Swasan : Naughty Pair Part 18

Now swasan journey started It was already evening walking for some more time they heard someones footsteps sound they got alert and hides behind the bushes swara told that they are the one who kidnapped her swasan played hide and seek game with goons and it went on for a while at 6:00pm it got dark so they decided to search the way from morning and rests there only
Swara : sanskar I’m hungry
Sanskar : me too wait here only I will just go and see if I can get any fruits or eatables
Swara : I’ll also come sanskar I’m scared to be alone
Swasan went for searching while going sanskar got hit on his leg they taught some wood but it revealed to be an old jeep
Swara : jeep here how it can be
Sanskar climbed the jeep he shows an old skeleton to swara
Sanskar : swara see your relative say hii to him
Swara : shut up sanskar its too scary let’s go from here
Sanskar : wait let me search who knows if we get something useful he found a liquor bottle he became happy kissing the bottle it jumps down
Sanskar : ohh..thankgod I found something its been long I have drunk it took a sip of it ohh…heaven
Swara : what’s that sanskar
Sanskar : ummah..its an apple juice
Swara : I’m so thrusty let me drink it
Sanskar : no you should not
Swara : why I will drink that’s it
Saying it she snatched the drink from his hand and ran away
Sanskar : ohh…god not again swara ruk its not an apple juice he also runs behind her
Suddenly he trips seeing that he was shocked its was an empty bottle he stands but swara came and starts to round him

Zara Sa Jhoom Loon Main
Arre Na Re Na Re Na
Zara Sa Ghoom Loon Main
Arre Na Re Na Re Na
Aa Tujhe Choom Loon Main
Arre Na Re Na Baba Na
Main Chali
Banke Hawa
Rabba Mere
Mainu Bacha


Sanskar was highly irritated seeing swara sleeping on the ground he signs and sleeps

Swara got up with high headache
Swara : ahh…
She tries to move her hand but can’t she opens her eyes fully and saw they both were tied to the pillar
She nudges sanskar
Swara : sanskar get up
Sanskar gets up and see them tied
Sanskar : who the hell tied us here
Swara : ahh..sanskar my head is paining
Sanskar : who told u to drink full bottle
Swara : before drinking only u should have said na its liquor
Sanskar : before telling only u ran away
Goons were seeing there tom and jerry fight they were highly pissed off
Goon : chup ek dum chup
You both take her and go I’ll come after informing to boss
Other two goons took swara with them leaving sanskar
Swara : no please don’t sanskar please save me please sanskar…
Sanskar : you bastards leave her
They took her out and tied her to the tree after cutting the call he came
Goon : take her pictures correctly selling her we will get more money wait a minute
Swara was trying to get free goon came and tired her dress on her waist and should
Goon : now take
They were about to click but sanskar came and kicked to one who was taking photo
He started to fight with them and released swara she hugged him tightly crying badly
Sanskar : shush.. Swara nothing has happened calm down
Swara : sanskar they try to some more goons came there swasan started to run from there they were running fast but blocked by the river the goons were coming closer
Swara : sanskar what to do now
He went and bought the hollow stem
Sanskar : ahh..karo
Both inserts in her mouth and jumps in the river goons came there and started to find near bushes swasan were in the water breathing through the stem suddenly swara stem miss balences and she starts to drown sanskar saw her and holds her hand bring close he kissed her to breath they were kissing under the water goons searched but didn’t find anyone and went from there after sometime they came out they were feeling akward swara sat on the rock blushing but sanskar was roaming here and there
Swara : hmm..what happened sanskar why are u behaving like this
Sanskar : what what happened u know I lost my so precious thing of my life I just lost my first kiss kitna sapna sajaya tha I always wanted my first kiss to be special one but how u will know you are from states for u its all common but not for me
Swara : till now I have never kissed anyone you are the one who steeled my first kiss
Sanskar : (murmers) and I’m glad I am the one who stole your first kiss and this was also special I had my first kiss under the water sounds romantic
Swara : did u say something
Sanskar : nothing first let’s go from here
They started to move after covering some distance sanskar found some old man he rushed to him
Old man : who are you what u guts are doing here
Sanskar : namaste dadaji we just lost here can u please tell us the way to go out
Old man : I will surely say but u guys can’t go now as only one bus will passes from here and it just left now u should wait for next morning only till then u both can stay with Us
They went with oldy there was hardly five to ten house in the middle of the forest dadaji said everyone about them
Dadaji : gopal and suma u guys take them with you and give clothes and food beta aaj raath yaha hamara kuldev ka pooja hein aap bhi hamare saath pooja kareye matharani aap kho khush rakenge
Swasan : jii thankyou
Suma to swara : aap mere saath aayiye
Swasan were going with them but dadaji stopped them
Dadaji : ek minute aap dono kha shadhi ho gayi hey na app dono pati patni hey na
Sanskar sensing his tone
Sanskar : jii hamara shadi kha teen mahiney hogayi hey
Swara was shocked sanskar squeeze her hand
Dadaji : tho teek hein aap log jaheye
Swara : why u said we are married
Sanskar : while asking did you sense his tone if I said we are strangers na he would have send us out so I said
Swara taught for a while and nods
After getting ready sanskar was waring dothi and loose t shirt he was playing kabbadi with the small children he saw someone standing and got mesmerized to see swara waring saree little below her knees without blouse a typical tribal people dress she was sliding her saree up as her back was fully exposed she was getting uncomfortable sanskar sensing her uncomfortable to distract her he singled a little girl
Girl : didi come na play with us na that mottu teasing me as our team is loosing as sanskar bhaiya is playing with there team u play with us na please
Sanskar : who ever comes but we will only win what say mottu
Mottu : yes bhaiya
Swara : let’s see who wins
They started to play the game initially all the little boys got out only sanskar along with one boy was left in swara team swara and another girl was left he came to attack and outs that girl also next swara comes to sanskar
Swara : kabbadi kabbadi kabbadi
He outs that poor boy she comes to sanskar and touches him but sanskar got hold of her she was struggling to touch the line they both fell down but still swara was struggling sanskar holds her both the hand suddenly swara kisses his cheek sanskar became numb taking as an opportunity swara runs back to her court everyone laughs at them girls hooted for there win
Mottu : kya bhaiya ek puppy se tum numb hogayi hum hargayi
Sanskar : when sweety gives puppy to you even u will be like that only na
Mottu blushingly nods
Sanskar sees swara who was laughing with her team
Sanskar : hmmm finally I fell in love now I should plan to get her my cute swara ummahh…..

To be continued

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