Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yash coming to Singhania house. Rukmani calls Bhabhimaa and says Yash was troubling Yash so she has sent him there, as Mohit is not at home. She says she won’t come as she is angry on Akshara. Yash says its bad Diwali for me, as I m not with my parents. The women at Maheshwari house are glad even when the maid Chanda did not come. Dadi says she has right to take leave as she has a family too. The men say we will help you today. Chanda comes there and says her eye got fine. She says she came as its festival time. Jasmeet says good, you will get prize for this. Varsha says spoil her by giving prizes.

Naitik and Akshara are annoyed. She says he did not give any gift or card. She slips and he holds her. She leaves. Naitik looks for his gift and says its too much, she is angry, so what, won’t she give me gift. Jasmeet and Varsha ask Chanda to do their works. They start arguing saying their work is important. Varsha says fine, I will do my work myself. Chanda says I think Varsha is jealous that I m helping you, she does not do any work. Jasmeet says nothing like that, don’t say anything like this.

Naman tells Akshara that Karishma invited him home for Diwali puja at new home, what to do, if I don’t go, she will be annoyed, if I go, mum will be annoyed. She asks him to balance. He says he will go fast and come soon, please manage here. He leaves. Naksh and Yash have a talk. Yash says lets burn the firecrackers, it will be fun. They go out and burn the firecracker. Yash says I have an idea and says we will put it on pot. Naksh says yes. They ignite the cracker and keep it inside. They see its not burning, and think it did not catch fire. Yash says he will see and goes near it. The cracker blasts and Naksh shouts Yash.

Yash gets injured and everyone come out. Naksh gets tensed. Yash’s hand gets burnt and Naitik sees Naksh. Akshara says she will get medicine. Jasmeet and Varsha have a talk about sweets. Bhabhimaa says kids always do something or the other, its good that he is fine. Akshara asks about the cracker. Muskaan says Naitik got this. Akshara gets angry. Bau ji asks Naitik why did he get such crackers. Naitik tells the kids to be with him, and will burn crackers which he gives them. Devyaani says we should inform Nandini. Bhabhimaa says I m worried for Rukmani’s reaction.

Naksh apologizes to Yash and asks him to take rest. Rukmani comes to them and hears Muskaan saying its good that Rukmani does not know that Yash is hurt. She says great, first do mistaken then hide it. She says she will not leave Yash with them. She says she wants to see Yash, to see what stain they gave him, its good I came to give his school uniform. She asks Bhabhimaa is she not hurt by Yash’s wound. Bhabhimaa says yes, but its small wound. Rukmani argues. Devyaani clarifies. Rukmani says call him fast, I want to see him. Yash comes and Rukmani cares for him. She asks how did this happen and blames Naksh for all this. She says she will drop Yash with Rashmi, as she is alone and can’t take care of him.

Bhabhimaa says let him stay here. Naksh and Akshara requests too. Rukmani taunts Akshara. She says I will leave Yash here, but if he gets hurt again, I will not keep the relation with you all. She asks Yaash to take care and leaves. Muskaan says Rukmani got angry on past matters too. Yash says everyone’s mood got off. Naksh says I have an idea. Akshara is tensed as Naman did not come till now. She messages him to come soon. Naksh and Yash sing a song to make everyone happy. Muskaan asks Akshara did she kept fasts before marriage or being helpless after marriage. Akshara says no, I keep it by heart. Naitik hears her. He comes to her and they compliment each other. He gives her a flower and she thanks him. They ask each about gift and says first you say. They smile.

Dadi asks Varsha and Jasmeet to do the puja together. Jasmeet tells Anshu that I m new bahu and I should do this. Anshu says should we sideline Bhabhi, no, she always did the puja. Jasmeet and Varsha do the puja. Akshara does the puja at her home. Devyaani asks Naman is Karishma coming. Naman says no, she might be busy in puja, she has some guests at home, maybe she can’t come. Devyaani says Sethi will attend guests, ask her to come. Naitik reminds Naman his promise. Naman says yes, we are trying. Yash says lets burn firecrackers now. They all celebrate Diwali burning the crackers. Music plays…………..

Naksh asks Akshara can’t I go on trip, why. Akshara says you are going, I signed. He says no, Papa cancelled it, I don’t like Papa now. She looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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