It was never the end…OS by Anonymousaa

Hello everyone.This is Anonymousaa back with an OS.

Disclaimer:This OS is neither Sanveer nor Kanchi.So I recommend reading this without any feeling of partiality.

The plot starts after the Sanveer marriage.It has been 3 years of their marriage and now they have a son named Adesh.Now lets move to the plot…

Sanchi:You know Veer..Adi must be crying.Look we left him at home with Maa but you know him..he is soo addicted to you that even I count as Nix Naught Nothing in front of you.Lets go fast.

Veer:Come on Sanchi.Maa is there to handle Adu we can’t doubt on her care.

Sanchi:Uff Veer I am not doubting.Ek maa hoon isiliye fikar hoti hai.You wont understand a mom’s heart.

Veer:Ohk meri maa..ab toh car tak aagaye.Ab chalne ki izazat chahta hoon?..


They sat on car when..

Sanchi: (sniff..sniff)Did you again spray the petrol perfume? its fogg..I know you don’t like the petrol one so..

Sanchi:Ohkay..then what might be the smell of?Khair chalo ab….

Well,Sanveer were returning from a party at Singhania’s.What would anyway Adesh do in the party so he hadn’t been brought but look the parents had already begun missing their baby.

The car halted with a jolt.

Sanchi:What happened Veer?

Veer:Fuel??I had filled the tank when I was just leaving house.Don’t know what the issue is.Let me check.

Veer checked it to only find that he was right.The car had indeed run out of fuel.He could see few drops of petrol dripping down and colourful blended patterns of fuel on road.

Veer:Sanchi..we are on jungle area now..neither we are going to be helped nor be lifted.We have no alternative to walk all way to house.

Sanchi got down with an obvious disappointment on her face.

Sanchi:Uff ab mera kya hoga?

A voice:Mein bataoon kya?

Sanveer both together looked at the direction.A man came with his chamchas behind him….


Akhilesh:Kyu chauk gaye?

Veer:Why are you here?What do you want?

Akhilesh:Badla..a cold blooded revenge.

Sanchi:Badla?For what?Veer tell me.

Veer:No Sanchi..its just a small matter.

Sanchi:Veer,swear upon me…

Veer:……(A look of indifference was there)

Akhilesh(laughs)..:kyu Veere tu ne bataya nhi abhi tak?..Mein batata hoon..

Fb shows Veer and Akhilesh studying in same college.

Akhilesh:Shruti..I love you.I can’t live without you.

Shruti: Akhil I  need time.

Other side,Veer:Mein tumhe pasand karta hoon.Shaadi karlo mujhse tumhe rani bana ke rakhlunga.


After 2 days Shruti confronted Akhilesh and Veer.

Shruti:I thought and thought and came to the conclusion that Akhilesh is perfect for me.Sorry Veer you are handsome but I can’t  marry an insecure person like you.I know I should not have between rude but truth is bitter.You have always between a flirt.So I chose Akhilesh becoz Akhilesh is someone I can rely upon.I am sure Akhilesh is perfect for me.Then Shruti hugged Akhilesh.While no fire brigade was called though Veer was burning..

After few days Shruti received few photos that proved Akhilesh’s infidelity towards her.Shruti was disheartened and angry.When she reached clz to confront Akhil she found Akhil in handcuffs.She got to know that Akhil had been arrested in molestation case.She went and slapped him angrily.Akhilesh was taken away.While he looked back,he noticed Veer’s smirk.Fb ends.

Akhilesh:Tu ne mujhe jhutha molestation case mein fasakar ander karwaya tha na.I had to stay in jail for 5 yrs.What did you get from this?Shruti??? na Shruti died in a car accident.I can not forgive you for this.

Veer:Let bygones be bygones.I have moved on in life.You also start your life afresh.

Akhilesh:Haha Veer you think I will let you go so easily?Not at all.Tu ne mujhe molestation mein ander karwaya tha na ab mein beqsoor tha toh punishment ke saath nainsaafi hui.Now the punishment will get justice.

Sanchi who was mute till now spoke up.

Sanchi:What do you mean?

Akhilesh:Boys beat him black and blue.

Veer:NOooooo …

Akhilesh:Now My turn.He advanced towards Sanchi.Sanchi stepped back.He moved forward.Sanchi stepped back till she tripped and fell down.Akhilesh laughed and knelt below and tore her blouse.He untied her Sari’s pallu despite Sanchi’s futile efforts.While Veer lay motionless,Sanchi was gang raped by Akhilesh and his men right in front of Veer.After their job was done,they got up and walked away.Sanchi crying managed her Sari and rushed Veer to hospital.

After a week stay in hospital,

Sanchi was getting fine.Her discharge papers were ready.She waited for Veer to turn up but he didn’t come.Instead she received a letter from Veer:

Dear Sanchi,

Hope you have recovered by now.Well I will directly come to point.After I saw you being raped by someone else.I can never accept you.Even Lord Ram didn’t accept Sita.Why should I accept you?I am done with you.We are parting ways.

