“…So we met like this….” part 3

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Hello everyone.
This is vinni here ?
I missed u soooooooo baaaaddddlllyyyyy. So I’m posting this story here too….
Actually I was pretty nervous about this story… Whether u would like or not as this will turn to the dark further.
But your love and support compelled me to post it here. ?
So here we go….
Bihaan didn’t arrived yet…my class is about to start. There’s Dhruv…I can see him. But where is bihaan.. isn’t he with him!! I rushed to dhruv with my bundle of questions. “Where’s bihaan??” I questioned puffing. “Hey thapki… why are you searching him?” He asked and I told him everything. “Did he started to make friends!!” Dhruv said…or should I say his tongue slipped. One of dhruv’s friends interrupted in between asking him to be fast. “He didn’t came today” dhruv said and left with his friends.

But why? Had he forgotten about his phone? And what did dhruv meant? Number of questions were hitting my mind.

After my classes when I was taking my scooty out of parking I saw bihaan. He was with his car…handing keys over to dhruv. Dhruv left in car with his friends. Bihaan looked at them and I at him. He started walking outside the college. “Bihaan… bihaan….” I called his name loudly from the backside but he didn’t listened. Huhh I don’t care. I only have to return his mobile. So I accelerated my scooty towards him. “Hey… hey.. hey…” I said ..hush finally caught him. “Oh chuk chuk gadi on her gadi” he laughed. “Shut up” I fumed, obviously! “You forgot your mobile in my house yesterday…. take it” I said rolling my hands into my bag. But wait….I couldn’t find it…. oh no…. I left it at home. “I need it now” he ordered. “Relax… I didn’t unlocked your mobile”. I said assuring him, with a glare. I asked him to sit on my scooty and we left to my house.

By the way… my heart is thinking to tease bihaan… why not!! He always does so after all. So I started to irritate him(smirk). “Ahem ahem” after dramatically clearing my throat. “I will not give you your mobile so easily”. I smirked seeing his face in mirror. So tensed. I laughed, unnoticeable to him. “What will you take to return it?” He questioned, actually pleaded. “Not your property for sure” I giggled. I was actually enjoying his company, usually he used to irritate me….but today…I got the chance. Well I should think something nice. After all I have to ask something from the great Bihaan Pandey!! So after thinking so much ….umm… “Golgappe” I demanded stopping my scooty at the very moment which jerked him on me. It was an awkward feeling. But I can’t control myself after seeing golgappe. “Ok fine…” he said and I rushed towards the golgappe after locking my scooty. He followed me slowly. He’s not looking much active today. “What would you like to have madam” golgappe wala asked attracting me more towards the delicious golgappas. “Two plates of spicy golgappe please” I said gesturing bihaan, who was yet to arrive near the stall, to have. He came. He’s such a mysterious person I must say. Yummy…. so spicy… so soft… so tasty… after having one it felt so heavenly. I saw bihaan. His eyes were getting more and more red and tears were unstoppable… he was coughing too. “What happened? Are you fine?” I asked worriedly rubbing his head from the backside. I offered him water of my bottle and he gulped without looking here and there. He was puffing now… but seemed better. “Its so spicy….” he managed to speak in between his puffings. Now my laugh was increasing higher and higher. He glared me with his lessening puffs. “How can you eat so much spicy” he groaned. And I made him drink more water. He was now looking into my eyes and me too. I can’t hear anything now…. I can see him…only him. His innocent face. His tiny reddish eyes. And he too was….just looking at me. I can feel the scented breeze in the air… I can feel the blinking of his eyes contacting to mine.

“Madam…do you want more?” Golgappe wala asked and I felt like coming into my senses. It was embarrassing and seemed for himself too. I managed myself to neglect everyone and moved towards my scooty. He paid and followed me.

