Code Red 10th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Trust is the backbone of friendship. Today’s story is about 3 friends, out of whom one turned out to be a traitor. Doubts became the Chakravyuh of questions. Who was the friend and who was the foe? Who was playing what game with whom?

Theme – Cheating

A girl picks up a photo frame. I am very nervous as I am going to Mumbai. A new city, a new job! Thank God I have my best friend Kajal. Kajal remarks that everything except loneliness has a cure in Mumbai. I knew no one when I came here for the first time. I am really happy that I am here for Monica. She serves dinner to her boyfriend Ajay. Monica is coming tomorrow at 11 am and you are going to pick her up. He agrees. He promises to be her jinn from tomorrow.

On their way home, Ajay tells Monica to call Kajal and inform her that the train was late and not him. you don’t know how protective she is about you. Kajal knows it as it is the same with her. Monica calls Kajal. They both are really happy to be in the same place from now onwards. Kajal is in office so they will be meeting in the evening. Ajay tells Monica that Kajal has talked to him about her every single day. You both have been together since school time, right? Kajal agrees, maybe from the last birth only! We both tell everything to each other. Ajay too wants to know something about Kajal that he doesn’t know. Kajal replies that best friends are bound by secrecy. Ajay is impressed.

Ajay gives Monica a pair of keys of the house that Kajal has got especially for her. he goes out to bring food for them. Monica looks around the house. Kajal moved to Mumbai first. She is working with a software consultancy firm. She has done M.Sc. in Computer science.

Monica moves in with Kajal after finding a job for herself in a BPO in Mumbai. I work in night shift while Kajal works in day time. We both are like sun and moon. One comes and the other goes out. Sunday is the only day when we both are together. There is a star named Ajay with us too. Kajal and I share an unsaid understanding where I don’t come between her and Ajay. I sleep in the hall when he is here.

Monica looks at her watch. Sun is out and it is time for me to sleep. This day has changed our life completely. It is 11 am. Monica wakes up with a start and finds Ajay standing behind her. He has brought coffee with her. She goes to brush her teeth and recalls something. I think he has touched me while I was asleep. A girl might be unconscious in her sleep but she can understand that touch. Ajay is shown caressing Kajal but withdraws as soon as she opens her eyes.

Ajay stands really close to Monica while she cooks. He tries to touch her or be close to her while she is alert. They sit down for breakfast. He moves a little closer to her. I was thinking about how much your boyfriend will be missing you. Monica says I don’t have any boyfriend. Ajay cannot believe that such an extra hot girl doesn’t have any boyfriend. Monica cannot understand why he is flirting with her. He is Kajal’s boyfriend. He has come here in Kajal’s absence but why! I cannot even ask him directly. How to tell him to stay away from me without offending him? I don’t need his attention.

Ajay wakes up Monica next morning too. She gets up but is sure he has touched her today too. I can still feel it. its been 3 months since I have come to Mumbai and this house but since last 3 days I am feeling suffocated here. How to stop him? Ajay even comes inside the bathroom after taking her permission though and tells her to hurry up as the coffee is getting cold.

Monica and Kajal are talking about Ajay. He deals in stocks and shares. He belongs to Kolkata. His parents stay there and he lives here in a sea facing flat. Kajal has never stayed at his place overnight. Kajal is really happy with him. She has met him 6 months ago only in some disco. Don’t you think it is fast? Kajal says life is an ad film (as per Ajay). Monica knows it already but she doesn’t know how to explain it to Kajal that he is using the same line with her. Is he serious about you? Kajal answers maturely. Kajal asks Monica about her boyfriend. Monica denies having any boyfriend till date. Kajal insists. There are some things which you feel hesitant in sharing with anyone. is it so? Monica is all quiet.

Sakshi (host) says Monica was not able to tell Kajal that her boyfriend was hitting upon her best friend. One day things aggravated but Kajal couldn’t take it.

Ajay caresses Monica again. She wakes up and moves away from him. he speaks cheesy lines and tries to get close her but she tells him that she is not interested. You are my best friend’s boyfriend. All his attempts to get close her fail. He warns her that it will cost her dearly before he leaves.

Monica took off that day as she wanted to talk to Kajal. I had to tell her everything. Kajal returns home. Kajal says it all even before Monica says anything. So your story is ready! Monica had no idea how to tell it all to her. you are my best friend and he is your boyfriend. Kajal says I would have found another guy for myself if I was in your place. I wouldn’t have been so desperate like you. Monica is shocked. You really think I will do this with you? we are closer than real sisters. Kajal is not ready to believe her. Ajay too comes there. I am sure you would have made me a villain by now. You would have blamed me for all your false and wrong fantasies. Monica moves forward to slap him but Kajal intervenes. Your drama wont affect me. Monica tries to make her understand that she knows Ajay since 6 months only while they have grown up together. Kajal says I made all this from the scratch when I came to Mumbai. I welcomed you open heartedly. But now just pack your bags and get out!

