My World Is In Your Love – Chapter 43


My world is in your love Chapter- 43

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Vansh entered the VR mansion at 12:30 A.M. Everyone in the family was sitting in the living area with a sad face. Vansh understood that everyone was waiting for him. Dadi and Sia gave a glaring look towards Vansh. Vansh started his conversation.

Vansh: Sorry Dadi, I was a little busy with my work. So I couldn’t attend the party. Did everyone have your dinner?

Dadi (growling at Vansh): Enough of your fake concern Vansh. The birthday party was for you but you didn’t attend the party in the VR mansion. Riddhima had invited you for a dinner party but you didn’t care about Riddhima also. Then where did you go?

Sia: Dadi, he must have gone to meet Nisha, the daughter of the Tagore family. Why are you wasting your energy on a person who doesn’t respect the love of his wife?

Vansh: What? I can’t understand.

Dadi was sobbing. Sia slowly got up from the wheelchair, came near Dadi, and wiped her tears. Everyone in the mansion was astonished by looking at Sia’s leg.

Vansh was so happy to see his sister in this state. Finally, she is walking on her leg without a wheelchair. Vansh came near Sia to hug her but Sia stopped him.

Vansh: Why didn’t you tell me that you have started to walk in your legs?

Sia was silent for the first time when his brother was questioning him. Rohan placed his hands on her shoulders. Sia looked at Rohan and started to narrate the incident.

Sia: I have started to walk before 15 days itself. Riddhima Bhabhi told me to surprise you on your birthday. We had lots of plans for your birthday but you spoiled it. Because of Riddhima bhabhi’s treatment and motivation, I am standing on my leg without any support. Riddhima Bhabhi is an angel in my life. Dadi, let’s go to your room. You are looking so pale.

But Dadi was not ready to go to her room.

Dadi: Vansh, why did you betray Riddhima?

Vansh: What? Why am I going to betray Riddhima?

Sia clapped her hands in front of Vansh’s face. Rohan tried his best to control Sia’s anger. Kabir and Ahana entered the mansion.

Ahana: Why did you do this to my sister, Vansh?

Vansh: Ahana, why are you all questing me as if I have committed the crime.

Ahana: Vansh, according to us you have committed the crime. Aryan, switch on the TV. Let Vansh see the latest and breaking news about Raisinghania.

Aryan turned on the TV. Vansh looked at the news and could not believe his own eyes.



Vansh: This is fake news!

Vansh turned his face from the TV and looked at his family, well everyone gave him a disgusting look.

Vansh: I have not even met Nisha. Why am I going to marry her? Why I am going to make a deal with the Tagore family?

A voice said,” The marriage and business deal was not done by Vansh. It was done by me on behalf of Vansh.”

Everyone turned in the direction of the voice. It was Uma who was standing in the staircase with pride on her face. Chanchal was standing near her with a smirk on her face.

Vansh understood now that the biggest confusion in the mansion is created by Chanchal. Uma came towards Vansh and said before everyone that the decision was taken by her. Vansh could not control his anger anymore.

Vansh(growling): I don’t want anyone to interfere in my personal life and professional life.

Vansh was in extreme anger. He destroyed the entire decoration on the way to his room. He had an indignant expression on his face. He closed the door with force. In these many years, none have seen this much anger and hatred feeling in Vansh’s face in their life. Everyone went to the room with a sad face. Angre and Rohan followed Vansh to his room.

Vansh was breaking everything in his room. The piece of glass from the photo frame had torn his hand already. Blood was oozing from his hand. He was about to push the table but suddenly he noticed the Bappa statue which was placed by Riddhima.

He remembered the moment, Riddhima dumping the laddu on his mouth when there argued for placing the Ganapathi Bappa statue in his room. Suddenly, Vansh started to laugh remembering the moment. He looked at the small idol.

Vansh: Ganapathi Bappa, will Riddhima misunderstand me? Will she hate me? I think this was the reason Riddhima was crying in front of the hotel by seeing the fake news on the phone.

Rohan got the spare key and opened the door. After opening the door, there were upset to see Vansh sitting on the floor with a guilt feeling. Angre brought the first aid kit.

Rohan:  Vansh, I can see the pain in your eyes. Tell me the truth, do you love Riddhima?

