Love makes a change CHAPTER 34


Swara disconnected the call and thought more about her plan and left.
That night:
Swara came in and called suju.
SWA: Hello mom
Ram: do I sound like ur mom?
SWA: No dad I thought it’s mom.
Ram: Ur mom is sleeping but don’t worry she told me the plan. Now where r u beta?
SWA: Woh dad I’m here only u come to the kitchen window then I’ll come in..
Ram: Ah beta coming.
Soon ram came and saw swara standing.
Ram lend his hand for her help.
Ram: Swara slowly yet carefully.
Swara jumped inside.
SWA: Uff….come dad let’s go.
Ram: Come beta.
Both carefully was sneeking outside but suddenly someone entered in. Seeing the shadow swara and ram hid behind the kitchen cabinets. The lights were on. It was sanskar. He opened the fridge. Swara and ram slowly peeped out and saw it was sanskar. Both looked at each other. Sanskar took the water bottle and drank some water, then he kept and closed the fridge and went. Here swara and ram signed out in relief. Both got up and went to Ram’s room and closed the door.
SWA: Uff (swara sat on the couch)
Ram: finally we came.
Suju: What happened? Y both r sweating badly?
Ram: All because of yr sweet son.
SWA: k mom and dad let’s go to the next step of our plan.
Suju: K swara we’ll set everything down here u go.
Ram: All the best.
SWA: Thanks dad (hugs him)
Suju: Then for me? (Swara hugged suju)
Swara slowly came out and she walked slowly towards his room. While going laksh saw only the shadow of someone and was about to shout but swara closed his mouth and took him aside.
Lak: Swara?
SWA: U idiot stupid donkey duffer can’t u see a person and shout.
Lak: Sorry now what r u doing here?
SWA: U will get to know very soon now go to yr room.
Lak: but…
SWA: go
Lak: k k I’m going.
Laksh went.
Swara went towards his room and saw the door which was already open and looked at sanskar who was looking down at the hall. She was wearing a blanket till now but now she removed it and went inside the room. Sanskar came inside his room. Swara slowly went behind sanskar and closed his eyes.
SAN: Hey who’s dis? ( He touched her hands feeling it was hers) Swara?
SWA: Yes yr swara only.
Swara opened his eyes and sanskar turned and was shocked to see her attire.
Swara was wearing a green and yellow saree. She left her hairs free and was wearing the locket which he presented. Her hands was filled with yellow green bangles it also had his gifted bangle on the middle. She looked so beautiful, hot and more words can be said but none can find a correct word for her beauty…… He was totally shocked because he has never seen swara in such an attire and once sanskar wanted her to wear this type saree but she refused. Swara saw sanskar who was lost in her so she waved her hands infront of him which made him come to sense.
SWA: What?
SAN: Swara is this u?
Swara lifted one of her eyebrow and encircled her hands around his neck.
Sanskar was shocked seeing her bold avatar. She never fails to suprise him in each day. She came closer to him and he was moving back. Soon he reached the wall.
SWA: Now where will u escape?
SAN: Is u or me? (He smirked and pulled her more closer to him).
Both shared a lovely eyelock.
She looked at the clock which striked 12 excatly.
SWA: Happy bday my love.
Sanskar now only realized y swara was her and this attire.
SAN: So my jaan was here to say this.
SWA: yes.
His hands went inside her saree from back which made her to close her eyes due to his touch and intensive gaze. Taking this as advantage sanskar gave wet kisses on her neck. Swara then only realized something that mom and dad will be waiting. She immediately pushed him through his chest.
SAN: What happened?
Swara closed his eyes through blind fold.
SAN: Swara what r u doing?
SWA: Do what I say.
Saying this she went to his cupboard and kept a suit for him to wear it in morning.
SWA: Sanskar hold me I will guide u.
SAN: k my princess.
Swara took sanskar and now both were in the hall. Swara opened his eyes and he opened and correctly lights came on.
Sanskar was extremely happy. Soon they made him to cut the cake and he fed everyone.
Rag: Swara what is this I have never seen in such an attire. All for him na? (teasingly).
SWA: Ragini I can do anything for him. He is my life, my only love.
Rag: I knew u can do anything.
