STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 92

Episode 92

Bulbul stopped Kaustuki and asked again “I am not joking just tell me damn it what was happened if you can show your anger then believe me mine is worse than you idiot” Kaustuki shrugged her hand and said “Just stay happy with what you got and if you are thinking about me so it’s up to you if you want me to be with you then accept me as what am I because now the little bit politeness in me has also died you can’t expect anything else from me” she started moving from there “If I had ever expected any thing from you then it wouldn’t be considered as friendship that would be selfishness and I am serious I can slap you if you one more time said that you can leave me” Kaustuki trying to be rude turned to her and said pushing her “you will slap me!!! You will slap me!!! Slap me if you have courage I said just slap me” Bulbul in rage slapped her hard across her face Kaustuki looked up at her Bulbul’s eyebrows were shrink she was glaring her and slapped second time again Kaustuki being shocked asked “Tu pagal hai!!! (are you mad!!)”

Bulbul slapped again now Kaustuki kept hand over her cheek “Bhai pagal ho gayi tu (have you gone mad)” Bulbul bursts her anger out “Mai pagal!! Tu Pagal kya bake jaa rahi hai kal se kabhi akela chhor do kabhi to bilkul mujhe hi chhor de hosh me hai ya nasha karna shuru kar diya tujhe kya lagta hai maar kutai sirf tu kar sakti hai bête mera gussa bohot kharaab hai ek baar aa gaya na to agla phir udta hi nazar aayega ek baar aur bol slap me phir dekh mai tujhe interest ke sath slap karti hu ke nahi (I am mad!! You are mad… what the hell are you blabbering since yesterday sometime saying leave me alone sometimes leave me completely are you in your senses are you have started taking weed what do you think that only you can treat people with slaps and punches I can also do that idiot my anger is worse than you believe me if I slapped someone then it is sure from the very next moment person will start flying and you are saying so if you have asked me one more time to slap I am sure that I would have given you slaps and this time with interest)” Kaustuki widening her eyes “what the hell” Bulbul replied her “What the hell ki aisi taisi samjhi jaldi bata kya hua hai warna tujhe achhey se phod doongi mai aur tere baad phodungi us Purab ko sara halwa usi ke aane ke baad phaila hai na jaldi bata warna tu sabki gadiya phodti hai mai teri cycle aur scooty dono phodungi (TO hell with your what the hell just tell me what was happened otherwise I will break your bones very firmly then after you I will break the bones of Purab because this whole mess was created after his entrance in our lives you use to break everyone’s car now if you didn’t told me then I will break your scooty and your cycle together for sure)” Kaustuki “You have gone mad I am not going to tell you don’t you dare disturbed me you slapped me I am leaving you coz you are my friend otherwise I would have told you what am I” Bulbul grinned her teeth and looked here and there she found a think stick and picked it up saying “Now say that again what you said earlier I will tell you then now either you will tell me what was the matter or this stick will tell you how is matter shared with your friends tell me otherwise I will fix its meeting with your legs” Kaustuki joined her hands with a scared face saying “Oh nahi mata nahi mai bata rahi hu usko neeche rakh pehle bohot tez lagegi yr usey chhor pehle mai sab bata doongi maa kasam par tu usey chhor de (Oh no don’t do this I will tell you everything but leave that first it will hit hard please leave that I will tell you everything mother promise I will share everything you just leave that)”

Bulbul replied “NO I will not first you tell me everything then I will think about it so start now” Kaustuki making a cute disappointed face “Okay” Kaustuki took a deep breath and told everything which happened till now including what Pragya said from her and hearing that Bulbul burst in laughter saying “you are upset with what aunty said to you in morning hahahaha you are really cracked dear look I don’t want to feel sympathy or anything else what happened with you because you are in mood of revenge and I will be with you coz that idiot touched you I will make him so touchy you see that he will feel yak to touch himself and if you talk about what aunty said then I am sorry I cant help you in that hahahahaha” Kaustuki “She was so rude and you are laughing?” Bulbul controlling her laughter said “Rude!! This was rude!!! This was nothing you will feel shocked what my mother says if I say I will not then she says okay don’t show me face till I die hahaha its common dear” Kaustuki asked with innocent expression “Then don’t you feel bad!!!”. “Yes I do but only sometimes coz I know she is saying that for only my betterment and sometimes I get flying things too because being irked I sometimes say “okay then I will see your face after your death” believe me speed remains more than 180km/h chill be normal coz its all is normal at least she is with you and supporting you otherwise parents always sees their girls mistake in that too” Kaustuki smiled and hugged Bulbul and she said “Leave me it is giving an alter feeling” Kaustuki slapped her back and Bulbul said “aye somebody stop her otherwise I will die with my boyfriend’s charming smile” Kaustuki laughed hard. Here screen shifts towards Pragya she was noticing all that from her window and a smile formed in her face after looking her happy daughter.

