Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 10th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 10th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, ramesh goes to dadaji and says plz but dadaji doesn’t reply so ramesh turns,dadaji calls him and throws color on him,all shout with joy and happiness, ramesh sits near dadaji and says babuji I have troubled u a lot,dadaji says I think I forced u a lot , u made mistakes and became strict and over strict, but never gave u a chance to speak,ramesh says no its not ur fault, dadaji says no its my fault, ramesh says ok its ur fault and both start laughing,dadaji says I couldn’t understand u,ramesh says no one can understand people like u do,virendra and mohan join them,virendra says babuji im ur good boy,mohan says no u aren’t babuji virendra bhaiya had broken ur fav watch, virendra says no it was the cat faults, ramesh says and also bhaiya u had made a fake marksheet when u failed,vurendra says ma see them they are teasing me, dadi saya u to go ahead, virendra says u two aren’t some good boys remember once ramesh was following laxmi and her uncle had caught him I saved u,ramesh says but my bum was hurt,dadaji says I knew all this, ur dadi had already told me all this and starts laughing,vimla says so u shd be careful.
Ramesh looking at dadaji smiling says I have to tell u something plz forgive nisha if she has hurted u plz forgive her,punish me,dadaji says listen ramesh if she is ur daughter she is my grand daughter and I see my reflection in her and so I do this to mould her rightly,ramesh says ok plz forgive me, dadaji says ok and all three hug dadaji and says forgive us,dadaji says yes I did.
Suku says we had a lot fun, nisha dashes a guy mistake while running to nisha, kabir dashes kaira, kabir says im sorry mam, kaira says no u do it purposely,gayatri says yes kaira is right u did it on purose after all ur nishas friend,kabir says excuse me,viraj says enough I had warned u before but now,kabir says see relax It was by mistake, viraj says u shd learn to respect women and u shd know ur limits,kabir says show ur richness and limits to ur parents, viraj says I will but my blood doesn’t allow me god knows whose blood is in ur body may be u don’t know it and hits kabir, kabir hits back viraj, nisha asks kabir to stop it and yells at him, and says to viraj what do u think of urself, mr rathode u cant do whatever u wish to,viraj says sorry I forgot I again spoke to people who aren’t worth it,kabir gets angry,nisha says no kabir,viraj says god knows what people are associated with u,nisha says don’t make me open my mouth and for u kabir didn’t do it on purpose, viraj says may be but I don’t trust anymore, nisha says sure but think once again may be u have broke someones trust, viraj says u telling me, nisha says yes I am, u have fun with ur trusted family and leave me with my won, viraj says see what u have made me, nisha says yes I have but I guess it will be very easy for u to forget all the past right, viraj says thanks for telling all this.
Gayatri asks kaira to talk,viraj leaves,kaira says to nisha see so ur happy right it is all that u wanted u insulted viraj and the reason is not me or ur friend but u just u,bcoz of u he behaved very contra dory to his rolyalness nad leaves.nisha kabir and cousins leave as well. Nisha is in tears and thinking what all viraj said. At gangwal house everybody is fresh and ready and ask ramesh to sing a song,ramesh starts singing a song and through his song says im hungry, mohan and virendra and mohan join him,soon laxmi joins them and then vimla joins all sing and start enjoying,dadi asks where are kids,laxmi says they are on their way,rukhma gives dadaji the magazine which has nisha and kabirs come, dolly asks how was it and tells nisha wjat all happened, aman says we missed u guys a lot,dolly realizes nisha is upset and asks why are u upset, kabir says her face its always the same,dolly asks how did kabir had a injury,kabir says nothing,suku says don’t lie tell na u and viraj, but laxmi and vimla come so suku stops.
Ramesh tease vimla and dadi says ramesh stop teasing him, virendra gets a call and he says yes I will deliver parcel by morning, virendra says ramesh go to agarwals n give their parcel,ramesh says yes I will tell suku,virendra says why suku, ramesh says sorry but from today I wont be coming to shop.

PRECAP:nisha tells cousins I have nothing to do with viraj or kabir but now no more discussions, rukhma comes and calls everyone downstairs and says theres something wrong come fast.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. I ws a grt NIRAJ fan but nw after cng Viraj bhvr i hate him.just c ur bua nd so cald frnd kaira 1st.