Vansh: Yes, I do…

Vansh was about to explain his feeling but Rohan within a second hugged him tightly.

Rohan: Where did you go in this evening? Why didn’t you attend your birthday party?

Vansh: Leave that… Is Riddhima still angry at me?

Rohan (nodded his head): Riddhima is ready to give divorce to you.

Vansh: What?

Rohan: Ahana and Kabir told me that Riddhima will divorce you soon. But Vansh, we will stop that together.

Vansh nodded his head and looked at Angre.

Vansh: Angre, tell the media that I am not going to marry Nisha. Rohan, I am going to an important meeting in Dubai tomorrow. I believe you. Take care of my wife. I will come to India next week only. Please support her.

Rohan: As per your order my friend.

Rohan went to Rajeev’s house in the early morning. He looked at Riddhima. He was astonished by her behavior. Riddhima was sitting calmly and having her breakfast. When Riddhima noticed Rohan, she gave a smirk look towards him. After finishing breakfast, she immediately took the adventure travel backpack on her shoulders. She got the blessing from Rajeev and was about to leave but Rohan stopped her.

Rohan: Where are you going with this heavy bag?

Riddhima: I am going trekking in Peb’s trial with Karthik, Arjun, and Anu.

Rohan: It is not safe for you. I am not going to allow you.

Riddhima:  I didn’t ask your permission. I am just informing you about my journey.

Rohan: Then, fine. I am also coming with you.

Riddhima said yes.

After one week, Vansh came to the VR mansion after the journey. Uma was sitting on the sofa. Uma wanted to interact with Vansh. She called his name. Vansh just turned his head to see his mother.

Uma: Vansh, are you angry with me?

Vansh: Mom, definitely not. I was not angry with you but I was sad about your decision. You decided without asking me. That’s it.

Uma: Ok, I am going to the temple this evening, you will accompany me. We will talk more.

Vansh nodded his head. Uma went inside the kitchen. Rohan came to the VR mansion with a torn dress. Rohan’s face was completely changed. Vansh was astounded by seeing the condition of Rohan.

Rohan: Anybody please give me some sweet. My mouth is burning because of the spice sensation.

Sia gave some sweets to Rohan.

Vansh: What happened to you? Why are you looking so disturbed?

Rohan (fake tears): Vansh, please save me from Riddhima. I am not going to Rajeev uncle’s house anymore.

Vansh: First have some water and then tell me what happened?

Rohan: For the past one week Riddhima is torturing me. I had accompanied Riddhima on the adventure trip for two days. Riddhima tried to punish me for your behavior towards her. I was carrying everyone’s bag on that trip. On this trip, I was made as a servant to cook food for all the people. Not alone this, every morning she used to wake me up at 4 A.M by pouring a glass of cold water on my face. I was appointed to do all the household chores in Rajeev’s house. Look at my dress, this shirt was ironed by Riddhima. Riddhima has burnt many of my shirts using the iron box. Finally, today morning, I was about to brush my teeth with toothpaste…

Vansh(chuckling): My sweetheart would have mixed the chill flakes in your toothpaste, am I right or am I right?

Rohan: How did you know it?

Vansh: Experience! Riddhima had tried this trick with me already. But I was aware of her plan. I didn’t fall into the trap. Sorry for you.

Sia: You could have drink water or eaten sweet in Rajeev uncle’s house itself, right?

Rohan: Riddhima is very clever like me. She had locked the kitchen. So I can’t access any item.

Vansh: Then, what happened to your beard and mustache? Why is it missing?

Rohan (fake tears): Your dear wife shaved my beard and mustache while I am sleeping. I will never go to Rajeev’s house anymore. I will stay in the VR mansion forever. Riddhima’s attitude is completely changed.

Vansh: Interesting! Very very Interesting! Rohan, Riddhima is so cute, isn’t it?

Rohan: CUTE! Not at all!

Sia: Rohan, stop crying like a child. Vansh Bhai, I forgot to tell you. That today you need to go to court for divorcing Riddhima. Riddhima told me just to remember you.

Riddhima was sitting near the lawyer inside the court. Vansh was entering the court with a pride attitude. Riddhima didn’t look at Vansh. She tried to ignore him the most. The judge arrived and there was a heated argument going on between the two lawyers. But Vansh was admiring Riddhima. Judge asked the opinion of the couples.