Monica walks out of Kajal’s house with all her luggage. She sits on a bench as she cries.

Kajal too is sad to have lost her best friend. Ajay talks about change that is constant in life. You have your whole life in front of you to make best friends. We can be best friends too.

A week later:
Monica is sad that her childhood best friend went against her just because her 6 months old boy friend had instigated her. that guy was wrong for Kajal. In fact, he is wrong for everyone. I started living my life with the hope that Kajal will realise her mistake one day. I have finally found a house on rent (which is mine atleast). I have a good job too yet there is something missing.

Monica calls Kajal one day. Kajal picks up the phone irritated. Let it be, we both are living our lives. Just move on! Monica tells her that she has moved on. That Ajay is playing a very big game with you. I am sad that you do not believe me but what is disturbing me is how can you trust Ajay so much? Kajal bluntly tells her to find a man to end her frustration. Stop interfering in my life. She ends the call. Monica recalls a hindi proverb that they have learnt in the school – you cannot wake the person who is pretending to sleep! Kajal is living that proverb only. I too have decided not to try to wake her up. Let things happen their way now!

Sakshi (host) says 2 best friends had become strangers. Monica was not able to digest this fact as to how can Ajay approach her so shamelessly. Plus how can Kajal trust him so easily? This was disturbing Monica a lot. What should have Monica done in that case? Should she have let it go or should she have taken it up as some mission?

Monica thinks about the time lapse that has passed since she has come here and since Ajay has met Kajal. Did Ajay really want to sleep with me or was it his game plan to separate me from Kajal? What will happen by my thinking? Ajay wont change. Plus the fact is, Kajal has chosen Ajay over me.

Monica is in a restaurant with a friend one day when she notices Ajay coming there with another girl. She leaves from there with her friend when she is done. She gets a call from Ajay. He speaks cheesy lines again. he tries to tell her that she too likes him. her stupid loyalty is coming in her way. She denies. you came in between mine and Kajal’s loyalty. But you will pay for it one day. He offers her a chance to spend the night with him again but she tells him point blank that she is not interested. Like some last nights, I will pray that your life and sleep goes for a toss. She ends the call while he laughs at it.

Monica returns home. Ajay is becoming so arrogant as he is taking Kajal’s trust in the wrong way. How dare he talk to me like that? Kajal is an idiot that she has no idea about how cheap he is. I will have to tell her for old times’ sake. She decides to call Kajal but then disconnects it. Kajal wont understand. She will yet again blame me only. That Ajay has cast such a spell on her! But what does he think, is he the only one who can do magic? I will break his arrogance. I will end that cheap smile from his face. I will weave my magic now.

Ajay receives Monica’s call. She tells him to note her address. He replies that he is noting everything. You will call me to your place, seduce me, get intimate with me and record it on a cam. You will show it to Kajal, saying that see this is the guy you ditched me for! Monica is impressed. Ajay gives her an offer that he will choose the place. She tells him that she will think and then inform him.

After thinking a lot, Monica calls Ajay. Kajal is getting ready when she hears the bell. She tells him about the call. Ajay takes the phone in the washroom and switches on the tap so he can talk to Monica. They agree to meet at a hotel which is just 5 minutes away from her office at 11:30 am. Monica is not sure whether she is doing the right thing or not. I sometimes feel that I will cross a line this way but then I feel that it has already happened. what should I do? Should I prove something to Kajal or leave it to her fate?

Sakshi says Monica had no idea about the destination, speed limit or traffic rules or anything about the path that she had chosen. She had still decided to go ahead. What did she really want? Revenge? Friendship? Or something else?

Monica reaches the hotel room where Ajay is already waiting for her. He asks her what did Kajal say when you told her that I have called you here? Monica is sure he would have already proven her wrong by now. You would have told her that it was all my plan. I booked this hotel and how I want to seduce you here. He is happy. She tries to make her understand that Kajal is really serious about him. why are you playing with her? He reminds her for what she has come here for. She tells her to think about Kajal once and how hurt she will be after knowing all this. Ajay says your childhood friend and my Kajal are different. Tell me what will hurt her most – you want to sleep with me or I want to sleep with you? Monica tells him not to cheat her friend like this. that the what I had come here to tell you. She picks up her bag to go but Ajay pulls her closer. He leaves her as he doesn’t like forcing anyone. I don’t like women who cry, especially not in my bed. She turns to go but he tells her that he actually likes her a lot. Look at yourself from a distance, you will realise that you have been hurt. Kajal is enjoying life. She has not spoken about you even once since you have left the house. You are still stuck there. You want to prove Kajal wrong and call yourself a saint, which you are not! separate yourself and then look at the bigger picture. Monica walks out from the hotel room.