Screen shifts towards NGO there Abhi is seated in his cabin with Shabbo seems some long discussions were going on Shabbo said
Shabbo: Bhaiya ji don’t feel bad but whatever Bahubegum did and said was right
Abhi: Shabbo!
Shabbo: Bhaiya ji think of yourself if someone brought gift for you and it breaks one day whom will you blame? The person who gifted you! Or yourself? Tell me
Abhi: of course I will blame myself that I didn’t took care of it and leave my topic the person who had gifted me that he will also feel bad and blame me
Shabbo: Bhaiya ji that’s what I am trying to make you understand they are your kids and more than the gift to you and your family which Bahu begum had given you, and you people failed to take care of them so whom will Bahu begum blame tell me?
Abhi: to me and my family
Shabbo: exactly… Bhaiya ji it is not easy for anyone to bind a family into one thread but Bahu Begum did this and for that she did more than her will it is not easy to tolerate for her that’s why when such kind of thing happened the volcanoes of feelings which was buried as she was just tolerating everything without speaking that erupt in her and when this is done she won’t stop so easily now she will do every possible thing which is in her hand to rectify every mistake according to her which has happened till now
Abhi: But Shabbo how can you say that
Shabbo: experience Bahiya ji experience if this wouldn’t have happened I was at my home not here
Abhi smiled: won’t you share that with me
Shabbo: You are still a kid bhaiya ji you won’t understand and I don’t wish to share it with anyone (said with a smile)
Abhi understood that she is in no mood to share anything he was about to say something when he got a call from home and after attending it he rushed out immediately
Shabbo ran behind him: Bhaiya ji what happened? At least tell me
Abhi replied while opening his car door: Didi Shabbo she is leaving the home
Shabbo: what!! But why…? Okay bhaiya ji you leave first and see what happened otherwise it will be late
Abhi: Hmm I will tell you later but don’t forget to distribute those forms to the girls I have to submit them by tomorrow otherwise they will be late in admission.
Shabbo: I will do that Bhaiya ji but you go first.
Abhi nodding his head left the place and went towards his home at home the scene was like a battle ground because Dadi was in the top of anger, Kabir was grinning his teeth and Divya was asking him with tears to stop Naira when Abhi entered Dadi said
Dadi: See Mr. is back what happened that lady threw you out right!! I had said you already that she will do this
Abhi ignoring her words went towards Kabir
Abhi: Baba what happened? What’s going on here why Ma is crying and why didi is leaving home can you tell me
Kabir: better not to ask me otherwise it will make me feel shame more than enough
Dadi: yes, yes words of your mother will be the one which make you feel low I will tell you Abhi, what wrong did I said about those Verma’s after all they asked for dowry only right! So why do we hear those name here but that silly girl your sister she got in rage when I talked about her husband
Abhi controlling his anger rushed towards Naira’s room and said stopping her
Abhi: didi, didi stop what are you doing where are you going

