Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 25th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikram kicking out Amit. Amit’s mum gets angry and scolds Vikram. She says she will not stay here. Bhabho apologizes to her. Amit says he won’t go without his Meenu and goes to her. Vikram says he will break his hand and asks him to leave. Amit and his mum leave. Sooraj asks Vikram whats all this, it was good proposal, what will we do now. Babasa says it was good proposal, they got annoyed and left. Bhabho says why did you get angry Vikram, we can’t get good guy like him. Mohit says yes, we have to find good guy again. Sooraj says Vikram will tell what to do now. Vikram says he does not have answers, he is happy now. Everyone smile.

Vikram goes to the shop. Meenakshi asks Sooraj to open the door. Sooraj sends Mohit. Babasa says Vikram still loves Meenakshi a lot. Meenakshi says see Bhabho, he went in anger, he did not say he loves me. Bhabho says you won’t understand my son, he stopped saying he loves you, he was angry, don’t worry, he will tell you soon. Meenakshi says I wish this happens soon. Sandhya calls Sooraj. He says fine, Bhabho is with me, I will talk to her. He tells Bhabho that Sandhya asked for food, and names the dishes. Bhabho says did she ask for this. Sooraj says yes. She says I m happy to make it, she asked for first time. She asks Emily and Meenakshi to help in kitchen.

Sandhya takes RK inside the hospital. Maya looks at RK and thinks he is taken inside the ward, I have to make Plan A ready, but where is Disha. Disha asks Sooraj to sign on the papers. Sooraj says wait for some time. She says time can’t wait, come on sign. Sooraj sits to sign. Disha hurts Birju by making his hand fall in oil. She tells Sooraj that we should take him to hospital. Sooraj says yes. Disha thinks Birju will be taken to emergency ward, connected to RK’s ward. Prema hides a gun in her clothes. She hears Bhabho asking Lohya to wait for 10mins. She thinks whats Lohya doing here, I have to go hospital soon.

Chavi gets the call from jewelers that the ornaments are checked, and its real. Chavi says it means mum lied to me, so that I don’t sell her ornaments, I will tell this to Dilip. She sees the tv show where a mum in law asks her bahu to demand her mum for help. She says if you want a new home, your mum should help you. Chavi says no, I should not tell this to Dilip, I will show him the movie now, not trailer. Maya tries calling Disha and Prema and waits for them.

Sandhya asks doctor to check RK and she will just go and make a call. The doctor checks RK. Sandhya keeps an eye on him and asks her staff to be alert. RK thinks why did Maya, Disha and Prema not come till now. Disha comes there and asks Maya about emergency ward. Maya signs her. Disha comes there and Sandhya looks at her. She thinks Disha here. Sooraj brings Birju and says hot oil fell on him, check him. The doctor asks them to leave. RK greets Sooraj. Sooraj is shocked seeing him.

Sooraj says lets go Disha. She asks why. He says as police work is going on here. Sandhya hides. Disha says treat Birju first, not waste time on RK. The doctor says fine. Disha looks at RK. RK thinks Maya has sent Disha, now 2310 will be hijacked. Disha drops the medicine. RK looks at her signing her to pick it. Disha nods yes and drops her mobile. Sandhya looks on hiding at the other side of the glass partition.

Disha sits to take the mobile. Sooraj says Disha ji, lets go. She does not pick the tablet and thinks Plan A failed. She leaves with Sooraj. She messages Maya to start Plan B. Sandhya brings RK out and thinks why did anyone not come till now. Maya thinks she has to carefully give RK the injection and leave fast. She walks towards RK with the medicine tray. She misses to inject him and her plan flops. Maya gets angry and fails to talk to Prema. She thinks to do something herself now. RK says even Maya’s try failed, the checkup is over. Sandhya thinks she won’t fail so soon. RK says Maya will won’t so soon, she will try again. Sandhya says she will be back and asks Lohya to be with RK. Lohya brings the tiffin.

Maya thinks she has to do the work over. Lohya serves food to RK, made by Bhabho. Lohya attends a call. RK eats the food. Maya looks on. Sandhya too is keeping an eye on him. RK feels unwell having the food. His hand falls and he starts sweating. RK gets up and faints. Sandhya and Maya are shocked. Maya thinks what happened to RK.

Sandhya asks how did this happen, my eye was on RK, how did he get ill. Lohya says I don’t know, he just had food. Sandhya says the food came from my house and thinks.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Show becoming very bad. By giving the importance to sandhya role thy r fooling ppl. And very slow. Pls stop tis show tats good for everyone .

  2. updater should explain the background of the scene, like, house ,station, hospital etc. Otherwise, the updates look jumbled.

  3. This used to be my most favorite, never missing an episode. Stopped watching after Suraj’s sweet role was over when Sandhya returned as cop. That was the story, accomplished, it should close – not stay on like our politicians.

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