha isn’t the one i know n ur this behaviour indicates that u are hiding something wats it.ramesh brings sweet for dolly n goes to her. Dolly says nisha i know u didn’t say yes to ritesh bcoz u like him but bcoz u wanted dadaji to allow ramesh uncle to join the office back , before nisha could answer jwala comes n takes dolly with her. Ramesh listens to nisha n dollys conversation n says to himself this isn’t right n i wont let this happen n for this i shd make ritesh realise his liking towards kirti as soon as possible.
Dadi sees nisha n feels bad for her, nisha comes to dadi n asks her to give Prasad, dadi gives her Prasad, dadi says nisha u said yes to ritesh for ramesh right, nisha says oh god mom cant keep any secrets she told u right, its just that for me family comes first n their happiness is mine, dadi says i know that but for happiness something important is inner peace, nisha says dadi im good wats wrong with all of u, dadi says u know i felt inner peace when i dreamt abt that guy for u, nisha says dadi it was just a dream n not reality, dadi says the path between dream n reality is called life, rukhma comes n says dadaji hasn’t been to shop n has called all in the hall.
Dolly n cousins except nisha are together, dolly says i have to leave today since it is my first diwali at inlaws place but i will miss u all n one more thing im very upset with all of u, u all are so hopeless how could u let nisha say yes to ritesh,before umesh could answer, rukhma comes n tells them dadaji wants to see them.

Dadaji says nisha we don’t go along with eachother well n the reason is u n ur behaviour n let me tell the decision of u n ritesh is very appropriate n u will surely get engaged.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. wat a grndfathr…gr8…doesnt undrstd his own grndchild

  2. Yeah the grandfather is way to strict and doesn’t let the poor child’s own parents have a say!

  3. The grandfather is so rude he should not be taking control of his grandchildren the mum and dad should have a say to poor Nisha’s wedding

  4. dadi will get nisha into her senses

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