I was driving and we stuck to the traffic.Ughhh. “Gajab” he said and I can see his smirk in my mirror. I like when you say gajab. I thought to tell him…but.. I think I should remain quiet. “Don’t say now you are enjoying this traffic” I fumed or should I say…I acted. “Gajab…how do you know chuk chuk gadi!!” He laughed saying this. I smiled seeing him in mirror. The traffic was clearing slowly and I started the engine on. “You were looking down today… are you fine?” I asked and his smile suddenly disappeared, suddenly. I noticed. “Your beautiful hairs are compelling me to feel low today” he again flirted. Ughhh. “Stop seeing dreams” I groaned but he was busy in his giggles. “How’s maa… umm..I mean … Aunty… how’s she” he asked. I know his question was casual… but I didn’t found so!! Well like other girls I too started my chatterings “Today’s no one at home… maa and papa had gone to a relative’s house and will come tomorrow. And Di had gone for outing with her friends…. she lives in hostel…so some of her friends called her for a kind of reunion.. she might come today… umm.. I can’t say.. after all she’s my sister!!” A slight giggle I can feel on my face. After gearing up my scooty…oh no no no… a speedbreaker suddenly came infront of me…which resulted a slight jerk. Thankfully it didn’t resulted in any kind of accident. Hush… But ..Wait. Suddenly I can feel something… something on my shoulder.. its..its his head on my left shoulder. I widened my eyes abruptly. “Bihaan… what are you doing…” I hissed in tension. Oh my God… somebody help me. Why’s he behaving like this!! I stopped my scooty to see. But I can’t move my head. I rolled my hands over his face. I touched his cheeks. I can feel his closed eyes and his body seems so hot as fire. He’s having fever. I patted his cheek slightly which made him open his eyes… but he didn’t looked in his full sense. “Bihaan…” I said and honestly I felt a tension… about my friend. “Thapki… I’m feeling very cold..” he hissed with his shivering voice. I made him to keep his hand around my waist. Now I can feel his warm breathe. “We’ll go to Doctor…” I said assuring him. I know he’s not listening me. I again started my scooty when his head slipped from my shoulder. Thankfully I held it. I had to do something… he’s not in his senses and can fall down of scooty. I should do something… wait a second.. my bag which is hung on my right shoulder can help me. So I removed it and again hanged it on the right shoulder… this time attaching with bihaan. He will not fall atleast now!! I started my scooty thinking what had happened to him, suddenly. So high fever….but he was alright till now!!

Thinking every possible stuff I managed to take him to Doctor uncle’s clinic. I know him from my high school times. The clinic is not so classy but yes uncle and aunty knows me as papa once had consulted him about my stammering problem… but he was failed too… like others. They were not like other doctors who used to laugh at me.. although they were not so reputed but they are good hearted.

Uncle checked him with his stethoscope and I was standing near him. He was lying now ..not in his senses.. but was conscious… and covered with blanket..but was shivering still, holding my hands tightly. “Uncle…what had happened to him?” “Thapki… he’s suffering from a high fever…and….” he said checking his nerves. “And?..” I asked. “It seems he didn’t ate anything till from a good amount of time” he said, which left me surprised.He then injected him some medicine which made him sleep and ask me to relax. “But how suddenly?” I asked in tension “did this happened because of spicy golgappe?” I continued. “No not at all… I think he suffered from cold…” He said. Aunty, his wife…who was dealing with other patient came near me after the patient left, she came with a smile to me. “It looks he’s very special to you…is he your best friend?” She asked. “…..yes..” I uttered looking at him. Am I acting weird? He’s my friend right!!… or should I say the mysterious person!! “Was yesterday hectic for him!!” She asked slightly pushing his eyelids up to check his closed eyes. Umm.. let me think.. no right!! He came to my house.. he was enjoying.. then my dad… and then his weird behavior… I’m not getting how yesterday could result so hectic for him!! “Yes… I mean.. no… I mean.. umm.. I don’t know..” I don’t know how stupid am I sounding.. but I’m speechless.. .”Hmm… it seems he didn’t taken a proper sleep… well he’ll be fine soon… you can take him home then” aunty smiled and left patting on my shoulder.

He’s really a mysterious person. How can anyone suddenly fall so ill! Let him wake up…I’ll take his class today. After purchasing medicines of him.. I entered to the room he was lying like before. I again noticed something peeping out of his right hand’s sleeve… I think it’s some wound…not so noticeable. I slowly stepped towards him and started pushing his sleeve slightly up. Is this right? No no… I again kept his hand as before.

I was leaving when someone caught my hand. I turned to see it was bihaan. Oh no…did he caught me pushing his sleeves up? He will misunderstand now!! Ughhh. I was swinging over the feeling of awkwardness when “I want to go home” all he managed to say while gripping his fist more on the blanket of which he was covered under …while trying to sit. Hush…thank God… this overthinking will kill me one day!! I helped him to sit. “Ok come let’s leave” I asked making him stand. “You will feel cold…take this with you” aunty said passing shawl to bihaan. To my surprise he left towards my scooty without wasting a single minute. “He’s alright… all he need is rest. And make sure he takes his medicine. He may feel fever and some weakness. Make him eat some healthy stuff.” uncle said. I left the clinic after taking uncle’s and aunty’s blessing.

He covered himself with the shawl ….without any argue…strange!! I started my scooty. The sun is set now and its dark. Street lights are flickering. And I felt cold too. There was silence. I didn’t knew what to speak this time.