Riddhima: Honorable Judge, I want a divorce from this stone-hearted man.

Vansh: Pardon me, Judge. I am not ready to break our relationship.

Riddhima gave a glaring look towards Vansh.

Riddhima (in mind): Vansh, I can’t understand your emotion or feeling towards me. You were the one eager to give me the divorce before a week. Now, again you started your new drama.

The judge made a statement that both will be husband and wife for the next six months. After six months, if both are not willing to continue their marriage life. They can break their relationship.

Riddhima was scolding her lawyer. Vansh came and held her hands. Riddhima jerked herself from his hold.

Riddhima: I am not coming to VR mansion.

Vansh: As per your wish, Mrs. Riddhima Vansh Raisinghania.

Riddhima: Don’t you dare call me like that. I am Riddhima. I am happy with that identity.

Riddhima left the place in anger but Vansh was happy that his sweetheart will be his forever. Everyone in the VR mansion came to know about it. Uma and Chanchal were sad by the court’s decision.

After a few hours, Vansh and Uma went to the temple. Vansh didn’t enter the temple. He gave fake excuses to his mom.

Uma was walking with a loss of hope. She didn’t notice the oil on the floor which made her slip. Quickly a tiny and soft hand-held her hands. Uma noticed the girl’s face who was holding Uma’s hand securely. It was familiar to her. Suddenly the bell sound in the temple was heard. Uma came back to her normal position and thanked her. The girl just gave a smile and left the place. Uma rushed outside the temple and pulled Vansh inside the temple.

Uma: Vansh, I have seen a girl now in this temple. She will be the perfect woman for you. My inner thoughts are telling me this girl is made for you.

Vansh: Mom, what is this? Do you know her name?

Uma: Vansh, No, I don’t know her name but believe me. The temple bell sound was heard by me. When she looked at me (searching for that girl). She was wearing an orange color dupatta. Look at that girl, she is playing with the kids.

Vansh looked in the direction of his mother pointing the index finger towards the girl. It was Riddhima.

Vansh: Mom, really you don’t know who is it?

Uma: Do you know that girl before?

Vansh: Yes, mom. She is the girl that you thought was the gold digger of my life. She is Riddhima. The girl whom I got married to 2 months.

Uma was astounded to know the fact. Uma’s happy face was turned into a sad one.

Uma: Did she know me?

Vansh: Yes, Mom.

Uma: But why didn’t she interact with me?

Vansh: Mom, she is angry at me. So she is not talking with any person who belongs to the VR mansion. She is in contact with Sia alone. Because Sia is her patient.

Uma left the place with a pang of guilt on her face. Vansh called Angre. Uma left the place with Angre. Vansh went toward the direction of Riddhima. Within two seconds, his face was turning red by seeing Karthik, Arjun, and Anu with Riddhima. He heard Karthik calling her dumpling. He wanted to badly break the head of Karthik. But he tried his best to control his anger in front of Riddhima.

Riddhima was giving sweets to the kids. But she didn’t know the reason why her heart was beating so fast. She quickly noticed a shadow behind her. She turned her face to look who it was. Vansh was standing near her by adoring her activities.

Vansh: Any help Mrs. Riddhima Vansh Raisinghania?

Looking at the couples, Karthik, Arjun, and Anu were about to leave the place.

Riddhima: Why are you guys leaving the place without me? Wait, I will also come with you. I don’t want to talk to any strangers.

Vansh held Riddhima’s wrist tightly. Riddhima didn’t shout in pain. She also held Vansh’s wrist tightly with the other hand. She gave a glaring look towards Vansh. For the first time, Vansh could see the stubbornness of Riddhima.

Arjun: That day itself, I told you Riddhima that Vansh is looking like an arrogant person. Look at this man’s attitude.

Anu: Arjun, will you shut your mouth. Vansh sir, please leave Riddhima’s hand. It is a public place. Don’t create any scene.

Vansh looked at Riddhima’s eyes intensely with love. But Riddhima refused to look at him. Vansh left her hands and went outside of the temple in anger.

Ishani had arranged a party in a famous five-star hotel for Sia’s recovery. Sia invited Riddhima too. First, Riddhima refused but looking at Sia’s sad face finally she accepted to come.