Naira with continuing her packing in utmost anger: just be aside Abhi don’t try to say that anything which is regarding stopping me here
Abhi kept hand over her bag: why are you doing this at least listen to me once
Naira pushed his hand aside and closing her bag started to move towards hall where everyone were Abhi was stopping her she went passing Dadi and was about to exit the door when Dadi’s word made her stop
Dadi: don’t stop her Abhi lets see where she will live when neither in laws will accept her nor she will have a big luxurious house like this
Abhi yelled: Dadi will you please stop it she is leaving the home damn it
Naira: don’t stop her today Abhi let her speak because neither she is going to stop nor I and I have to do this because my parents are helpless they don’t know that whether to protect their kids or not because she is their grandmother only they have forgotten that we are their kids nor her they have to take decisions for us not she
Abhi remembered the words which Pragya said to him last night “They are your kids damn it not of your family you have the right to take decision for them” he came back to senses when Dadi shouted at something and Naira again replied
Naira: I don’t know where I will live and how but it is sure now I don’t want to live among those people who are expert in lying
Abhi: Lying??
Naira: they said that Siddharth is at business tour right!! And Mom Dad permit me that I can live here
Abhi: exactly
Naira smiled and lone tear escaped from her eye: They lied Abhi they lied every moment they stopped me here one year saying so and then suddenly said that Siddharth asked divorce from me and when I refused I stayed here since last four years, because they gave the reason that Sidharth said that he doesn’t wish to live with me anymore
Abhi nodded in yes
Naira continued: They lied Abhi they lied they cheated on me the original matter was Siddharth was wishing to establish new business in India but the capital wasn’t enough to do that and idea was brilliant which was passed by various authorities he asked them to help and what they did, Abhi they named it that he was asking dowry and instead helping him they insulted him and made me live far from my son till these five years bhai they destroyed their own daughter’s family see
Dadi: it is not true Abhi beta she is saying it on the basis of a phone call which that greedy Siddharth did
Naira yelled: that wasn’t blo*dy phone call damn it, IT was just an excuse but the truth is that I heard it when Baba was presenting his guilt infront of maa over some matters I heard it clearly that it was you Dadi you who did all this Abhi she insulted Sidharth that’s why he never came back home and when I called him you know what he said, he said he is in Mumbai only and Manav is suffering why? Because he is getting night mares without me but now it is enough I won’t live here anymore I have decided my parents cant take decision for me then I will not walk on anyone else’s decision and listen Bhai if you want to stay happy then don’t let your family suffer end it here I am saying
Saying so she started moving from there but this time Abhi stopped her in a stern voice
Abhi: wait for a while didi

He called Kaustuki and looking at Dadi with a glare asked her to go directly to Sangwang villa here he went in his room and taking two suitcases said to Naira “Let’s go didi now its enough from both the sides from my side and from your side too enough of being puppet of anyone’s hand lets go”
Divya stopped them (with crying voice): Bitto (Naira) Abhi don’t do this my bachha please at least think about us what is our fault don’t punish us okay you want Sidharth and Pragya back in the house we will plead them will ask them sorry and bring them back but don’t leave this house and don’t leave us alone Abhi and Naira hold her hands and here screen shifts towards Pragya she was in the dean’s office discussing about the further schedule and as per the year ending she was assigned the mini awareness dramas to be performed in rural areas on which there people refuse to adopt some virtual truths she got the list and checked the names she got shocked and asked the dean to change one of its place but she refused Pragya for the first time didn’t insisted about anything and went from there as the time was of leaving the college she went out from the cabin and Rajeet passed a smirk seems he had planned something against her she was driving the car when she thought “I have to leave by tomorrow morning with kids it means don’t know I will be able to speak to him or not he Is not picking up my phone and….. (took a deep sigh) and don’t know whether he will now talk to me or not because I said him a lot yesterday but it was necessary because he did wrong love never meant to make someone weak it is always meant to make a person strong” she was driving in the thoughts and BG played
Har saans zeher (every breath is poisonous)
Har khwaab saza (every dream in is a punishment now)
Teri sazish thi mujhe ishq hua (it was conspired by you that I fell in love)
Meri mannat wo mera sadka wo (he is my wish he is my admirer)
Wo dua meri meri sajda wo (He is my prayer and he is my worship)
Meri mannat wo mera sadka wo (he is my wish he is my admirer)
Wo dua meri meri sajda wo (He is my prayer and he is my worship)
Tune mita di kyu wo lakeerein (why you destroyed those destiny lines)
Jinme ishq ki thi taqdeerein (which was having faith and destiny of love)
Ashq chhene mere tune (you snatched my tears)
Junoon chhena mera tune (you snatched my craziness)
Khuda tu ho nahi sakta (you can’t be my god)
Khuda chheena mera tune (you snatched my god)

She stopped with a jerk and then getting out of thoughts said to herself “NO I have to do this now I have to face this just go for this Basudha don’t back off” screen freezed on her determined face and then screen shifted towards Abhi he was holding Divya’s hand Naira said
Naira: you will bring them back?? Are you sure!!
Divya: of course I will do it for you
Abhi: then bring our those 5 years too which we spent with pain only our kids grown up and we lost their childhood can you bring that back Maa Ganga spent 5 years without her sister whom she loves more than anyone else she lost that love can you bring that back leave all that Kaustu hated me inside her heart can you end that now completely if you bring that back I will stop here more than that can you bring Basudha’s pain to an end!! If you can I will stop here
Naira: can you end those night mares from my son’s eyes which are troubling him just because his mother is not with him after knowing that he is scared of darkness then also can you bring those moment which I lost can you bring my 5 years back Ma
Kabir: listen both of you….
Abhi cuts off: please Baba don’t, because if we are in such condition then you are also the reason somewhere and please now don’t stop us because we don’t willing to do so
Dadi: both of you have got mad let them go Kabir they will get their brain back soon when they will know that nothing was wrong what we did
Kabir: please ma let me talk you have said so much today now kindly let me handle this okay
Naira: No need Baba because we have decided and now I know why Yashika stopped coming here after you stopped me here because she knew somewhere that Dadi can spoil her relation too but now no more
Abhi: let’s go didi its getting late and our journey is too long we have to travel a lot
Divya: Abhi at least listen to me
Naira and Abhi joined hands infront of Divya and left the Place with teary eyes BG played…
Noor-e-Khuda (O! light of the God)
Noor-e-Khuda (O! light of the God)

