Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Kairav helps Abhi


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshu crying in the car. Abhimanyu comes there on his bike. He stops at the signal, beside the cab. The song Lag jaa gale…plays… He thinks of her. She turns and sees him. He also sees her. Kairav sees Akshu and Abhimanyu’s pics. Vansh comes and asks what happened, you turned away before Akshu went, why. Kairav tells everything. Vansh asks why, did you send Akshu. Kairav says she loves Abhimanyu, she can’t get away from him if she stays here, so I sent her. Vansh says we could have found another way. Kairav says Aarohi hates her, Akshu would get more sad, I want to see her happy, so I sent him. Vansh hugs him and cleans his specs. He says I can’t say you did right or wrong. Kairav gets Akshu’s keys. He says she would have not gone too far, I will go and give this to her.

Akshu cries. Abhi stops there. A guy argues with Abhi. He asks his GF to sit quietly, else he will slap her. She says everyone is watching, talk with manners. He scolds her. Abhimanyu gets angry. He scolds the guy and asks do you talk like this with your GF. The guy punches his face. Abhimanyu beats him a lot. He thinks of Akshu. He says you got love easily, so you don’t value her. Police comes. The guy says its not my mistake, he is beating me. Abhi says its his mistake, he was threatening his GF. The guy asks what’s your problem, she is my GF. Inspector takes both of them to the police van. Kairav stops the inspector. He says I know Abhimanyu well. Mahima sees the bhai dooj tilak. Manjiri asks did he sent this. Mahima says don’t take his name, focus on your son. Neil comes and says Abhi is in shock, he isn’t able to treat himself. She says I m ready to do anything, just return me the old Abhi. He says I have an idea, his birthday is coming. She says but he won’t celebrate. He says I will make it memorable for him, I will unite Abhi and Akshara. Kairav says thanks, I assure you this won’t happen again. Abhimanyu says I don’t want your favor. Kairav says I helped you because you were right, its not right to vent anger on someone, Akshu didn’t play any game, she stood silent. Abhimanyu asks didn’t she tell you anything, superb. Kairav asks what, tell me. Abhimanyu says she told a big thing to us. Kairav asks what happened. Abhimanyu says she cleared her stand in front of my family, she said she doesn’t love me, she doesn’t want to marry me, even my stand is same, her chapter is over in my life. He goes. Kairav says that’s why she easily left. Abhi hears this. He drives in anger. He says why do I want to stop her when she wants to go away from me. Parth says Abhi’s birthday used to be so special for us. Manjiri says I thought to celebrate it with double joy, but everything went wrong, don’t know he will celebrate or not. Harsh says this year, this day will be without any joy.

Anand says he used to say that birthdays get him attention. Abhimanyu comes and says this time I don’t want that attention, I won’t get married and I will not celebrate birthdays from now, sorry, I won’t be able to celebrate my birthday this time. He goes. Neil shows Abhi’s fight video to Manjiri. Akshu thinks of Abhi’s words. She writes Abhimanyu’s initials on the car window. Manjiri goes to Abhi and consoles him. He says I saw Akshu today, what shall I do, I still love her. He hears music. Neil says we have to do something to lessen his pain, we have to take Akshara’s help. He calls Akshu. She doesn’t answer. He messages her. She calls back. He says I want to meet you and talk to you. She says I have to board a bus. He says its really urgent, its about Abhi’s life. She asks what happened to him. He says he is alive but… I need your help, he doesn’t want to celebrate his birthday, he is going mad, he is emotional. She says I m going away to fix things. Manjiri says I just listen to my heart and talk, sorry if you feel bad. Akshu says no, I m sorry. Manjiri says no, the situation is wrong, Abhi is true at heart, you are like him so he chose you, you would be helpless to refuse to him, its my mistake, you both can help each other move on, please help Abhi.