It was exactly 10’00 clock at night. Two people who were enemies of Riddhima and Vansh are taking with each other.

Person1: At tomorrow’s party, our motivation is to kill that Riddhima. Will it work?

Person2: Do as I told. Riddhima hates Vansh. So it is better to kill Riddhima and put the blame on Vansh.

At the party, as usual, Kabir and Ahana were having banter with each other. Everyone was looking happy except Vansh who was waiting for his sweetheart. Looking at him, Rohan teased him and told him that Riddhima will come.

Riddhima came inside wearing a black color net gown. Vansh stared at her. She was breathtaking. But suddenly Vansh was frowning to look Arjun beside her. Riddhima ignored Vansh and went in the opposite direction of Vansh.

The party began with Ishani’s speech. Sia continued the party with her speech in a motivational way and thanked Riddhima for supporting her in her difficult times. Suddenly there was a huge blasting sound with black color smoke was filled all over the room. Everyone tried to escape through the door. Everyone was standing in the lobby. Rohan and Ahana were coughing due to the smoke reaction. Rohan told that usually, our family members used to have this problem because the smoke is an allergy to them. Vansh noticed Riddhima and Arjun were missing. He immediately went inside the party room again. Kabir and Aryan screamed Vansh’s name but he did respond to anyone.

Riddhima was coughing due to the smoke. She realized someone was pulling her into the corner of the party room. The person whispered in Riddhima’s ear. That he is Mohit Sharma’s son. The person slowly removed his mask. Riddhima was startled by seeing that man’s face. He was Akash, Ishani’s friend. She rubbed her eyes to look at him.

Akash: Your husband killed my dad. Your husband punished my sister by putting her in jail. I had an idea of becoming Ishani’s husband. But you and Angre spoiled my idea on that day. You have given me a lot of pain but now it is my time to pay back to you and Vansh. I will give you and your husband the same pain with 100% interest.

Riddhima’s eyes were turning red. Vansh was screaming Riddhima’s name in the room. Akash covered his face with the mask and left by closing the door. Riddhima could hear only Vansh’s voice. She pushed the flower vase near by her. Vansh rushed towards the direction of the broken flower vase. Vansh was shouting at Riddhima’s name. Riddhima raised her hand till her both shoulders. Riddhima lost her sense and fell on the Vansh’s arm. Vansh lifted her up and patted her cheeks but Riddhima didn’t give a response. Vansh lifted Riddhima in his arms. But he was startled to see the door was closed. Not only door but window was also closed.

Vansh placed Riddhima in a chair and took the gun from his pocket and shoot in the door’s lock set. The door look set was broken. He immediately brought Riddhima outside and patted her cheeks.

Riddhima could breathe now. Unknowingly Riddhima hugged Vansh due to the fear. Riddhima’s eyes were still closed. Vansh hugged her back to give confidence to her. Arjun came rushed to look at Riddhima.

Angre brought some water. Vansh splashed water on Riddhima’s face. Riddhima slowly opened her eyes. Vansh gave her some water to drink. Kabir was taking care of Ahana. Rohan looked at Karthik and Anu coming through the hotel lobby happily looking at the each other. Karthik and Anu were wearing party wear dress. It seems that there were also attending the party. Rohan questioned Sia and Ishani, did they invite Karthik and Anu to the party. Both said no. Karthik and Anu were puzzled looking at everyone. Rohan whispered in Vansh’s ear about the duo.

Vansh: Karthik and Anu, what are you both doing here? We didn’t invite you for the party.

Karthik and Anu didn’t know what to answer. There were looking at each other.

Karthik: We came here to have dinner. Anu: We were getting breeze in the hotel’s garden area.

Karthik and Anu answered in unison. Vansh realized the answers of both of them was not true. Riddhima jerked herself from the Vansh’s hold and left the place in anger with Karthik, Anu and Arjun. Vansh signalled Rohan to follow Riddhima through his eyes.

Vansh: Ahana, is this smoke allergy known by every family member of Riddhima especially Karthik?

Ahana: Yes, Vansh.

Vansh: My guess is correct! Karthik is trying to kill Riddhima.

Is really Karthik the person who is working with Akash Sharma to kill Riddhima and Vansh?

What was Karthik and Anu doing in the hotel?

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