Udaan 25th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 25th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kasturi and Imli having a talk about Diwali and lighting the diya. Chakor asks Abha to give a diya, as she and Imli used to light one diya every Diwali. Abha says fine, come. Lovely says sorry for coming late. Suraj asks her to eat less as she is getting fat. Bhaiya ji scolds him. Suraj argues and Bhaiya ji raises hand to slap him. Tejaswini asks him to stop, and just pray. She asks the kids to be quiet and do aarti. Bhaiya ji does the aarti. Har har mahadev…………….plays…………..

The puja and aarti is done in Ishwar’s home by Abha. Prabhakar thinks about Bhaiya ji’s words to bail out the goons and is tensed. Chakor rings. Prabhakar says stop it, the aarti is over. Chakor says she is ringing, as she wants Lord to answer her prayer. Abha asks what is she praying. Chakor says that my family comes here soon. Prabhakar asks where is Ishwar, he did not come in puja, does he not want Lord’s blessings. Ishwar comes and says nothing like that, if many people pray, someone has to go and seek blessings. Ishwar tells Chakor that Lord heard her ring and gives her money. He says its for you, as you helped govt getting the goons in jail, so govt gave you this bravery prize, now you can send this to your family so that they don’t have problem to come here.

Prabhakar is shocked. Aditya says Lord heard you. Chakor says see this, did you see this much money. Aditya says never. They smile. Chakor rings again and thanks the Lord. Ishwar and Abha smile. Prabhakar leaves. His wife goes after him. She says you should not leave puja. He says Bhaiya ji is threatening me, and Ishwar is giving money by lying, govt does not give cash reward, and its not govt stamped envelop. Abha touches Ishwar’s feet. He stops her and says what are you doing, Lord is there. Abha says by Ishwar is here, I did not think you will give Chakor money by not hurting her self esteem, I m proud of you. Prabhakar’s wife asks him to give any reason to Bhaiya ji. He says he is not a kid, he has to find some way that he thinks I m on his side, not Ishwar’s.

He says he got the solution. She asks what. He says he will call Bhaiya ji and inform him that Ishwar is calling Chakor’s family here. She says you can’t do this. He says it will be risk for us, sometimes we have to go against our family to save them. Abha and Ishwar smile seeing Chakor. Prabhakar calls Bhaiya ji, while he is busy ringing the temple bell. Lovely thinks to take the call. Suraj thinks to have fun. Bhiaya ji thinks it might be Prabhakar’s call to inform about goons. Suraj throws flower and makes Lovely fall. She pushes Suraj and he falls, making place burn. Bhaiya ji looks at him.

Prabhakar says Bhaiya ji is not taking call. His wife says maybe its sign from Devi Maa. Bhaiya ji scolds Suraj. Ragini says Suraj has…………. Suraj stops her. Bhaiya ji says I know he did this. Lovely says no, its not his mistake, I wanted to take call to give the address. He asks to whom. She says to buy treadmill, its Diwali sale. He gets angry on her. He leaves. Ishwar tells Abha to see Chakor’s prayers are not ending. He says kids are like can make Lord come on earth to help them. Abha says you helped her too. He smiles. Chakor says give me Prasad. Abha gives her.

Ishwar asks her about overtime puja. Chakor says I was telling to give you all happiness. Ishwar says we ask for our need. Chakor says fine. His mum comes and asks Abha did she get gifts for everyone for Diwali. Abha says yes, how is dad’s mood. She thinks what he told her. She says its festive time, don’t worry now, everything will be fine. Ishwar says yes, I also believe this. Chakor and Aditya have a talk about Diwali. She says whats more than lighting a diya. He says there are many things. She tells about her and Imli lighting diya. The FB shows Kasturi lighting diya with the oil.

Kasturi prayed for their happiness. Abha asks what is she thinking. Chakor says what will I see here for first time, many new things. Abha says there will be many things, firecrackers, sweets and much more. Aditya says she will burn the firecrackers. Chakor says she will get her frock from terrace. Abha says no, not that one. Chakor asks then what. Abha gives her a new dress. Chakor smiles seeing it. Ishwar and everyone smile.

Abha asks Chakor did she not like the dress. Chakor says I m thinking of my village people, they can’t dream of this. Ishwar says they will see this, you will give this to them. She asks how. He says they have Chakor and what does Chakor have. She thinks.

Update Credit to: Amena

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