I felt something warm around me. “Its cold today” bihaan said who was covered with the blanket, started to expand it more so that it could cover me too. I didn’t reacted anything. Just drove the scooty silently. You have to answer my questions… . Meanwhile he was using his tantrics to make me speak something. But I was quiet.

We reached home. My home. I didn’t uttered anything yet. I unlocked the house and entered switching on the lights. Its 8:30. “Oh no…its so late today” bihaan groaned in tension. I turned to see him. He was standing on the door. “Relax and come in” I ordered. He came quietly. He was looking weak, obviously. Even though he’s a mysterious man doesn’t mean I don’t care. I do. It will sound stupid… but yes… I do care of him. “Give my mobile phone… I need to rush today” he said. I gazed over him. “How will you go?” I uttered angrily. “My 11 number vehicle” he said with his smirking smile. I glared him in confusion. He patted his thighs and smiled at me. I fumed. Oh he mean his legs… I was irked. “How can you be so normal?? Don’t you know what happened just now?” I yelled finally throwing my anger on him. He’s now looking at me…. coming closer to me… . I found myself tucked on wall near the door. “Everything is fine don’t you think so!!” He said…not so loudly. I glared him with a feeling of rigidity… not this time your smile will work on me. I glared him continuously. “Wait till I’m back with the coffee.” I fumed and left ordering him to sit.

Hush.. the coffee is ready now.. I placed it in tray with some veg sandwiches and moved towards the hall.
He is sitting on sofa with his head leaning.. and eyes closed. He’s alright I hope. I managed to touch his shoulder he woke up at the very moment. “Relax.. its me” I stated placing the tray on table.

The lights gone suddenly and I was about to see the reason when “No plzz…I don’t want to eat anything…” he said. I glared him which made him finally to take a bite of a sandwich. I left him to take his mobile from my room.

I felt something strange in my house. But ignored and moved to bihaan. “Take this” I said handing the phone over to him. He was about to take it when I removed it suddenly. I felt to laugh seeing his concern for his phone. I was laughing when I found him serious. I kept quiet.

“Ok sorry…take this…” I said finally handing over. “Now answer my questions… how you suddenly fell ill?” “Sshhh…” he said hissing. I was confused of his behavior. His behavior was scaring me now!! “Someone is in home” he said which gave me goosebumps. .. yes Yes….I can feel someone’s presence. Some movement… yes yes he’s right!! There’s someone….

The hall was dark… although there was some dim lights.. enough to scare me more. My heart is beating so loud now. I can feel it in my mouth. No one is at home today…. neither maa papa nor shraddha Di. But someone is in papa’s room. I can feel. “Act as normal…” bihaan hissed which scared me more. “Ok go out…I’ll see..” bihaan said hissing in my ears. “No… and what about you?” I asked holding his hand more tight. He gestured me to relax. “Who is there…” bihaan yelled loudly getting up of the sofa. I was stuck to him gripping my hands more and more around his arms. It was silence now. No voices could be heard. Bihaan was walking slowly towards maa papa’s room. And I was following him. “Listen.. you go out of the house… I will see them” he said. Not at all…I’m not going to leave him alone in this situation… after all he’s weak!! And as I said…I do care. “Thapki go…” he hissed again. I nodded no. He glared me angrily. “Can’t you listen me” he fumed. “Can’t you listen me…” I fumed back.

“See when you opened the door it was properly locked right?” He asked and I nodded agreeing to him. “It means they entered by some other way….not from the main door.” He stated. I felt to clap. This mysterious man surprises me everyday. See now he’s behaving like a spy. “See… go out of the house and call police or someone for help… take this” he said handing his phone to me. “I have mine” I stated. “Good… do you need gold medal for this?” He taunted and I fumed. “What if they are outside too?” I asked… I actually don’t wanted to leave him alone… so I started to ask silly questions to him. The questions were not so silly by the way…. or was it. “Stop behaving like stupid and go out to call” he hissed again. I nodded and finally moved towards the door. Oh no.. I forgot the keys on table…!! so I slowly stepped towards the table.. Ouch….. something hit my leg…its his hard boots. Ughhh. I moaned loudly. “Sshhhh” He suddenly placed his hand on my mouth. “Plzz mahan aatma for once listen what I’m saying..” he hissed. I gestured him with my eyes to look down. He looked and suddenly removed his leg away of me. “Can’t you see stupid… ahh its paining” I was irked on him. “Oh mahan aatma.. I’m sorry I can’t see by my backside of head..” he said patting his head. “why you came..?” He hissed actually groaned. “For keys” I stated…. “Keys or kiss!!” He giggled… Ughhh. I mean seriously!! In this situation too he’s flirting!! I glared and was about to give him an answer pointing my forefinger towards him when “So madam in case you got your keys… get out fast” he hissed. How irritating he is!! How mean… Huhh. What he thinks of himself!! “Go now… what are you waiting for??” He hissed and I grabbed the keys glaring him. I moved my back towards him folding my hands and started to move to the door when I felt he held my dupatta from backside. I stopped at the very moment… Ughhh… he again started his flirty tricks!! I groaned him to leave me.. but he didn’t reacted anything… had he again fainted or something?? I suddenly turned to see. Oh fishhh…. my dupatta is stuck on the table and he’s giggling with his hands trying to shut his mouth. I glared him snatching dupatta out of table. He controlled his laugh “see the result of arguing with me” he again giggled. I finally stated roughly “Fine then… stay here I’m leaving…” I started moving towards the door again and unlocked it.