Abhi and Naira sat in the car and took a deep breath not to feel guilt over what they did because this time dadi crossed all her limits and still Divya and Kabir were silent BG continued
Ajnabee mod hai (It’s an unknown turning point)
Khauf har ore hai (There’s terror everywhere)
Har nazar pe dhuaan chhaa gaya (On every gaze there is a clouded smoke)
Pal bhar mein jaane kya kho gaya (Don’t know what has been lost in just a moment)
Screen shifted towards Divya and Kabir Divya was in her room weeping looking their happy family picture and said to Kabir who was seated beside her consoling her “Kabir I stopped all those crap thoughts but one thing is true you know what” Kabir asked in gestures “What?” she said “The day Pragya left home none of us were happy from that moment none of us” Kabir nodded in yes and BG continued..
Aasman zard hai (The sky has turned yellow)
Aanhein bhi sard hain (Even the sighs have caught cold)
Tan se saaya juda ho gaya (From the body, the shadow has been separated)
Pal bhar mein jaane kya kho gaya (Don’t know what has been lost in just a moment)

Saans ruk si gayi (The breath seems to have stopped)
Jism chhil sa gaya (The body seems to be peeled (wounded))
Toote khawaabon ke manzar pe tera jahaan chal diya (Your world is walking towards the place full of shattered dreams)

Noor-e-Khuda (O! light of the God)
Tu kahaan chhupa hai humein ye bata (Tell me where are You hidden)

Noor-e-Khuda (O! light of the God)
Yun na humse nazarein phira (Don’t take Your gaze away from us (turn Your back on us))
Screen shifted towards Abhi he was stopped at red light Naira asked
Naira: Abhi where are we going?”
Abhi: Sangwang villa
Naira: Bhai will you take me to Shabbo don’t know why I feel that I need her this time
Abhi: are you sure because you both use to fight whenever you meet her
Naira: No Abhi today I really feel to meet her
Abhi nodded in agreement BG continued when they started driving towards Ngo Naira was looking out of window of car looking at sky and lost in thoughts
Nazarein karam farmaa hi de (Let the eyes show their nobility)
Deen o dharam ko jaga hi de (Let the duty and righteousness be awakened)
Jalti huyi tanhaiyaan (Loneliness is burning)
Roothi huyi parchhaaiyan (The shadows are angry (upset))
Kaisi udhi ye hawa (What sort of a wind is blowing)
Chhaaya ye kaisa samaa (What sort of an atmosphere is spread)

Abhi stopped at NGO and Naira went in knocked Shabbo’s door, Shabbo opened the door and wearing her specs asked “Who is it” trying to figure it out who was at door as those old eyes weren’t able to identify someone in night but she managed to do so and looking at Naira’s dull face she asked her to come in and gave her some water Naira asked “Aaj Begum nahi kahegi Shabbo? (today you won’t call me Begum Shabbo?)” Shabbo understood that something was broken in Naira today she widened her arms and let Naira hugged her Naira burst out in tears and Abhi left the place because looking his sister crying his eyes were turning moist BG continued
Rooh jam si gayi (The soul seems to be frozen)
Waqt tham sa gaya (The time seems to have stopped )
Toote khawaabon ke manzar pe tera jahaan chal diya (Your world is walking towards the place full of shattered dreams)

Noor-e-Khuda ((O! light of the God)
Tu kahaan chhupa hai humein ye bata (Tell me where are You hidden)

Noor-e-Khuda (O! light of the God)
Yun na humse nazarein phira (Don’t take Your gaze away from us)

