My World Is In Your Love – Chapter 42

My world is in your love Chapter- 42

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Riddhima was in the hospital for a week. Uma has come to the mansion. Chanchal used the opportunity and tried to manipulate Uma with her words. Chanchal started to create a false opinion on Riddhima saying that she was an orphan who married Vansh just for his money. Uma was shocked to hear that his son’s wife was a gold digger.

Vansh was busy in his study room with his files. Rohan and Lawyer came to his study room. Vansh closed his file and looked at the lawyer.

Lawyer: Vansh, did you interact with Riddhima about your decision?

Vansh: No, she will come to know about it when she returns to the mansion from hospital. Rohan, do you have any opinion on my decision?

Rohan: No, Vansh. I agree to it.

After two days, Riddhima returned to the mansion. Everyone was present in the living area. Riddhima was surprised to see everyone. Rajeev was also standing near the pillar. The lawyer and Vansh were standing in the middle of the living area. The lawyer came near her and gave her the documents.

Riddhima opened the documents and started to read the content. After reading the documents, the documents in her hand were dropped on the floor. Her hands were shaking and trembling. Others could not understand what was in that document.

Riddhima: This cannot happen!

Lawyer: Riddhima, you already know about it.

Riddhima: Yes, I knew about it. How could you apply for a divorce, Vansh? The contract marriage agreement was based on six months. But we have finished only two months.

Vansh: Riddhima, the agreement was changed again. You didn’t read the document on that mehandi ceremony day. After we found who was the murderer of your parents, the condition was to break our fake relationship. That was clearly written on it.

Riddhima(trembling): Vansh, … How could…. You say… Our relationship is fake?

Vansh: Riddhima, I was not interested in this marriage drama. To find who was the murderer, I just showed my fake concern towards you.

Riddhima looked at Vansh with tearful eyes. Vansh was standing like an emotionless person. Rajeev came near Riddhima.

Rajeev: Riddhima, did you do a contract marriage with Vansh?

Riddhima closed her eyes and nodded her head. Riddhima slowly told everything that happened between her and Vansh. The way Vansh extorted her for the marriage. Kabir, Ahana, Aryan, Sia and Ishani were standing in utter shock. The whole mansion became silent. After two minutes, a huge slap sound was heard. Everyone looked towards the direction. Vansh’s cheeks were turned into red because of his grandmother.

Dadi: How could you play with her life? If you want to find the murderer, you could have tried in other ways. Not by playing with people’s emotions and feelings. Look at her face, she had lots of goals and dreams in her life. She had sacrificed everything for you. Please accept her.

Vansh: Dadi, please stop it. This is my final decision. Rohan is Riddhima’s guardian. Rohan knows about my decision very well. So, Riddhima can leave the VR mansion and my life.

Riddhima was dumbstruck. The man she loved the most in this world was asking her to leave the mansion and from his life. Vansh’s words were echoing inside her brain. Dadi gave a glare at Vansh. Riddhima quietly walked out of the mansion. Rajeev, Ahana and Kabir followed her.

Kabir: Riddhima, where are you going? I will talk with Vansh. Please stay in the mansion.

Riddhima: Kabir, you know him very well. He won’t change his decision.

Ahana: But where will you stay?

Riddhima: Being alone in my life is not new to me. I will stay in the women’s hostel.

Ahana: No, Riddhima. You will stay with my dad.

Rajeev nodded his head. Rajeev picked Riddhima in his car. Vansh was watching this scenario from the garden with a painful heart. Vansh went to his study room. Rohan came inside the room.

Vansh: Rohan, you are also going to Rajeev’s house for Riddhima’s safety. Don’t scold her. Try to be calm with her. Within a month, she will be moving to London. Until then, stay with her.

Rohan: Vansh, really do you have any feelings or emotions towards Riddhima?

Vansh(growling): No…

Rohan: Then why do you care for my sister?

Vansh: Rohan, I don’t have to answer for it. You had better go today itself.

