“…So we met like this….” part 2

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Hey people this is Vinni here. ?
I’m so sorry guys for posting so late. Actually I’m not looking forward anymore to post this story here. I will post the further parts on Wattpad as the story named “The Broken One”
Hello Aunty…” I heard when I was lying on my bed reading my novel. Is he… oh no no…maa thinks he’s a nice boy…I should train him. I rushed to the hall. This is bihaan… and she’s my maa. Bihaan, to my surprise, touched maa’s feet. Is he so well mannered or is he acting!! Oh my God… one more drama artist added in my life!! Maa smiled and blessed him caressing his hair. She left ordering me to take him in. I gazed over him. I can see something…. something that doesn’t suits the strong Bihaan Pandey. Is it tears. Wait wait… it’s tears!! Before thinking why..I thought… It is an awkward moment…What should I say… should I ask him about these tears…or should I remain quite.. or should I offer him handkerchief or something… ahhh these questions are hitting my head. “Are you weeping?” “Where’s washroom?” Oh no no no….we both uttered at the same moment. I wish he didn’t heard me…I wish…. “oh chuk chuk gadi” oh no…it means he heard and is ready to laugh at me. “I’m asking for washroom… where are you” he said waving infront of my eyes. Hush….he didn’t heard me thankfully. I showed him the way and he closed the door. I left to help maa. But it was tears….I feel… leave it..I’m again over thinking. 

He came near the dinning table with his wetty hair and face. The water droplets piercing his Tshirt… I can see his chest blurred behind his tshirt. So hot….I must say. He rolled his hands over his hair. And I was glaring him silently. His wetty beards… oh my God. But… there’s something peeping out of his right hand’s sleeve… what’s would it be?? I wonder!! “So hot no!!” A voice uttered near my ears and I turned. This was non other than my shraddha Di hissing to me. Bihaan saw us and came near. Shraddha di offered him towel. “She’s my elder sister. Shraddha Di.” I started intro. “And this is…” “…bihaan pandey..” Di interrupted. “Gajab….” he said as always raising his right eyebrow and his fishy smile. “You know my name…!!” “Thapki told me…” Di said and he looked surprised. He gazed over me. Confused. “My name is thapki”-_- I stated fuming at him. Di and bihaan bursted out looking at me and then at each other. “Ok…sorry” he said while managing his laugh. “Well the name you gave her…suits her more” Di said and they both bursted out again. 

“I’m going to maa.” I fumed turning towards the kitchen. Maa was taking the water jar on the dinning table when it slipped and bihaan held it. “Aunty you sit..I’ll serve” he said making maa sit on the chair of ‘head of the family’. Maa, obviously, declined but he made her agree and I, Di and he were serving the foods. He’s unpredictable!! He makes fun of me…but see… how supportive he’s turning to my family. He was making fun, cracking jokes, mimicking… which made maa and Di laugh hard…and I was just looking at him. He was passing high fives to Di, doing dramas like her. Enjoying food and everything but not like any normal guest. I was actually over thinking!!… see how happy he is and keeping everyone happy. I felt my lips curving more and more, to form a smile, seeing his innocence and childishness. 

“Ting tong” someone is on door. I left my seat to open the door. It was papa. Oh my God papa….what a surprise!! I hugged him and splashed a bundle of questions on him. “Relax relax my princess… I came today to give you surprise. I got relieved with my meeting soon so I came back.” He answered entering in to the house. “Umm….papa he’s bihaan…. my friend” I declared and bihaan looked at me, surprisingly. He’s at my home because of me….though he’s my friend right!! It wasn’t this much surprising at all!! Well he came near papa and touched his feet to take blessings. “Hmm…” papa said blessing him or should I say just patting him. But he wasn’t looking glad seeing bihaan. He was glaring his ear wears, his boots, his bracelets, his brown jacket and then …at him. “He’s very nice guy….” Di interrupted in between of papa’s analysis. “I see….” he said glaring him.