Abhi reminds Dhanteras night conversation to Mahima. He asks how did such a big confusion happen in my absence. Neil talks to Akshu on call. Abhi asks what’s happening here.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Hey guys…so what I’m thinking is that we should make a telegram group of we yrrkh lovers and their we will discuss all aur thoughts…spoliers…bts like every single thing we want to related to our AbhiRa and yrkkh….and also like we write here we will write and reply their also but ya anytime and we need not to open the site like this to read did someone replied n all…so what’s say guys? Like we people here every day… I’ll make us all admin so that you can also add people and then it’ll be fun…so guys are you in?
    Please let me know bcz agr audience nhi hogi to phir maza nhi aayega… If we gonna do it , it’s going to be fun…

    1. I’m in

    2. Yup there will be allot of gossip…so yes its a nice idea…

    3. I’m in

    4. Guys tomorrow I will post the grp link…do join and also make your yrkkh fan frnds also join…

    5. Do join guys please

    6. Good idea I am in too!

    7. Nice idea

    8. I’m in.
      Very wonderful idea

    9. Hi Ruhee Tks for the invite, I am a chinese but love to watch Hindi serials, I am afraid I may not be suitable to join in. Thank you again evetyone n enjoy ur fun bonding in Telegram group.👍🙏

  2. Yup…Im in..others?

  3. This leaving in bus for another city for the sake of someone, sacrifice for sister thing, father hating son’s girlfriend and all reminds me of Yrhpk and seems like gender reversal of that story here😂😂😂

    1. But their Kuhu’s hate was justified (If i were in place of kuhu then i would also have start hating mishti bcz thats my family and why she is getting all the love and attention and everything which has only and only my right) and also she never tried cheap tricks to separate mishti and kunal when they were fixed together

    2. @AbhiRa
      I don’t think Kuhu’s hate was justified. If this is the way then even Ananya should have hated Kuhu. Because she too took her family. In fact, Mishti never shared Kuhu’s Mom and Dad. But Kuhu did shared Ananya’s Mom and Dad.
      It was just Kuhu’s jealousy where she wanted all the attention for herself only that led to her hate towards Mishti. Because despite Mishti being adopted, Kuhu always got the love of everyone. It was only Mishti who always had to hear taunts even without any mistake of hers(From Jasmeet and Varsha).
      This attitude where you want everything for just yourself can’t let anyone live happily.

    3. @anjali kuhu and ananya have same parents (ya I know she was Sneha’s daughter but still was accepted by Varsha as of Shaurya)…so biologically ananya and kuhu were sisters…and yes mishti too didn’t do anything but ya kuhu’s real grand
      used to love and favour mishti more than kuhu and which was intolerable for her and she just wanted her family to be only her and not of no relation outsiders who snatch her family and love from her..she didn’t do this with nannu bcz he was his brother…but mishti had no relationship with them…see its ok if some one gets to live your family and gets all the love and care needed to a child to grow but when it becomes so much that the own kids of family suffers then this hatred of kuhu is obvious…like I’m hating mishti bcz kf kuhu after seeing that show then her hate is also justified for me

    4. @AbhiRa
      Yes..this hate is acceptable in Childhood. But when you are grown up, you should have better understanding too. Kuhu was not a child or teenager to understand that Mishti was at no fault in all this. Is she still hate, hate your family for adopting her or loving her. Showing your hate to someone who is already troubled by fate is only cowardness.
      If we go by this Family logic, then every adopted child in this world will face the same hate. There are many parents who have 1 real child and one adopted, to should the adopted child bear hate all her life. Only adjustment problems at the start can be justified. Not this lifelong hate.
      The moment Mishti was adopted, she was her family too. But she wasn’t mature enough to accept that. And in her hatred, neither remained happy herself nor she let Mishti to be happy.

    5. Also, Though Kuhu and Ananya had same fathers but it’s never easy for anyone to accept your father’s illegitimate child.(Obviously, child has no fault). So, she too could have got angry. But she didn’t, which was the right thing.
      And yaa, these are just my views. We can have different perspectives. But I just feel that showing your hate to innocent people when you are big enough to understand everything isn’t justified.:)

  4. nice episode

    1. @Paridhi i guess kl isse bhi zyada maza aane vala hai…excited

    2. Bcz the precap was nice

  5. Makers have no sense at all,no one behaves like this in real akshu,kairav nd vansh are doing…if my sis. loves someone then i would try to fix things nd not send her away from family…rubbish

    1. I agree

    2. Mahi agree! Kairav is being unfair to Akshara she just came back aftr leaving the house for 3yrs also becoz of Aarohi! By asking Akshara to leave becoz both his sisters will not be happy, but can the whole family be happy when one of their loved one is not wit them?? Becoz of Aarohi the family has to suffer separation again?? Kairav shuld not condone Aarohi behaviour! As Akshara has the right to the family as much as Aarohi does!!