Your Veer

Sanchi was dumbstruck.She stayed motionless.

A leap of 20 yrs,In IIT

Announcer:I thereby want to call upon Adesh the gem of our college who has topped entire India with 9.98 grades.I would like to call upon his parents with him.

Veer stood up to find someone else too going towards stage with Sanchi.He felt humiliated.

Veer:Nhi nhi mujhe actually washroom jaana tha.I will go after this.

He looked on.

Announcer:So here we have Mr. Kabir Kapoor and Mrs.Sanchi Kabir Kapoor and there is a champ.Oh this is the best footballer in India,Akhilesh.

Veer remembered how Akhilesh was always best at football.He looked at the boy to find him resembling Akhilesh.He waited for convocation to be over.When Sanchi came down the stage…

Veer:Sanchi Adesh humara beta aur Akhilesh tumhara beta hai na.

Sanchi:Ab bhi tum ‘tumhara beta’ bolrhe ho.You should grow up now.

Kabir(From distance):Sanchi is everything fine?

Sanchi:Yeah Kabir,this BHAISAHAB wanted to know the way to washroom.I am coming.

Sanchi went to Kabir without even glancing back once at Veer.

Veer fell on his knees deeply shattered.


Finally done….Ohk friends No Sanveer no Kanchi.Look at this from a human point of view.So,an analysis:Here Sanchi got Kabir but that aunty didn’t.You may think where did this aunty thing come out of the blue.Well this isn’t completely a work of fiction.This is based upon real story.Well the aunty’s children are all grown up and they live with her.While uncle still doesn’t live with them but sends money regularly.My mom asked aunty why does she yet take money from him?Why not break ties?She said she isn’t gonna spare him so easily.

So this is it.If you like this OS press the ? button if not press? button but I expect you will be commenting the reason here.So this much for today.I expect some opinion about this issue here in the comment box too.

Bye take care.Love you all.





  1. AAYU

    It was good dear
    The concept was quiet well put up
    Please keep writing more articles like this
    Love you
    Take care

    1. Anonymousaa

      Thank uh so much Aayu!!
      And ah…my mafia devil?……

  2. I really don’t know what to say but title itself said a lot.
    You know what you are but you do not know what you may be nd there is no end, so life is good or bad depends on our thoughts
    Everybody pay for their deed either good or bad. Keep writing. Take care.

    1. Anonymousaa

      Yes goes on,you never know what tomorrow awaits..maybe the loss today indicates the possiblity of some greater achievement.So just the thing is you should not give up ever.
      Thanks for commenting your views.

  3. bibuuuu tjhe pata hai jb maine dkha ki tune os likha hai mjhe laga ki phr se ribir pe hoga bht gussa aya bt jb isse pdha to rona aagaya..mjhe nai pata ki mai kya kahu..kch kehne k layak hi nai rkha tune…dil jeet liya tune yaara…adesh sanveer ka beta…kch samaj aaya…hahaha…lv uh loads bibu

    1. Anonymousaa

      Achcha bachchu toh thik hai ek treat meri taraf se ek #Ribir OS.I shall be dedicating to you.???
      Haha..I am glad you caught the irony??.Love uh dher saaara??

  4. Something new n nice

    1. Anonymousaa

      Thanks Risu….

  5. Khamoshi

    Bibu it was a perfect OS on humanitarian base.. it was a perfect way to show how a woman suffer after such bad thibgs happens to her..when no1 is there to support her and stand by her side..that tym only woman can help herself.. strong OS

    1. Anonymousaa

      haan galti kare aadmi,bhugte aurat…molest kare aadmi phir bhugte aurat…you know what sometimes I feel nature was biased..You know the stereotypes,I just hate them….??
      Thanks mitu for the comment…❤❤❤

  6. Indeed it was a good messag… And u conveyed it beautifully

    1. Anonymousaa

      Thanks Amnaa for the appreciation.

  7. RuCh23

    You presented this amazingly dear. This so how cruel the world is. If something happen to a girl or a woman, people tend to look away. There are some who would tend to help her but mostly all try to taunt her and blame her. At times like that, they lose courage and that will cost their lives. It’s necessary to be strong and face the world for a girl, no matter what come. Loved today’s os ???

    1. Anonymousaa

      Loved each words of your comment❤❤❤..thanks Ru..

  8. Aafiya

    Superb os..

    1. Anonymousaa

      Thank uh Aafiya❤❤

  9. Anee

    Hey bibu so this was your OS that about you were told me…Bibu it was amazing dear your massage is really meaningful….you conveyed it very beautifully….Good job dear…come soon with like this meaningful OS…bye luv you tc.

    1. Anonymousaa

      Yes dear..Thanks Anee.I am glad you liked this??

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