Rohan left the place silent. Riddhima and Rajeev didn’t have a good bonding between them. But Riddhima didn’t have any other choice. She has to stay with her uncle. Rajeev gave a glass of water to Riddhima. Riddhima drank the water. Suddenly, there was a knock sound in the door. Riddhima thought that the person should be Vansh. She quickly went and opened the door. But it was Rohan. Rohan came to the living area.

Rohan: I will stay with Riddhima. Until she leaves for London.

Rajeev gave a slap to Rohan. Riddhima was afraid to see Rajeev’s anger. Rohan was shocked to see his uncle slapping him.

Rajeev: How dare you play with Riddhima’s life? I was happy to see you and Riddhima settled in your life. But what have you done? You know everything happened between Vansh and Riddhima. But you didn’t support Riddhima. You didn’t support your own sister. Look at your sister’s face, she is broken, hurt. Rishi bhai and Bhabhi have always wanted Riddhima to be happy in her life. If you want to stay loyal to Vansh, you can sacrifice your life but not Riddhima’s life. You are not allowed to stay in this house. Just get out.

Rohan: Bade papa, I have already told Riddhima not to develop any feelings for Vansh. This property belongs to my grandfather. So I have rights on it. I will stay here.

Rohan gave a smirk towards Rajeev and went to his room.

Riddhima (crying): Rajeev uncle, everything happened because of me. I shouldn’t have gone to the VR mansion. I disgrace our family respect. I shouldn’t have accepted Vansh’s condition. I destroyed my dad’s respect.

Rajeev: No, Riddhima. Please stop crying.

Rajeev wiped riddhima’s tears. Riddhima slowly went towards her room and closed the door.

Vansh came to the dining hall for dinner. No one was smiling at each other. Everyone’s head was lowered. Silently, everyone had their dinner. Dadi refused to have dinner. Vansh took a plate in his hand and went to meet Dadi in her room.

Dadi: Vansh, I don’t want anything, just leave my room.

Vansh: Dadi, I won’t leave until you complete this plateful of khichadi.

Dadi: Then first, why did you throw Riddhima from your life?

Vansh: Dadi, I agree that I extorted Riddhima and married her just for my benefits. In our relationship everything was just a compromise. Riddhima didn’t have any feelings, it was just an infatuation. Riddhima was forced into this relationship. She liked me because I am her husband.  Riddhima’s dream was to go to London and create her own identity. Let her achieve her dreams. I also have two sisters with me. If anyone of my sister’s has come across Riddhima’s situation. I could have killed that man. She doesn’t deserve a person like me.

Dadi: So you had an idea of punishing yourself for staying away from Riddhima.

Vansh: Yes, and there are two other reasons for sending Riddhima out of the VR mansion. Chanchal aunty has brainwashed my mom. So mom wanted to break my bond with Riddhima. Second, Riddhima’s life is in danger. Sunil’s last words from his mouth are still ringing in my ears still.

Dadi: Do you think Karthik will kill Riddhima?

Vansh: If Karthik tries to do any mad thing on my Riddhima. I will just load my bullets in his head. For Riddhima’s security, I have sent Rohan and some security guards for her protection.

Dadi nodded her head in sadness. Vansh started to feed Dadi. Dadi ate the entire plate and went to sleep. Vansh went to his room. The entire room was filled with Riddhima’s memory.

A week passed, but nothing changed in Riddhima’s life. Daily, she used to send many messages to Vansh’s phone. She used to call him three times a day. But Vansh didn’t give her a single reply.

Riddhima was sitting in the park lonely. Her cheeks and nose were red because of crying continuously for an hour. Suddenly, she noticed a police man. Riddhima got up from the place and placed her hands on the police man’s sholder.

Riddhima: ACP officer, how are you?

Karthik: Riddhima, I am fine. I have some urgent work. It is better that we meet some other day.

Karthik didn’t look up at Riddhima’s face while he was talking.

Riddhima: Karthik, you are also ignoring me.

Karthik (looking at her face): Dumpling, what do you mean that I am also ignoring you?