“Keep your phones away…” the angry voice in between the dim light yelled. I gestured bihaan to ask what now? He gestured me to run away… but my heart was not allowing me to do so. So…after the again yelling voice “girl… come here silently or should I kill your lover??”. “Wait. Stop talking nonsense… he’s not my lover.. he’s just an irritating creature of this planet.” I stated. And all three men with bihaan were looking at me now …expressionlessly ….”I must say… you had chosen a perfect time for my analysis…” bihaan glared raising his right eyebrow. It was an awkward situation. “Umm… the truth is bitter” I managed to hide an embarrassed me. “Stop nonsense and come in silently.” One of the theif ordered pointing his knife towards me. I suddenly ran to hide myself behind bihaan. They were revealed as three strong men. They were coming near us… bihaan and I gripped our palms together, much tighter. Bihaan hide me more behind him gesturing me not to worry.

I was looking at him when I felt a sudden blow of air near my ears which blowed my hair slightly …I closed my eyes abruptly. …Slowly I opened my one eye to see the scenario. Bihaan was kissing his tighten fist and the man behind me was on his knees holding his chest. Now the fight began. Bihaan was week but it didn’t seemed when he was fighting. The theives were holding knives. It was so scary. “Gajab…” said bihaan smirking and giving a slight push to his nose from his right thumb. Cool. I can now feel I’m with a hero. The way he’s fighting…

“Thapkiiiii” bihaan cried loudly infront of me and I looked him confused. He was running towards me. And suddenly… he lifted me up…. holding my waist with his both the hands. I was in the air …in his grip. My eyes were widening more and more now. What’s he doing. I was about to react when he spinned around holding me abruptly. My gaze suddenly fell on the thief who was holding an iron rod and was about to hit me…bihaan saved me at the mean time by lifting me up. But the ‘ready to hit’ stick hit bihaan, on his right hand. He moaned but didn’t let anything happen to me.

Suddenly the door opened and to my surprise shraddha Di entered with her three friends… two of them were males. They looked shocked and thieves looked afraid. The two male friends of her joined bihaan in fighting. Di called the police and finally everything sorted out.

Now my house was looking normal… but not so…So much happened within a moment I was so scared.. how the.. goon..was about to hit me
.. how.. they were scaring us.. everything was flashing infront of me.. with my wet eyes… I was sitting on sofa, shivering in fear, while Di was consoling me and assuring me about everything is alright. “Gajab….” a voice grabbed my attention. Bihaan was standing infront of me and was holding his right hand. Seemed it was hurting him. I was about to ask about it when “is your engine of chuk chuk gadi damaged!!” He giggled at me. The feeling of irk showered within me. I stood up to give him an answer. “Call my name otherwise…..” I warned pointing my forefinger towards him. “Otherwise?” He said pushing my hands down. He was now serious… angry and so was me. “Chuk chuk gadi” he again giggled and everyone over there laughed. I didn’t liked it. Ok you can call me that…but not infront of everyone to make fun of me. I’m not any toy. I angrily gazed over him while he was laughing and Di’s friends too. Now I can’t stop my anger. I held his jacket’s collar…gripping it tight and more closer to me. Everyone, including my Di was silent now. “What you think of yourself haan??” I groaned in anger. He was silent and was looking in to my eyes. My cheeks were wet..and I can feel it. “Don’t even dare to call me that…” I groaned pushing him away with a jerk. Di came to stop me but no….it was late now. I can feel my anger. “Who is he to call me that?” I shouted pointing towards bihaan looking at Di. “He’s your friend.” She answered. Oh plzz… friend my foot. I can’t bear him or anyone to call me this. “Thapki… quite… don’t forget he saved you two times” di said pulling me towards her…trying to control my anger. But it wasn’t in my hands now. “It doesn’t mean I became any toy or something” I yelled pushing him away again. He was standing still…looking into my eyes. I can see a slight smile on his face. I was amazed. “What ??… am I joking or something… what are you finding so funny?” I yelled meanwhile Di was trying to cool me down. Her friends left three of us to sort out everything. I was very angry and after throwing all my anger I turned my face away of him. I closed my eyes to release frustration.