Ajay’s words haunt Monica as she returns to her house. She calls Kajal but there is no response. She gets Ajay’s call. He asks her to agree that she too is attracted with him. You talk about cutting the phone but you don’t actually do it. it is the same like what happened one day in Kajal’s bedroom when I had touched you. Monica is confused. He tells her how she had enjoyed his touching her one day. Flashback of the same is shown. Monica was smiling while Ajay was touching her. Ajay says you were shocked when you woke up but it wasn’t because I had touched you but because of the fact that you had liked it. Monica denies but Ajay insists. I actually like you and it just grows after our every single meeting. She tells him that he is cheating Kajal. He adds that Kajal feels she is cheating her. has it happened for real? The truth is not what we think is right but it is what we feel, just like you had felt it in the bedroom. The truth is not limited to fact that my touch had shocked you. it is also that you had enjoyed my touch. You don’t want to face the truth but till when? Monica ends the call worried. Kajal calls her but Monica doesn’t pick up.

Monica returns to the hotel room. She is still tensed though. They discuss about s*x, love, lust. She knows that he only wants to prove it to himself that he has won her. it is not for any kind of physical satisfaction. The real fun is of that victory only. He asks her if she came to enjoy her defeat then. do you still want to prove Kajal wrong? Monica has no answer. Maybe you are right. I enjoy your touch. He moves closer when she adds that maybe she likes him too.

Kajal comes home all tired and sad. Monica is happy with things now. Kajal comes to meet her. She feels bad that she threw Monica out of the house. Monica asks her if she realised the truth finally. Kajal tells her the only truth that she knows right now, that Ajay and I have broken up. We are not together anymore.

Ajay comes to Kajal’s house but she tells him to go. I don’t want this relationship. He asks for the reason. You remember the day when you had called me to tell me about Monica? That day of fight has been shown. Ajay had played the cards in his favour that day so he is proved innocent. Kajal asks him why he used to go there when she was not at home. He replies that he has been working from her house since last 6 months. This drama has started from last few days. Kajal cannot believe it so Ajay leaves it on her to decide who to trust. Kajal knows that it doesn’t really matter to him or her if she stays with him or not. I like you a lot, maybe have loved you too but I am as serious about you are you are about me. I can agree that Monica tried to seduce you but I am sure it would have been a solid boost for your male ego instead. After all she is beautiful and hot. I had a doubt on you for the first time that day when you specially called me to complain about Monica that something is fishy. I was a little insecure whenever I used to leave you and Monica alone. I was very possessive about you. I took it out on Monica first for this reason only maybe. Why dint she tell me if you were actually misbehaving with her? Anyways, its a closed chapter now. Ajay suggests her to start a new chapter but she wants it to be her new chapter now, without jealously. I cannot stay with a man who gives me pain; neither the fear / insecurity about who could he be with and when. There are ample tensions in life anyways. I want the keys of my house back. I will have the only set of keys of my house with me for forever. Ajay returns it to her before he leaves.

Present: Kajal tells Monica that she couldn’t understand it back then as to who was lying. I am really sorry. I shouldn’t have behaved like that with you. you were right from the beginning and I mistook it for a lie. Monica says I was trying to prove only one thing to you every single day that I was right and he was wrong; he is cheating you. But it is too late now. I told you the truth back then that Ajay was trying on me. There was another truth behind it which was scared about coming out in the open. Kajal is confused.

Monica says Ajay had touched me in my sleep but I dint feel bad about it. I had actually felt good about it. Kajal is shocked. Monica can understand her reaction. But this is the truth. Monica thinks one truth is what comes out in the open without thinking while one truth is such that stops you from bringing it out in the open as it feels like deceiving someone. But you are cheating yourself by keeping it in your heart only! It is true, right! Kajal has understood that Monica has slept with Ajay. Monica wonders why she trusted her now. You dint trust me when I had not slept with him. You broke our friendship just like that. Kajal calls it a very cheap way of seeking revenge. Monica had wanted to expose Ajay. I wanted to prove you wrong. Kajal points out that she exposed herself in the process. Monica asks her if she is the only one who has been exposed here. Are you and Ajay spotlessly clean? Monica is in thoughts. Do you love him? Monica has no answer. I might not have even looked at him if all this wouldn’t have happened. But two girls and one guy in the same house is not a good situation.

Door bell rings. Ajay comes there and greets Monica but his smile disappears as he notices Kajal. Kajal tells them that she doesn’t blame either of them. maybe the fault was with me. you guys have fun. She turns to go but Monica stops her. I know you had come here to take me back with you. I will join you in 10 minutes. she tells Ajay to go out of her life and this house for forever. she has learnt a lesson from him. there is nothing stronger in life than trust, especially between two friends. People like you can come and go. Kajal nods at her.

Sakshi asks if it is unnatural to trust someone. At one hand, we say that there is no limit to friendship and trust while on the other hand, we divide our heart, mind and ourselves in different parts. Is this not some kind of Chakravyuh where we always fall? We think about who cheated whom. Is this not some Chakravyuh that we have created on our own and have entangled ourselves?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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