“…So we met like this….” part 4

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He was sitting on bed making faces with his hurted right hand, which I had noticed whole day and which he thinks he could hide. It was some wound or something… and the goon had hit him so hard on that hand. It might be paining a lot!! “Have this medicine” I ordered and non to my surprise he neglected. “Listen… Finish your medicine… I’m not going to bear any responsibility if anything happens to you” I yelled in order to make him to take his medicine. “You don’t need to..” he yelled back. “Fine then.. Do as you wish… I’m leaving..” I was fuming.. Ofcourse anyone would!! I switched the lights off when “stop stop stop..” I heard his tensed voice in the dark room. “Don’t need to switch off the lights.” He declared. “Fine you won..” he said after gulping his medicines. Hush.. Thankfully..

While I was leaving the room.. I closed the door of his room. But…I think I should ask him about how he suddenly fell ill…and every mysterious thing I feel about him… I need to ask him. I turned again to his room. I can see him from the little gap of the room’s door. My gaze fell on him…he was removing his jacket so I turned away of him..but wait..suddenly my gaze fell on his hurted hand. He’s mysterious but is hurted. I think I should help him…so I took a step towards him… but stopped. I don’t know why… . He didn’t saw me. It must be hurting very much.

With lot of moans of pain… he finally did it. Oh my God…. what am I seeing… his hand is having so many wounds although he’s wearing a full sleeve t-shirt.. But his wounds are widening my eyes more and more. It seems like someone scratched his hand so hard.. Or someone might had pinned nails over his skin. The blood was dry but seemed fresh. He caressed the wounds by his palm and then kissed his palm. He’s scaring me now.

I hide myself abruptly leaning over the wall outside his allotted room. It means… He… He’s any criminal!! That’s why he hides his identity among others!! I’m sure he did any crime yesterday night.. That’s why he wanted to rush on the dinner day!! This..this means… he.. I.. helped a criminal!!” my mind cried. “But he too helped me.. He saved me… He can’t be any criminal!!” my heart interrupted. “How can you say it was unintentional!?” my mind was louder. “He might be planning something big!! And how the goons entered my house only when I was with him!! It happened never. Then how today? Because he wanted to win my trust!!” my mind won finally. This means… He is a criminal and I had to find about it. I can’t do anything without proof. He might turn dangerous to me and my family. No… I have to do something.

I called dhruv. After two rings he finally picked up the call. “hello.. who’s there?” dhruv is sounding sleepy. But I have to find about bihaan. “dhruv tell me who is bihaan??” I think my question surprised him. “hello dhruv.. Please say” “he’s no one… Just a sin to everyone.” said dhruv in an angry tone. “he’s your brother right?” I was really trying to proof my mind wrong. “no he’s not… He’s just a person who can harm anyone.” dhruv’s tone was turning into a hatred one. “but he says he’s your brother… And the younger son of pandey family.” my tone was defensive towards bihaan. “thapki… He’s a culprit and everything is a lie.” he said. “but what had he done??” I asked. “he had murdered his parents… and its better you stay away of him.” he said and disconnected the call. This left my heart and soul broken.

But if he’s here.. he definitely must have planned something serious. What should I do?? I peeped into the room. Ooh no. He saw me. Thankfully I didn’t screamed… He abruptly wore his jacket and I pretended as I’m unaware about his wounds and everything. “what happened!?” asked he. I have to be normal… after a long relieving breath… “I.. I wanted to say something to you…” I stated gulping my fear.

I moved to him where he was sitting. I need to know him… I’m curious to know his mystery… I had to be his friend first.

I sat behind him placing my palms over his hard hands. “See… I understand you was in rush today. I’m sorry… you are here because of me” I was earlier feeling sorry for him… But now.. I have to act smart. He smiled and placed his left palm over mine’s. I was confused when “Its not like that… Its totally fine” he said recovering his irked mood. I smiled and removed my hands from his grip… I felt awkward for a moment and I guess… he too. He cleared his throat for further conversation. “Bihaan… I wanted to say you something…” I managed to speak first. “hmm” he responded. “This is for you…” I untied the corner of my dupatta and released a gift I bought for him when I didn’t knew him… but now… situation is different. He looked me confused. I offered him a black colored friendship band… “Bihaan… I really want to thank you… You are a true friend of mine. Umm… I may sounding stupid cause I don’t know anything properly about you… and I don’t even want to!! But I feel so.” I stated calming down myself considering him that how important now he became to me. I forwarded it expecting him to forward his hand. Please don’t deny.. Otherwise how will I find about you!! But he didn’t forwarded his hand. I think he doesn’t wants to. Oh no.