Suddenly… I realized something suddenly. I turned to see bihaan. He was looking at me. I walked closer to him. “You… you did all this… knowingly right?” I asked not in a high pitch. I was looking him confusingly… waiting for the answer. “Are you better now?” He asked me softly. It means…it means… he did all this to make my frustration threw out!! He… he was helping me to overcome… and I.. I yelled so badly at him. He was bearing all his insults to make me stressfree. How understanding he is. “I’m.. I’m sorry..” I managed to utter recovering of my shock. Di patted me smilingly and left when her phone rang. “It’s ok chuk chuk gadi..” he smiled like normal. I need to hug him… I moved towards him. He looked me confused.. I hugged him abruptly. He was shocked, ofcourse!! But I don’t care… he’s such a pure hearted person. I gripped my hands more tightly around his neck. My tears were falling on his jacket’s collar. I can smell him. I can feel his heart beat rhythmic to mine. He slowly rolled his hands around my waist. His grip was not so tight like me. He held me softly. I can hear his sobbing. We were so close… But wait. Sobbing?.. bihaan pandey? … questions started to hit my head. I broke the hug to see him. “I’m sorry” “thank you” …again we both uttered at the same moment but this time…its fine. But thank you for? I felt like he will answer ‘hug’ but he replied nothing. Di came with the phone. “Bihaan… actually Maa is on call ans she’s is asking you to be with us for tonight… if you don’t mind… actually this all happened suddenly…” “yes sure… how can I neglect maa’s wish!!” He replied before completion of Di’s question. Di thanked him and moved to kitchen.

After clearing all the fear of maa papa’s heart regarding me… or should I say after assuring them all about my wellbeing… I came to bihaan. He was sitting on sofa and was busy with his hurted hand. I moved to him when I saw the plate of sandwiches is kept as it is…and coffee had became the cold coffee.

He didn’t ate anything yet…not even his medicine. And after such a hectic evening… he might be feeling more weak. I placed my hand on his shoulder. He turned to see me when. “Tadaaa…” Di started arranging the dinning table. “See I bought this from restaurant… actually I thought I, thapki and my friends will have this together… but the situation changed” “by the way… you are thapki’s friend though!!” Di said patting him. I placed a light hug to her. “Come on come fast to have this…I’m so much hungry that I can finish all this with their plates itself.” Di said which made me and bihaan laugh. Sometimes I feel I’m lucky to have such drama artists around me!! “Inform at your home…they might be worried about you!” Di said to bihaan and his smile disappeared suddenly. After observing him so many times… I know he’s mysterious…. and his family is a big mystery I guess.

But to my surprise he called at his home. Might because he knew I’m noticing him. I left him alone to talk on his phone.

After having our dinner bihaan was allotted the guest room and Di asked me to come for sleep. I asked her for sometime and she left to her room. I stepped in the guest room…..
Thanks for reading ?
And really sorry for mistakes. ❤
Please try to find me on wattpad too. My username is 7vinni7 ?
Sorry for mistakes. ❤
Waiting for your response ?

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    Keep writing.

  3. Juveria.ghalib

    Hey dear hi love reading ur update r u posting on wattpad.actually I’m not active on wattpad but I will be soon.

  4. Anubhuti

    too good Vinni
    just awesome
    love u

  5. I think you know that I have already read it in wattpad… take care love you

  6. Di kese ho aap..
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    muje to aap k ffs bhut psend h..
    so, please don’t stop writing..
    or ab jaldi jaldi bina kisi nekre k next part post ker dena..
    di aap fb p ho ager ho to apni id or profile pic bta dena..
    apna dhyen rekna..
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    vese vha ko musam to acha hoga tend tenda na…
    didi poore dil s thanku so much yha aan k lea..
    I really miss u..
    acha aap n mera second epi ka cmt pda tha..
    love u so much di..
    acha aapn to btya hi nahi kesa rha aap ka trip..

    acha chlo ab mere lea..
    MUSKURA do please please..
    I like ur smile very much..
    love u di..
    keep loving me..

    muj s milne keb aa rhe ho..

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