    1. yeah, Viraj is a cheap, egoistic guy. He doesn’t deserve Nisha

    2. Kabir and nisha are a better couple than virat and nisha

  2. come on Nisha! Kabir is your Husband !! give him some Respect

  3. Guys!! I don’t know how many of you are watching this serial still bit believe me it has become absolute trash. I mean how were the characters etched from the beginning and drastically there’s is a change…. I don’t get it. Viraj was a man who was like an ideal personality and the kind of bitterness he is showing as if he is an immatured spoilt brat… offences but this is my personal opinion….. They have changed the whole story line…
    What I loved abt this show is now making me hate this show….Ok a Lil bit patience is remaining after seeing spoilers…. Hope for the best

  4. Guies were is Saurav. At least he can bring up the truth to Viraj s face, how can viraj forget the things what Nisha has done to him , and if they continue the serial like this it’s TRP Will fall like anything

    1. N thn the rumour will become true n it will end in april
      human behaviour n habit is very difficult to change n writers u have spoiled such a wonderful character of viraj one one hand during competition he was not even talking to buaji n after winning he truat her even for press conference n forth n she is back in academy n nisha who has do e so much for academy only after knowing she is arti n mails got leaked his trust got broken n he is not even willing to find out who was behind it
      a bag containg virajs mothers report n belonging is in laksh academy’s store n viraj is unaware dude don’t u get ur store cleaned or is it necessary that every evidence is to get to evils hand first
      writers enough of this bullshit

  5. Seriously all d tym evidnc vl b vd evils only…..plz throw out gayatri n kaira such a big useless people

  6. please dnt close this serial

  7. Hey guys I agree that we are fighting for nibir or niraj couple to come but they r air off this serial we must not allow it.. V must join together and ask them or give them two choices change the Timings or st

  8. Start a new season.. No it interesting story it can’t end

  9. It so nice …. Kabir & nisha is look so cute

  10. Kabir and Nishsa

  11. jab kisi ko love hota hai aur fir baad mai dard mile to vo badal jaata hai aur kai serials mai to shaitaan tak bana dete hain aur yeh koi nai baat nahi hai jaise ki isme virraj. yeh serial spoil nahi ho raha balki TRP badne lagi hai only bcoz of nibir. isliye mai NAUC ko lambi age ke liye ashirvaad deti hoon air duaa bhi karti hoon.

  12. Now dadaji will see a the marriage pic of Nisha n kabir in magazine n asks them to get married n live like a husband n wife officially…. Yeahhhhhh…

  13. I’m happy that viraj again insulted Nisha bcoz now Nisha and also kabir can understand that how cheap viraj is.

  14. imagine the situation

    VIRAJ : Mere paas ghar hai bangla hai bank balance hai tumhare paas kya hai?
    KABIR: Mere paas maa hai

  15. imagine the situation

    kabir : ien kutton (viraj) ke shamne maat nachana basanti (nisha)

  16. Viraj is not cheap,I don’t understanding why writer making him change pls writer/director not only India people is watching this show we are watching it from other country too,the only things we want viraj and nisha pls is request viraj is already done a lot for her before and then if this story go like kabir wed nisha people we say writer/director don’t know what they do,how a person love two brothers and what do u think people we say about her pls make nisha and viraj together pls

  17. We want niraj pls make kabir and kirti together

    1. i agree

  18. Viraj and nisha we want

  19. guys viraj’s character is so…………………boring and make nisha realize that kabir is perfect for her

  20. please make nisha and kabir together bcoz only he can make nisha always happy and she can enjoy her marrying viraj her life willl bcome so dull.

  21. I want gayatri to be successful in her plan ::–
    viraj aur nisha ka bichhadna and kiara ko kabir ki bhabhi banana.

  22. where is saurav? the story is becomi.g very boring. it was about nisha and her cousins. now it is nisha and her boyfriends!!

    1. i alsoo want to see saurav 🙁

  23. I love the line”miss nisha apne hume kya se kya bana diya. This is called true love.:-):-)

  24. I agree with you priya plz writer’s iss show Mai kuch acha dikhwoa nisha &viraj or nisha & kabir ka reunion kara aisa lagta hai k nisha aik bridge k beech Mai hai aur viraj n kabir uss kai do kinaray beechari nisha jaayai b too kahan

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