Noor-e-Khuda (O! light of the God)
After sometime Naira came out and asked Abhi lets go they started moving towards Sangwang villa again here screen shifted towards Pragya she was packing her bags and saw the picture which was kept on her side table near bed she took it and sat beside her bag then thinking something she kept that in her bag it was their photograph his hers Kaustuki and ganga BG continues she moved towards the hall taking her bag
Ujde se lamhon ko aas teri (The ravaged moments have hopes on You)
Zakhmi dilon ko hai pyaas teri (The wounded hearts are thirsty for You)
Har dhadkan ko talaash teri (Every heart-beat searches for You)
Tera milta nahin hai pata (And Your address is unknown to all)
She wrote a letter and kept it on the table in the room and when went down she told Kaustuki and Ganga about her tour which was from morning and she have to report to the hotel so she was leaving that night itself as the distance was much Kaustu nodded in okay and both the girls hugged her Ranvi and Sakshi were there too Ranvi went with her and Sakshi stayed with girls BG continued showing lost face of Pragya which was again and again showing that she was feeling lost leaving without talking to him
Khaali aankhein khud se sawaal karein (The empty eyes question themselves)
Aman ki cheekh behaal kare (The shout of peace is making me in a bad condition)
Behta lahu fariyaad kare (The flowing blood is complaining)
Tera mitataa chala hai nishaan (Your signs have started getting erased)

Here Abhi reached Sangvang villa with Naira and when entered asked about Pragya, Sakshi told him that she left and don’t know when she will be back Abhi felt like someone stabbed him because she went without talking to him once he was thinking that “is she so angry with me that she don’t want to talk with me” BG continued
Rooh jam si gayi (The soul seems to be frozen)
Waqt tham sa gaya (The time seems to have stopped )
Toote khawaabon ke manzar pe tera jahaan chal diya (Your world is walking towards the place full of shattered dreams)

Noor-e-Khuda ((O! light of the God)
Tu kahaan chhupa hai humein ye bata (Tell me where are You hidden)

Noor-e-Khuda (O! light of the God)
Yun na humse nazarein phira (Don’t take Your gaze away from us)

Noor-e-Khuda (O! light of the God)

Screen freeze on their faces one side Abhi’s face and one side Pragya’s lost face

Precap: lets rectify everything

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  1. B_Ani

    in short of words… left me speechless…
    naira really rocked and abhi took the right decision that he should have did way back…
    loving bulbul… just made her friend relaxed… that was awesome…
    all the scenes were perfect…every emotion is just clear and the scenes are just right in front of my eyes…
    it was all in all a wonderful epi…
    keep rocking…
    loved it a lot❤️ and u too❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Prathi

    Bulbul i just love her!! Finally Abhi and NAIRA moved out

  3. Vaishali

    so i think now its time for me to be violent.. before breaking up the storm i am thinking where to start??? is it from basu or kaustu or abho or that idiotic dadi? ok let me go in my order itself… first of all so so so so so so sorry for not commenting u know the reason u can think why i am dng like this i am not fit to be called ur sis but sorry dii really really sorry… i feel ashamed… pls forgive me na… okiee after what that randeep khurana did.. that blo*dy idiot if he come in front of me i will show how to play human football. maniac he is.. i hate him.. what affected me was kaustu;’s words as well as basu’s words… kaustu’s words of ” help me mymmy ” made me cry but basudha’s words of facing it made me think dii… i cant describe how i feel now… the fear kaustuki faced is a nightmare wish she gives a perfect reply to that idiot… basudha she is the stealer of this show.. she is perfect.. didnt expect the innocent pragya can be this dareful basudha hats off to her.. basu’s words to abhi i dont know why my eyes got moist.. the pain basudha gng through is justified as she gave kaustu’s responsibility but the guilt abhi is facing is far more than her.. without his knowledge he ruined it… feeling so sorry for my kaustu darling.. even with all her family members she cant even fine one trustworthy person.. and today’s episode was full of emotional.. the way that dadi had ruined all the childrens made me think is she a human or something who is just made for status and all that.. manav siddharth i dont kknow how they came out of it and most of all naira how she will be feeling.. man i cant even describe it.. abhi and naira did correct today.. the questions they asked to divya is like a slap to her.. thats why u r sucha perfect writer di and u still hold a special place in my heart…. always i love naira and shabbo ‘s fight but today the roller coaster of emotions made me choke i cant tell u dii its beyond expression… and abhi i am feeling so sorry for u dear hope u rectify all ur mistakes and apologize to ur wife and ur daughters coz of ur stupid u lost all the moments which u should have tresured in these five years.. be happy da.. and lastly again so sorry dii. its been a long time no very long time i hv commented or expressing my heart to u missed all those dii hope u remember me dii coz if u forgot me i wouldnt have forget myself… wish to feel ur love again for me.. will wait for it.. love u so so so much dii take care always.. keep smiling and be happy dii

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