Riddhima explained everything to him. Karthik asked sorry and told her that he had applied for a transfer in some other city. Riddhima noticed Karthik’s face which had a guilty feeling for his dad’s behaviour. Both went to the coffee shop and talked for twenty minutes. Karthik told that he would help and support Riddhima.

Riddhima went inside the house and noticed Rohan sitting with anger.

Rohan: Why did you meet Karthik today? His father killed our parents but you were happily having coffee with him.

Riddhima: How did you know? So you were following me. Okay, then open your ears and hear it. My life my rules. Don’t try to interfere in it.

Rohan: Riddhima, what if Karthik tries to kill you? He is a dangerous person.

Rajeev: Rohan, don’t try to control Riddhima. She will do what she likes. Riddhima go and refresh.

Rohan confessed everything to Vansh. Vansh was angry at Karthik for meeting Riddhima today. Vansh told Angre to keep an eye on Karthik.

The time was 11’00 o’clock. Vansh’s phone was ringing. Vansh opened his eyes and took his phone. Rohan’s name was splashing on the screen. Vansh swiped his phone and attended the phone call.

Rohan (in tension): Vansh, riddhima is missing. I have searched her in the entire house.

Vansh: What?

Rohan: Vansh, please find Riddhima soon.

Vansh: Rohan, please make a phone call to every friend of Riddhima. I will search for her.

Vansh went to the temple to look at her because Vansh knows that whenever Riddhima is sad, she used to visit the temple. Vansh asked Angre to track Riddhima’s phone and Karthik’s phone. Angre told that the location of Karthik and Riddhima are staying in the park. Vansh informed Rohan that Riddhima is in the park. Rohan and Rajeev rushed towards the park. Vansh was so close to the park. He ran inside the park. In a stone bench, there was Riddhima’s phone on it. Vansh took the phone in his hand.

Vansh: Angre, search the entire park, we need to find the Riddhima soon.

Angre nodded his head. Vansh was shouting at his security guard to search the entire park. Vansh was running and screaming Riddhima’s name at each interval of seconds.

One hour has passed. Nevertheless, they could not find Riddhima. The minute hand and hour hand in the clock joined, and time was exactly 12’00 clock. Suddenly, a torch light was flashed in Vansh’s face. Vansh quickly closed his eyes with his hands. Vansh realized someone familiar to him was touching his hands. He slowly opened his eyes. His brown orbs met the most beautiful girl in this world. Riddhima was standing in front of him with a smile on her face.

Riddhima: Happy birthday, Vansh.

Before Vansh could utter a word, the lights were on. Vansh was stunned to see the flower and ballon decoration and colorful lights. A few children were singing birthday songs by holding a candle in front of him. Karthik and Anu were standing in the corner and smiling at the couple.

Riddhima held Vansh’s hand and took him near the cake. In his lifetime, Vansh has never celebrated his birthday in this surprise manner. Riddhima gave the knife to him. Vansh was still mesmerized by Riddhima’s beauty. He was missing her badly. He wanted to give a tight hug to Riddhima and sleep on Riddhima’s lap. However, he was unable to express his feeling.

Riddhima noticed Vansh was not responding. He held Vansh’s hand and started to cut the cake. Riddhima took a piece and fed the cake to him. Angre, Rohan were staggered by seeing the couple.

Riddhima took a small box in her hand. The box contains a rolex watch in it. Riddhima took the rolex watch and made it wear in Vansh’s right hand. Rohan came towards Riddhima and held Riddhima’s arm in force.

Rohan: Are you gone mad? Around one hour we were searching for you like a street dog around the city. What is Karthik doing here with you?

Riddhima: Karthik came here to help me. For the past one week, I have been trying to talk with Vansh. Vansh is not picking up my call. I made a phone call to Karthik and told him about my idea. I know that Vansh would track my phone and Karthik’s phone. I know that he would come and meet me if I were in any danger, so I made a fake drama to wish Vansh’s birthday as the first person.

