Imlie 26th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Imlie Finds Shelter In The Office


Imlie 26th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Imlie returns to hostel. Warden insults her saying she doesn’t have money to even buy samosa, forget paying hostel fees, but was roaming whole day with a rich man grabbing money from him. Imlie asks her not to start as she is tired. Warden checks Imlie’s bag alleging her of hiding money, but doesn’t find any. Imlie confronts her that a woman is woman’s enemy, being herself a working woman, she is character assassinating a woman, etc. Warden warns her to get out of hostel and goes to throw her bag out.

At T house, Rupali sees Adi working on his laptop and tells Nishant that they should take Adi to Imlie’s party and shouldn’t Malini interfere between Adi and Imlie. Malini hears their conversation and thinks she already did. She calls warden and asks if she did her job. Warden says she kicked Imlie out of hostel. Malini says she will transfer her money. Adi thinks when Imlie doesn’t need his help, why should he bother.

Imlie walks on street holding her bag crying and singing a folk song. She remembers her time spent with Adi and thinks of calling him, but stops remembering leaving his house. She gets a call and hurriedly picks it thinking it of Adi. Mithi speaks instead, and Imlie replies. Dulari asks why didn’t she wish Jai Seeta Maiya Ki. Imlie does, chats with Dulari and Mithi, and says she is busy at work and will call them later . Dulari asks if she is really in office at this time. She mimics as asking peon to handover her a file. Dulari says she should shift to office to save time like postman did and disconnects phone laughing.

Rupali greets bye to seniors to visit Imile. Nishant says they will be late after partying with Imlie. Aparna asks if Adi is not accompanying him. Rupali says his mood is off. Malini says after Imlie’s article is published instead of his article, his mood would be obviously off. Aparna says Adi is not narrow minded to be jealous of Imlie. Nishant calls Imlie and informs that they are visiting her to party. Imlie informs that she is still stuck at office. Nishant informs family that party is canceled as Imlie is still at office. Malini think Imlie lied to him.

Adi fixes Imlie’s article on board. Aryan says there is no need to fix this paper on board. Adi says its a piece of rising sun. Aryan says he is talking about a paper and not article and fixes article’s big frame. Adi says he should concentrate on other interns also. Aryan says instead of arguing, he should write a better article which can be framed on wall. They hear a sound and walk out to check. Adi says looks like there is no one there. Aryan asks him to go back then and checks near cars to find a puppy. Imlie hides behind car. Aryan walks away without noticing her pampering puppy. Adi asks if he is hiding a human behind a businessman. Aryan says a businessman can be human, but a human can change when everything is lost. Imlie thinks why they don’t go away. Once they leave, she enters office via window.

Precap: Imlie dries her hair in office after bathe. Aryan enters and says this is office and not her village’s lake, why is she wandering in office with wet hair.

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  1. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    Today Imlie reminded me ‘not to forget to cry’ 😢
    … besides being a way to atone for your sins 🙏
    … crying also cleanse our eyes 👀
    … crying also relieves stress and allows us to think clearly 🤗👍
    Finally we see Meethi and Dulari 😃 but where are the others…Satyakam, Anu, Dev, Dev’s mom (I even forgot her name😂)
    On another note… doesn’t Kalini fear God ?? 🤔 she is just doing one sin after the other without the blink of an eye 🙄 smh
    Now where did that cute little puppy come from ?? 🤔😃🐩
    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode…. Precap was awesome 💗💃

    1. Sins? On telly serials? Malini could murder that whole family and she’d live a good life for 20 odd more years until Sita Maiya’s Imlie is reborn as Nimbu and kicks her out of the house…. Justice and laws don’t exist in telly serial land. I thought Aditya was going to die off and let us breathe

    2. One who doesn’t fear for her own life, how does it even make sense that she may even fear from God ? 🤪🤯😂
      Also, a human being fears, not a demon. Well, even demon may fear from God 😅😂 ! But I can say that if there is some vacancy of seat who can perform the higher level of sin than demon, she is one already selected for that post… Because even a psychotic person knows the consequences of his or her actions, the motive, the goal of the motive, etc. But Malini only has a motive whose goal will be artificial by any means. Because you can’t force a person to love you no matter how much ever you try.. she neither knows the consequences of her actions. She is a clear escapist from herself, her situations and her crimes. It’s easy to make even the psychotic person to ordered state but bringing an escapist person to normal and ecological behaviour is an unmovable task. Thanks to Malini and thanks to Star Plus for showing a greater shit as this. Even a person’s dying philosophy can be easily lifted by watching one episode of any serial on Star Plus especially if you watch Malini and Aditya in Imlie 😅🤪😝.

    3. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

      @Jade….😂 20 odd more years omg 👋
      as for Gashmeer… yes the talk was about him leaving the show…again…but this rumor faded into the woodwork 😐 so idk..

    4. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

      @… 😃
      ‘escapist from herself’ …. interesting view 🤔 but even if they reverse her role again… to being a good girl… I really don’t think that one expressionless look she adopted 🙄 would be able to convince any audience that she has changed for the better 😐 (she is now the queen of just that one expression🗿… and the Oscar goes to… 🏆😂)

  2. How ugly this imlie serial. How come Malini’s truth not being revealed at all..on the side imlie’s foolishness never stops!🙄🙄🙄

    Wondering when Malini will b exposed n how long her evil intentions n cheap tricks will continue…so disgusting..dragging this serial with nonsenses..
    Malini is how month pregnant till now??? 🤔🤔🤔
    This serial is really not worth watching….now imlie residing in office..
    Wake up STAR PLUS. A big newspaper industry like security. Anyone can enter at anytime…BULLSHITS…..

  3. Why is adi upset? Continue to focus on your ex’s / baby mama’s wellbeing as you have been doing and forget about your wife. As for imlie i suppose she cant pay her hostel fees much less hire a lawyer for a divorce but all in good time!!Adi and Malini deserve each other!

  4. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    Fahmaan has entered the show with a motive to spice it up…and we see that he is slowly softening towards Imlie’s character… so I feel the Imlie team might be waiting in the shadows to see if ratings pick up or not before tipping the scale in favor of an Aryan/Imlie union…thus making it easier for Gashmeer to quit the serial if he still wants to… I guess…
    I also know Fahmaan entered the show as a negative character to create a rift between Adi and Imlie… but this is a Hindi serial 😐 …so anything is possible 🙄
    (Folks, this is just my point of view 🙏)

  5. Malini is a pr*stitute deserses to be stoned to death

    1. @R Shankar, again with this disturbing sentence? Can you stop repeating it, for God’s sake, It’s very inappropriate.
      These are not sanctions that belong in a civilized society. None of us here support Malini’s actions, not even Malini’s hardcore fans. But still… Please try to express yourself a little differently 🙏

    2. Hardcore Malini fans are nothing but perverted people

  6. mary christodoulou


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