It was never the end…OS by Anonymousaa (Part-1)

Hello everyone.This is Anonymousaa back with part 2 of my OS.

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So lets get started…

It wasn’t easy for me.I was left all alone in this world.First of all my character was laid hands upon.Secondly my husband was not with me for support.My mother had done suicide as I married her enemy’s son without consent.I had nowhere to go…

I was walking on the road emotionless, indifferent to what world says.I still remember the flash of headlight of the truck.Haha should I care?I didn’t.But a hand pulled me.A strong rigid hand.The man seemed to have got furious,he scolded me.I didn’t care.Still I don’t remember what he was saying to me.I just kept looking at him stone emotioned..he paused and glanced at me.I started losing my senses.

When I opened my eyes,I was on bed covered under duvet.The man was by my side soaking cotton bandages to put over my forhead.

Man: Good are you feeling now?Any better?

Me – I feel good.Yet my head aches.I shall be fine soon.Well I am Sanchi Malhotra? sorry I mean Sanchi Mishra.

Man – I am Kabir..Dr.Kabir Kapoor.You seem to have been badly injured.Sorry to say but I doubt something else too.Where is your husband?

Unknowingly I had started crying.As the tears dropped down my cheeks I didn’t find them trickling down my face.A pair of hands were stopping the flow.I looked at his face.

Kabir:Don’t cry.May he rest in peace.Wherever he is he will want you happy.He will feel happy if you smil….

Me:Shut up!

He stopped and seemed hurt.I realized what I had done.I apologized.

Me – I am sorry.I didn’t mean to…but he isn’t dead.Yeah but dead for me.He abandoned me.

Kabir – May I ask why?

I related everything about Veer’s betrayal.

Kabir: What?How can someone become so selfish? You weren’t at fault.You had to bear due to his fault and wrongdoings,but why this unjustness to you? He ought to be punished in such a way that he is full of remorse.

I said that wasn’t necessary as importance is got not asked. Rights are earned not snatched.I should be glad that he himself left me as I could not live longer with the man who destroyed other’s life.

Kabir – You are correct.He should realize that how good a gem he lost..Well what about the rap…

Kabir’s mother Kusum entered.

Kusum – Beta tum uth gayi? Kabir isse bhi breakfast ke liye neeche le aaja…

She went.I looked at Kabir.He caressed my hair and said that I shouldn’t panic now as he was with me.I don’t know why but I felt relieved.He held my hand and supporting me took me downstairs.He told me that if not Veer,the rapist will surely be punished.He even mentioned that his small brother was too betrayed so he could understand.

We reached downstairs.I glanced at the hall and the building.It was a real mansion.It reminded me of Malhotra mansion..chiii

Kabir:Maa.. hasn’t Akki come yet?

Kusum – He may be coming.He had gone jogging na.

I asked who Akki was.He said that Akki was his younger brother.

A voice- Maa..bhai mein aagya.

I looked at the man.He froze.I too froze.My blood started boliling.I felt like the flames of anger would come blazing out of my eyes at any moment.I could see waterfall of perspiration drenching his face.

I shouted at top of my voice: AKHILESH !!

Kabir and Kusum aunty looked at me shocked.Akhilesh walked towards me

Akhilesh – Woh bhabhi jee..darasal..actually..

Whaam..a slap came across his face.I looked at my hand floating on air.I had slapped him out of anger.

Kabir – Sanchi ye kya hai?

I said – This is the same man…the man that spilled the permanent marker ink over the clean sheets of my character.

Kabir – Kyaaa…Akki bol kya ye sach hai?

Akhilesh – Nhi bhaiya..she is lying.This girl used to have extramarital relationship with other man so her husband left her.Her husband was my friend so I know.This girl is charac…….

Bhwaaaaam..another slap came a ross his face.I looked up to again see a hand floating on air but that was not mine.I looked at my side to see Kabir burning with anger.

Kabir – Tu hota kon hai iski character decide karne wala? Swear on me and say you aren’t her gunehgaar.

Akhilesh  was just about put his hand over Kabir’s head and swear when Kabir stopped him..

Kabir – I had forgotten that you don’t care about us at all..what is there in the oath? You know what this girl may be pregnant.I am going to get her medical checkups done then DNA test.

Akhilesh – Haha bhaiya tab toh mere saath saath aapka DNA bhi match hoga.I will put entire blame on you.

A voice from door – You cannot.

All of them looked at door to see police.

Kusum – Aap sahi waqt pe pahuch gaye.After all Indian police is not that bad.

Inspector – Actually we were passing across this area.Thanks a lot Kusum jee for informing us about this crime.

Kusum(teary eyed) – A criminal is criminal before being a son or a brother.Plz arrest him immediately.

Kabir – You know where you missed,the moment the thought of revenge came upon you.Your 5 yrs were lost but entire life was left.You could have proved to the world that you were innocent but you chose the path of crime instead.Remember, a mistake can never correct another mistake. You couldn’t understand this ever and now it is too late(sighs)…

Akhilesh was arrested and was sentenced life imprisonment this time as though false the earlier molestation case was pending upon him.

Fb ends.

(Veer had gone running to stop me and know about what I went through and he wanted me back into his life?? so I had just been narrating.)

Veer – Then what about Adu?

Kabir – I will tell.A month later we discovered that Sanchi was pregnant with Akhilesh’s baby.I decided to give that child my name to compensate for what my brother had done.We always remained updated about what Adu was doing.We visited his montessory school as we had got to know that you were remarrying and you  no longer had time for Adu. So we reached Montessory showed birth certificate of Adu( credit goes to vital registration process) then got permission to bring Adu with us.After that we left the city and came here. A son was born to Sanchi.She decided to name him Akhilesh to remind her of the difficulty she faced in life.We thought though my brother Akhilesh had been a criminal,we would make our Akhilesh a good man.So you see we succeeded.

Kabir continued – But you know Veer you couldn’t remain happy in your life.I know you regret having married Ria as you have been a mere puppet in her hands,your property is gone to her.You are no more than a servant at your own house.You lost a gem.I am happy coz I got the gem.

Veer was motionless.He stood mute while Sanchi went with Kabir,her soulmate holding hands in hands.

The time had passed.There was no alternative to regret.


So how is it friends? I got to know that my story seemed incomplete so I gave it a continuation.Plz drop like/dislike and your reviews.

Bye bye.Take care love uh all.



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