Vansh: It will not change my opinion on you. Why are you doing this birthday celebration drama? How much time I will tell you that I do not love you.

Riddhima: Vansh, I just wanted to celebrate this birthday with you. It is not a drama to influence you. I do not care whether you love me or not. However, I will always love you as your friend or well-wisher.

Vansh was about to leave the place. Riddhima held Vansh’s wrist.

Riddhima: Vansh, I have arranged a dinner party tomorrow for you at the hotel. Please come at 8 P.M. I will be waiting for you.

He slowly released Riddhima’s hand from his wrist and left the place. Angre was driving the car. Vansh was sitting near him with a calm face.

Angre: Boss, I think you are not angry at Riddhima’s surprise. You really liked the surprise.

Vansh: Yes, Angre. I have taken care of my entire family. No one in the family cares about my birthday except dadi. But my Riddhima has remembered my birthday. Even I don’t remember it.

Angre: Boss, but why are you hurting Bhabhi? Bhabhi loves you to the core.

Vansh: Angre, why don’t you guys only think Riddhima is hurted, why not me? I am also broken. I wanted Riddhima to focus on her dreams and achieve it. Coming to our relationship, it was just a compromise. Riddhima is just showing her affection because I am her so-called “HUSBAND”. I don’t want any sympathy.

Two people were sitting near each other in a sad mood. The first person was crying and the second person wiped his tears and said “Don’t cry, we will kill Riddhima soon for our dad’s death.”

Next evening,

The mansion was decorated grandly for Vansh’s birthday party in the VR mansion. The birthday party was about to begin at 6’00 o’clock. Rohan was adjusting his shoe lace in the living area in front of Riddhima. He was teasing and irritating Riddhima that he was going to the party. Rohan went to the party.

Riddhima went to her room and quickly changed her dress. Riddhima was wearing a white coloured gown dress with some golden shaded silk design on it. As usual, her neck had the ‘V’ dollar chain alone, and she was wearing the bracelet which Vansh gave her. She was about to open the gate, but Rajeev called her.

Rajeev: you look like an angel in this in a white-colored dress.

Riddhima: Vansh likes white color. So I have dressed up like it. I think he also likes it.

Rajeev: Riddhima, do you think Vansh will join you for dinner?

Riddhima: Bade papa, I strongly believe my Vansh.

Riddhima made a grin towards Rajeev and went to the hotel. She went to the hotel at 7.15 P.M. She was eager to celebrate Vansh’s birthday. Three hours passed, but Vansh didn’t come to the hotel. The waiter told Riddhima that the hotel was going to be closed. Riddhima came out of the hotel. She was sitting on the stone bench and waiting for Vansh. A car arrived in front of the hotel gate. Rajeev, Karthik and Anu came out of the car.

Rajeev: Riddhima, let’s go home. Vansh is not going to come.

Riddhima: Uncle, I know about Vansh, he will definitely come. Please, we will wait for a few minutes.

Riddhima was not listening to anyone. It was 11:45 P.M. Riddhima’s eyes were searching for Vansh. Ahana and Kabir also came to meet Riddhima. Riddhima was adamant. Riddhima looked at her watch. It was 12:00 A.M. She started to cry by holding her ‘V’ dollar chain. Her cheeks were filled with tears. Ahana and Anu consoled her. Anu wiped her tears and played a news video in front of her. Riddhima’s eyes widened by seeing the news.


Riddhima was completely shattered after seeing the news. Riddhima wiped her tears with a handkerchief.

Riddhima (in mind): Vansh, before two months you gave me all happiness. But now I understood all the happiness you gave me was just fake. A few days before you gave me peace, but now you are piercing my heart into pieces.

Riddhima: Anu, call the best lawyer in the city. I don’t want my name to be Riddhima Vansh Raisinghania in my life anymore. I just hate that name. I want to change my name to Riddhima. I don’t want any stranger’s name behind my name.

Will Vansh and Riddhima be separated from each other?

Next chapter, Riddhima will be shown as a strong, independent woman. Don’t worry.

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