  6. Abhimanyu is overreacting. It isn’t like she cheated on you dude. She just said she doesn’t love him, respect her decision. Also they fell in love too fast and too easily. Just in 2 days trip he fell for her and straightaway asked for marriage without even cross checking whether she loves him or not.

  7. Mona146

    He is too hasty and rushed. I felt wierd when he didn’t even propose Akshara and headed straight to even demanding her confession. It’s okay to feel hurt but he is too damaged inside and does not have maturity. Also I don’t like goenkas family. Sabke sab Dramebaaz. They were like that only even during Kartik naira track when dadi was intolerable.

    1. Yes..even Harshad said the same about the character. He just sees things as they appear and doesn’t know about the inner circumstances.
      As far proposal is concerned, he went to the family first because for Akshu,her family is most important. So, he thought of directly asking them to avoid any problems.😂
      Though, it still happened. 🤦‍♀️

  8. I don’t understand why kairav is sending akshara away from family

  9. Kairav asking Akshu to leave the house was so wrong on all fronts. He is a fool and it clearly shows he took advantage of Akshu’s love for the family. He had no right to separate a daughter from her family just because another daughter has an issue with her which is no fault of hers. Akshu didn’t ask Abhi to fall in love with her and her rejecting him or move to another city will not make Abhi love Aarohi. In fact, in reality Abhi should resent Aarohi because of her, his love got rejected. We have lived with siblings who don’t like us for one reason or another and no one was asked to leave. We just had to learn to tolerate each other. Indian serials play too much. I wish they would make the serial close to reality than creating castles in the air trying to create an unrealistic society.
    Akshu is another mahaan like Anupama. I wish she took Anupama’s advise at heart otherwise the Goenka family doesn’t deserve all the sacrifices she is making. Dadi used to be mean to Naira and Manish is another fool. As for Akilesh, he seems to be favoring Aarohi over Akshu. The only saving grace is Suwarna. That family doesn’t know how to love their children equally and seems the grandchildren are following in the same footsteps. Akshu’s character is so weak, it is annoying. Even Mishti could at least stand up for herself against Kuhu is bs. She needs Abhi to grow a backbone.
    As for Abhi, he knew Akshu loves her family and would do anything for it. Why is he acting surprised that she took that foolish decision. Given the timeline of their relationship, he needs to prove to her that he is worth leaving her family instead of throwing tantrums. Is his love so weak or he doesn’t know how to charm a woman 😂😂😂. Besides that, the woman already loves him but needs a push in the right direction so she can forsake all others.
    Anyways, totally fed up with unrealistic serials.

  10. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    There is an old saying that “absence makes the heart grow fonder”…
    I truly think Kairav has evaluated the situation perfectly… just like Naira would have done… he is not the enemy… his heart is too pure 🙏
    We have to remember the breakups… divorces… and the constant separation tracks that Kartik and Naira survived… but in the end… they always managed to renew their love… that is until death separated them 🙏
    Let’s give credit where credit is due…

  11. guyz iam not trying to justify Aaru’s actions but even if it was someone else who lost their “MOM” who was trying to save their step sister they would feel the same remember Aarohi had asked Akshu to not follow her.i know she followed coz she cared 4 Aaru but even if it was someone else they would have a thought going on in their minds that may be if she had not followed me then mom wouldn’t have gone to help her,that accident wouldn’t have happened and her mom would have been with them today.its just that pain that can never go away the pain of losing aloved one where u wish u could take back time and save them but nothing can be done anymore they are gone i think that is Aaru’s pain.nice time

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