Maharana Pratap 10th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 10th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratap tells Ajabde that they are going to Kashi to meet the great poet Tulsidas ji. I got a chance to hear about Shri Goswami Tulsidas. This cannot be just a coincidence. God surely wants us to meet for some reason. I don’t why but I have a feeling that a new chapter of history is associated with our meeting.

Akbar is getting ready when the soldier comes to inform him that invitations have been sent to all the Rajput kings. All the preps have been made for you in Ajmer palace. It will take 3 days to reach Ajmer. We will be staying at Bayana, Chapsu and another state for all the 3 days respectively. He asks daasi if Salima is ready. She nods.

Pratap thanks Chakrapani and Saubhagyawati for taking care of them and for their love and respect. Chakrapani says whatever we have is given by you only. We have offered you what you only have given us so there is no need to thank us. We are lucky that you chose our house to stay with us. You have made this house sacred. It was as if Ekling ji and Parvati Ma lived here with us. Saubhagyawati and Ajabde go outside. Chakrapani asks Pratap about his strategy now. where will you stay? If you and Chetak have decided then you will reach Kashi in 3 days but Ajabde will take some time. Pratap has thought out everything. I will stay in Bayana on the first day, then Prayag and then Kashi.

Akbar announces that he will be staying in Bayana tonight. Bairam Khan is still not happy with his plan (finds something wrong) and tries to change Akbar’s mind but in vain. You are not the only one who gives me suggestions. These days there are many people who do so. It is up to me to decide who to listen to. Akbar mounts his horse but Salima is still not here. Akbar decides to wait for her. Mahamanga scolds Salima to hurry up as Akbar is ready to leave. Salima smiles. Let him wait a little more or how would I understand what he thinks about me. there is some problem in this dress. Mahamanga looks at her in disbelief as Salima finally decides to change her dress.

Bairam Khan is thinking now. Did I hear Salima’s name? Are you waiting for someone Shehanshah? Akbar declines. he thinks of sending Bairam Khan very far from here once he is back. I will send him to Afghanistan. Mahamanga advises Salima not to make Shehanshah wait too much as it can go against her. if he gets angry once then no one can control him. Salima smiles. Trust me Badi Ammi Shehanshah wont be able to get upset with me at all. I know how to handle his every mood. Leave him on me. She finally goes out. Bairam Khan is smitten by Salima’s beauty. He tries to ask her something but she walks past him. she has eyes only for Akbar. She walks near him and greets him. Next she takes her seat in her palanquin. Mahamanga is happy seeing Bairam Khan irked / hurt. She recalls his past insult to her. this is just the beginning. Wait and watch. My revenge won’t be complete till you are here!

Pratap knows that Chakrapani wants to come with him but Pratap tells him to spend some time with his family too. Saubhagyawati brings gifts (dhoti for Pratap and saree for Ajabde) for them. Pratap says you reminded me of my mother. A gift is not valued by its price but by the feelings behind it. Your simple gift is invaluable to us in that sense. I will remember it for life, thank you. Chakrapani is touched. Saubhagyawati gives new bangles to Ajabde. Keep them safely this time. Ajabde and Pratap smile a shy smile. They leave finally.

DB is all lost in her room and sad. A daasi comes there to inform her about Jagmal. I am coming from his shed. He is in a very bad state. Security guards were not allowing me to go closer to him so I only saw him from a distance. DB wants to know everything that she saw or heard. Daasi says Jagmal is in a really bad state. Hope no one is meted with the same fate ever. The one who has never done anything in his life is cooking food for himself today. DB is in tears.

Jagmal is irked that he is unable to make a chapatti on his own. My mother is at fault. She never taught me anything. She is good for nothing. In fact, no one is good for anything. I will show them who I am! His chapatti gets burnt again. he burns his last set of clothes in the process. He is angry at his state. I am in hell here while I am sure my Rani Ma would be throwing tantrums in the palace.

Maan comes to DB’s room so the daasi leaves. Maan asks her Rani Ma why she is crying. You are not at fault. You must be holding Dada bhai Pratap for Dada bhai Jagmal’s condition. You should curse him then so that you are at peace. If Dada bhai Pratap isn’t responsible then I am sure father is. You can curse him for punishing your innocent and good son Jagmal. Don’t cry, go out and fight with him. Bring Jagmal back. How will you curse him when you know that you are responsible for Jagmal’s state! You have pushed him on the wrong path. I used to tell you so stop Jagmal but you never heard me. But it is too late now! You are responsible for Dada bhai Pratap going away from this palace too. he has not left it on his will but you have thrown him out. Not just Dada bhai Pratap has left from here but this palace’s future, peace and goodwill has gone with him too. I only pray that he and bhabhi are happy wherever they are.

Both Pratap and Akbar reach Bayana. They both decide to stay at the opposite side of the same river. It is time for their evening prayers so they tell the soldiers to set their camp. Akbar offers namaz while Pratap also offers his prayers. They both finish their prayers and notice one another on the opposite sides of the river. Epi ends on Pratap’s face.

Precap: Akbar and Pratap come face to face at night. Akbar is about to fall as he stumbles upon a rock but Pratap holds him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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