Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 21st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 21st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ritika thinks she must do something for RV. Amba cheers and tells Lakshmi that Ritika and RV are going for dinner. Lakshmi says Baa was telling Chaitali that Ritika is going for dinner with Sharman, if they are going together. Amba says it doesn’t matter, when Ranveer is there Ritika won’t even talk to Sharman and that Sharman will also know how close both are.
Ritika and Sharman come to a restaurant, the waitress welcomes them. The manager goes to greet RV, and welcomes him. Ritika cheers watching him, and whispers in Sharman’s ear that she has invited RV here. RV comes to Ritika, she says she thought he will be late but he is in time. RV says for him time is everything and she is wasting it. Where are the clients, Ritika smiles. Sharman asks guests, RV watches them both hand in hand and asks is she sure, they are here for clients. The waitress asks them if there are more guests of them coming, and which table they would like to sit.

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Ishaani comes and announces that they need table for four. Ritika says she has planned a double date for them all, RV was angry and goes to office. Ritika stops him, saying she planned this all just for him. He comes to sit on the table, Ritika and Sharman enjoy while RV dryly sits besides Ishaani. He removes his hand from the table, the moment Ishaani tries to hold it.
Ritika makes Sharman eat with her hand, Ishaani heads to take the spoon while RV takes a bite himself and throws the fork on the table. Ritika stands up and asks Sharman to come to another table, as the double date is over. She says this is what he wanted being silent, that they go away and he can do romance with his wife. She asks Sharman to go, and says they won’t even look at them now. She and Sharman leave for the other table, Ishaani smiles at this.
RV heads to leave, Ishaani stops him and asks where he is going. RV says hasn’t she heard, the date is cancelled. Ishaani says double date has been cancelled. He says for him it is over, she must tell him one reason to stop here. Ishaani say she is the reason, his wife. RV says she can be a reason for his death, not his life. Ishaani says she is leaving now, he must enjoy. RV drinks.
Ritika stops Ishaani in the way, and asks this is the limit and she has accepted defeat so soon. Ishaani says she didn’t accept for defeat, just felt a bit sad so came from there. Ritika says eyes fill in case of weakness of a person. She must have disliked, but she will dislike it more when she will leave him. Ishaani says she doesn’t matter in his life, Ritika says she must take his test for what he is saying. She must go back, and enjoy without him. Every man in the world want his wife to be happy only with him. Ritika says she has a friend, Siddhart Malhotra, they will help them.
Ritika comes to Sharman and says she has got a solution to Ishaani and RV’s problem. He just have to be here and sit with her, talking to her. He asks will there be any distraction, she says no. Sharman gives her ear rings and asks her to wear them now. She does.
The announcement goes on for Siddhart Malhotra and his friend’s performance. RV is shocked to see the friend is Ishaani. RV drinks as he watches Ishaani and Siddhart dancing. Ishaani comes to RV and dances near him, Siddhart comes to take her hands. The waiter comes to RV, and RV bribes him for something. Ritika watches this. The waiter mix something in the drink, and takes the drink to Ishaani and Siddhart. Ritika watches this. RV watch Siddhart drink, he felt ill at once and leaves the stage. Ishaani keeps on dancing, then looks for Siddhart who has left. At once she was alone on stage. RV comes to Ishaani on a bar, and asks her what happened, where did her lovers go. Ishaani says that the real lover of her come to her, she knew he would come to her. He asks she is proud of her beauty. Ishaani says pride is on names, like Ranveer has on RV. He says if one earns it with hard work, pride is natural. He says her beauty is of no use, as they all had left. Ishaani says if it was because of his husband and she is happy for that. She had seen how he poured the anger on the glass. He says he doesn’t recognize her as his wife, neither before death nor after it. He leaves, Ishaani was saddened.
Ritika stops RV and asks where he is going. She says he must atleast not lie to her. RV looks at Sharman, and asks her to come close to ears. Sharman notice this, one of the ear ring on Ritika stucks on RV’s coat. RV asks her not to spoil hers or Sharman’s date. She says she won’t ruin both of theirs, he must have dinner with Ishaani or take her along. He says neither he came with her, nor will leave.
The police stops RV’s car, in the diggi there was something suspected. RV comes to find Ishaani there. The female inspector tells her not to be afraid, and tell them who the man is and why he is taking the lady, kidnapping her. Ishaani was silent. The inspector asks for RV’s licence and asks if he is the business man RV. The inspector asks him to cooperate and tell who this girl is. He warns him about getting him to police station. RV says this girl’s name is Ishaani. The female inspector asks Ishaani if this is true. RV says she won’t, because she is stubborn. He is denying accepting her as his wife, and this drama will keep on going until he accepts it. He says he accepts that she is his wife, she smiles and says she is happy that she is his wife. The police men go, while RV opens the door for Ishaani. He says if she thinks she has won over, she is wrong. He goes to his side, she says she has won, though a little.

PRECAP: RV asks Ishaani to give way, she denies. They come closer to each other.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Yes Sonuand Akshay is correct. Ishani behaviour very bad. Ishani forcing RV to accept her as wife is annoying. The track is also boring. Ishani also boring.

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