“The dinner is ready… join us” maa said “Ok I’m coming in a while” he replied moving towards his room. It is really a tough task to impress my papa. Bihaan was silent. I think he had noticed a very rude uncle!! May this was new for him. I assured him saying “it’s ok… he’s tired so he might sounding rude.” But he just smiled formally. Is he this much scared of papa!! I was laughing in my mind and thought to tease him in return of chuk chuk gadi. “I’m done” he smiled “thank you Aunty for this yummy treat” he said smiling at maa. “But why so hurry?” A voice came from the back of my chair. It was papa. He asked him to sit but don’t know why bihaan doesn’t wanted to be more late. I gestured him “chill man it’s just 9:00pm”. His happy behavior was now changing into the tensed one. Not so easily noticeable. My papa dragged the chair of infront me and seated on it gesturing bihaan to sit where he was earlier seated, beside me. It was now looking like a interview committee. So serious. 

“What’s your subject?” My papa fired the question. I looked at him, like everyone did, to trap the answer. But he didn’t replied anything. He was shut. I hope he’s not uneducated(I’m laughing in my mind)…. yes he talks in that way…but just to irritate me. “Umm….MBA” he uttered trying to smile which I noticed. “Hmm… good! Which year??” He fired the next question and again my sight fell on nervous bihaan. I don’t know why he’s so nervous!! And he’s thinking this much!! He was clinching his fist. Continuously. “Second year” he uttered anyhow. “Oh great!! Means with thapki!! I see” papa smiled and he too. No he’s not in my class. Why’s he lying? Should I say this or should I remain quiet? I think I should go with the second option. I kept shut. “And what about your family?” Papa asked finally taking a bite of dinner. “I’m the younger…. son..of Pandey family”. So much of stammerings!! It feels like he’ll cry now. So I gazed over his eyes.

He was glaring his plate and was tightening his hands around the glass of water kept before his plate. “Oh!! They are so nice people!! You are lucky” papa smiled but this time bihaan didn’t. “Try this fried rice papa… it’s so yummy” shraddha Di said passing it towards papa. Everyone’s sight diverted away of bihaan. I was noticing him. He was quite now. After gazing his empty plate he looked up at everyone. “By the way papa…. did you missed maa’s tasty food their?” “Ohh shraddha shut up…. can’t you see the guest sitting over here!!” Maa said and Di and papa giggled. Bihaan was observing it silently and I was observing him silently. “What happened bihaan?” I managed to ask him in a hissing voice. “I should reach home till 9:30 ….otherwise…” he was saying when my laugh interrupted him unwantedly. “You are more girly than me” I giggled slowly. He faked a smile and I shutted up. “Aunty I should leave now.” He said finally leaving his chair. “Ok beta…. everyone might be waiting for you” maa replied getting up from her seat and blessing him when he touched her feet. He touched papa’s feet and he blessed him smilingly, this time!! “It was nice talking you” Di said shaking hands with bihaan. “It was nicer for me” he smiled and we all waved him “bye” when he left on his bike. 

“He’s a nice guy” maa said arranging plates away of the dinning table. “Why had he been treated so special?” Papa questioned and Di answered about how he saved me from goons, in her own dramatic way. I was leaving to my room when I saw his mobile phone. He might had left it mistakenly. “I’ll return him tomorrow in college”. I said leaving to my room. 

I’m lying on my bed arranging my blanket when my sight fell on his phone. Should I call his home? I checked his phone. A lady’s picture is on his lock screen wallpaper. Its vasu aunty… his mom ..I guess. Wait. I don’t the password right!! In his emergency call number I checked. There was no one’s number. I added mine and called from his phone on my number. I got his number now. “It’s raining hard tonight” Di said entering in to the blanket. “Its so cold” she said acting to shiver. I switched off the light and we slept after our long late night gossips.