It’s ok if you don’t want to… I just never found any true friend who would understand me… who would support me… who would save me… I used to think there’s nothing like friendship… But you proved me wrong… Can we be friends?” I asked him again. I guess my utterings left him in shock.. His eyes were wetting slowly… He’s not in shock… He’s in pain, I feel.. No no no.. It can’t be pain. I’m over thinking. But again to hide his tears he abruptly stood and moved some steps away of bed. I stood too. I think he will deny. “It’s fine.. I’m sorry.. I saw a best friend in you so.. I forgot that I’m still a stammering girl… I’m sorry for bothering you.” I uttered with my wetty cheeks and my broken heart. I was moving towards the door when “Thapki I need you..” stopped me at the very moment.

“I… I mean..” he was struggling to find words…. and I turned to him. “We can be friends.” he uttered. He was moving towards me.. With his red eyes.. somehow wet.. as he is trying to get a fake concern from me..to execute his dangerous plan!! He rubbed his teary eyes which made it more red.

He forwarded his hand towards me gesturing to make him wear the band. “Please be my friend” he spoked. Ofcourse I knew it! It means he’s planning something for sure! My cheeks are wetting more and more… but this time.. my lips are carving to form a smile. “This band is very special for me… I bought it when I found a friend in my school days… But he too was like others… Cracking jokes on my stammering problem … So I stopped believing in friendship… Although my heart was not allowing me to throw it away so I kept it in a hope to find a true friend.” I told him remembering about the day. I’m not lying… This band is really precious to me.. But I have to handle it to this criminal. I made him wear the band on his wrist… bigger than mine… Ofcourse!! “Today I found you… You are my best friend.. Bihaan.” I finally said. He was looking into my eyes… still trying to control his tears. “But thapki… What if..” he stopped suddenly. “I mean… Do you trust me?!” he changed his question. This question cracked my heart. But I had no other option beyond saying a “Yes” cause I can’t say no!!… I really don’t know.. You broke my trust one time…. I can’t trust you now… I wish I could say this to you!! Although I will make you punish one day.. Mr. Criminal … And this is my promise to you. “I.. I.. don’t.. make friends.” his behavior and his stammering doesn’t surprised me! I even can’t expect anyone to be a friend of criminal like you!! “see thapki… friendship is a big word for me too… I don’t know I even deserve your friendship or not…. But… Can I ask for one thing??” his tone was confusing me… Somehow pleading it was. I replied him to proceed. “Don’t take me wrong… But.. Please… Never ask about me… I mean where am I.. Where was I.. Why, when, how… Not anything..” His tone was not harsh…. But it was something.. I can’t identify. “I’m sorry if you are finding me rude…” he uttered hesitatingly. “But.. Its not about that…” he continued. I was confused.. what he wants to say? His eyes were saying something else and he… something else.

“Bihaan.. Its okay if you are hesitating in considering me your friend. But remember one thing… You can share anything with me.. I’m always there for you.” I don’t know what I uttered but I assured him about our new friendship… He smiled or should I say pretended to!! I can still read his eyes… they are gesturing something else.

“Okay friends!!” I said moving my hand towards him to offer a handshake. “Gajab” he said raising his eyebrows up.. It feels good when you say this… I wish you would be that Bihaan of whom I really wanted to be best friend. But you broke my trust today. A fake smile blew over my face and remaining tears of mine bumped out my eyes. We shared a handshake
“G-gajab!!” I said not so appropriate like him. But he smiled and I too.

I entered to my room. Di is slept. I lied next to her. Covering her from blanket and then myself. The destiny is a big thing…the guy whom I thought is a pure hearted, is actually a criminal!! But I’ll not tell this to anyone… not even to Di. Maa papa can take any abrupt action and di has to leave for her hostel soon. I should keep quiet.
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  3. It is very good story line.I think so all misunderstood bihaan.he cannot be a criminal. He is ahold heaters person. Thapki will realize it.di and I thought sometimes that thapki will say ghajab.you made it real in your episode


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