Hugs her. All this was heard by sanskar he felt extremely happy.
Soon all went to their rooms and swara bidded bye and left even though all insisted her not go now.
Sanskar came thought
SAN: Which dress shall I wear? Hmmm
He took a formal shirt with pant and blazzer and went to freshup. After fresh up
Sanskar came down and took blessings. Soon all went to have breakfast outside and the day went all good.
Maheshwaris arranged a party. Sanskar went to his cupboard to take a suit and was surprised to see a new suit inside, he took it out and a small piece of paper was there written WEAR THIS AND COME A SMALL GIFT FROM MY SIDE. Seeing this sanskar wore it. It was a black suit the black silken border in the blazzer. He came and all his friends, office staffs, clients and everyone came to wish him. Then he cuts the cake.
After all this he was speaking with his friends but his eyes was searching for his swara as after cake cutting he didn’t see her. Soon his friends left. Sanskar got a message from swara. So he opened it.
Come to xyz place.
Reading this sanskar was confused as y she is calling him there. Yet he went.
Here reached and went inside the gate. He stopped the car as he was stunned to see this. There was a house in the middle of tulip flower gardern. There were many colors like pink, red, yellow, white etc…. There were post lamps in the middle to give light and there was a walk way in between the garden to reach the house. He walked through the garden and reached the house and he opened the door. When he opened dim lights immediately got on and flower petals showered on him which made smile. He saw a balloon which had written something and took it and read.
Come towards the upstairs
Yours Swara………
Sanskar smiled and he climbed up, while coming he saw many photo frames which hanged on the wall with their memories.
She was making him suprised for each and every thing. He looked at a the greeting card which was writing in front READ ME.
She opened the card which was writing
U made my life wonderful, more colorful yet beautiful. U stood by my side everytime when I need. U took care of me like glass which needs atmost care. U made me smile when ever I cried. U r my best friend forever, my love, my soulmate, my only life and without u this swara is not complete…
Once again happy birthday my love.
Keep climbing the stairs.
Reading this sanskar felt more special. This is the best bday celebration he ever had till date. Her words made him smile.
Yes it’s was true swara is not complete without him and he was not complete without her. He once again started to climb. The stairs had red carpet with rose petals spread over it. He reached the terrace.
He was totally shocked now as he saw his image made out of candles. Swara slowly took baby steps and closed his eyes. His lips curved into a smile as he knew it was her. Sanskar took of her hands and turned to see her and was mesmerized.
Swara was wearing a red translucent saree with open hairs. She had his gifted locket which adored her neck and matching red bangels with long sparking droplet earing and as make up she wore kajal which made her eyes more beautiful and pink lip gloss added her pink soft lips more attractive.
Seeing sanskar lost in her she waved her hands in front of him which made him come to sense.
The terrace had only scented candle lights and no other light. It was also decorated with flowers. Sanskar hugged her.
SWA: How was it?
SAN: Just beautiful but not more than u (swara blushed).
SAN: When did u to this? U we’re all the time with me only na?
SWA: I made it somehow. Thought to make give u a small suprise.
SAN: Is this small ah? From the garden till this lamps all were awesome. Don’t u say it’s small.
SWA: k my prince will give me the honor of walking with u in the garden?
SAN: Of course princess but I thought to do something else.
SWA: What?
Sanskar took her in his arms and started walking outside the house. Both had a beautiful time with each other…………
Days passed by soon their marriage date was nearing. Both family were enjoying each and every thing in which they were doing. Soon the day arrived which they all waited for all these days. THE MARRIAGE DAY


PRECAP: Swasan’s marriage

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