Thanks for reading ?
Hope u liked it.
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  1. plz give updating here no Wattpad in my mobile plz continue here

    1. Vinni7

      Hey anu thank u dear. I’m glad u liked it?

  2. Hey vinni you write so well yaar ..I can.t find your story on wattpad ..help me plz ..I searched for ur tittle but other stories came….what shall I do……plz continue writing here ..I want to read ur ff

    1. Vinni7

      Hey riya. Thank u so much ? u can go through my profile named 7vinni7 on Wattpad. U will find the story there. ❤

  3. SAME plz update in TU
    bcoz I’ve small phone so I think u understand bcoz u r my lovely,sweetest didi…
    didi episode was DHASOOO
    or wo interview sestion bhut acha tha…
    vese to expirence bolta h..
    kyo di koe mil gya kya
    love u lot
    or pta h mene aap ko kitna miss kia..
    so now,
    heste rhna, kush rhna, muskurate rhna or u hi humesa muje yaad kerte rhna..
    tik h!!!
    verna aap ko paap chdega..

    or baki baad m..

    1. Vinni7

      Kudrat as I always say ur comment brings a big big smile on my face. Thank u so much to be so lovely everytime.??
      Stay like this and keep smiling❤❤❤

  4. great episode and please post here.

    1. Vinni7

      Thanku so much ?

  5. Sulbi

    Vinni… splendid… i can feel how much Bihaan has hurt…its paining for me too… waiting for nxt part dear tc…

    1. Vinni7

      Thanks sulbi ❤ and it really means a lot to me if u can feel the pain of the story. ?

  6. Juveria.ghalib

    It was amazing n intresting dear continue n I will read it wattpad

    1. Vinni7

      Thank u so much juvi ? do read and comment on Wattpad?❤

  7. awesome the way shrahaan teased thapki and then bihaan’s little interview to her father….it’s very well written… I may read it anywhere on wattpad or here….but I wonder about other readers… please do update for them over here.. or they will join there too… tc

    1. Vinni7

      Thank u so much Ritz ? actually the story will turn dark further… and I don’t think the TU readers would accept it and appreciate it. Well I will be back with some other storyline…. so that readers could get satisfaction after reading my story ?. That’s the issue actually….?

  8. It was lovely nd vry well written it was such a cute epi nd i wnt to read it plz if u cud post it here ?i like ur story wtng for the next epi… nd i will try to read on wattpad?

    1. Vinni7

      Thanks Simi ? please do read and comment on Wattpad too. My username is 7vinni7. See u there ?

  9. plz post it here i love ur story

    1. Vinni7

      Thank u Tara ? I will be back with some other storyline for sure : )

  10. Alm.Abi

    hey vinni dear….marvellous… u amazingly portrayed bihaan’s nervousness during interview… nd then its caring attitude towards thpki’s mother and when he was worried tht its so late nd he z not at home… everything just perfect… waiting for nxt…

    1. Vinni7

      Oh dear thank u so much ???? ur appreciation is always so precious to me. Luv u ❤

  11. Di aap to bus Thannku thanku ker rhe ho btaoo to ki TU p post kroge ki nahi..
    acha acha!!! sorry

    kesi ho aap or gher m baki log..
    didi didi didi!!!
    mene na aapk lea aaj k thapki pyaar ki page p massage chora h ped l na..
    apna dhyen rekna..

    or ha di sayed aap ko kisi n btya nahi lakin meri baate nahi blki aap ka chehra hi bhut HASMUKH h..
    aap mera ek kaam kero, mirror k samne jaooo..
    nahi ga..e na
    KYO, KAB, KESE mat kro phle jaoo..
    jaoo na di plzplzplzzz..
    jaoo jaoo.. Jaoooo!!!
    chale ga…e

    kyo h ma chehra HASMUKH..
    plz don’t BLUSH..
    deko dekoo..
    chori shrm k mare dono gaal kesmiri seb ki terh laal ho ga..e
    love u di..
    keep blushing..

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