Sinhasan Battisi 21st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 21st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,raja bhoj challenges adityanath tat if he wins in this fight chandramukhi will marry him and vice versa chandramukhi then shouts tat have u both gone crazy u two r friends and should not fight like this but adityanath accepts the challenge and steps down to start fight and raja bhoj reminds him about the prize and adityanath says tat yes he can marry chandramukhi if he wins and for this u have to win and says to chandramukhi tat he will definitely win while chandramukhi in her mind says tat she is impressed with raja bhojs guts and his love towards me and so she now wants bhoj to win and bhoj starts fighting with adityanath and raja bhoj wins the match adityanath then says tat he cant take chandramukhi away and if he wants her he has to kill me and then he can take chandramukhi and get married.
Raja bhoj after sometime says tat he was just joking about all this and only adityanath can marry chandramukhi and leaves and while leaving he whispers in chandramukhis ears tat still its not too late and she should change her decision as adityanath is not a capable one to take care of u. raja bhoj in his room thinks tat he has played correctly and chandramukhi has to get affected by this incidence and then there comes adityanath and angrily says to raja bhoj tat wat was he trying to prove by doing all this and he never expected this from such a dear friend while raja bhoj explains adityanath tat he did all this to test chandramukhis love towards him he wanted to know tat will she marry u even after u are defeated by me and adityanath gets happy listening to this and tells bhoj tat chandramukhi will definitely come out clean as she loves e very much.
Chandramukhi is siting in her room and thinking tat wat should she do and she tries hard to concenterate on her aim to achieve this kingdom of kapilnagar but she is constantly thinking of bhoj and gets irritated of it and she suddenly hears the lehra dhun she calls the dasi in and asks weather she can hear the music too but the dasi denies and chandramukhi gets very much irritated and smashes a mirror to pieces in anger.while in her imagination she sees raja bhoj saying to her tat she loves him .
After some time she turns back and in reality finds bhoj behind her where bhoj says tat was she thinking about him right now and says tat she loves him and she should change her decision and leaves while chandramukhi warns herself to be in control and concenterate on he motive to acquire the kapilnagar kingdom by marrying adityanath and so she calls dasi and asks her to send message to adityanath tat she wants to dance for him and chandramukhi is seen dancing while at the back of her mind she is thinking of raja bhoj and then raja bhoj is seen in jungle and he decides to play the tune of lehra and attract chandramukhi and this time she will come out of her negative thoughts and come out as clear and clean girl and he starts playing the lehra dhun and chandramukhi gets attracted towards it and she goes out dancing while adityanath calls her and asks where is she going but chandramukhi follows the tune and reaches jungle and accepts tat she has fallen in love with him i.e bhoj raja bhoj then tells tat he is happy to know this tat she accepts her love towards him and asks her tat she should tell the truth to adityanath while adityanath is drunk and is seen searching chandramukhi in the entire palace .
While chandramukhi tells raja bhoj tat she has come here with the aim and she has no right to love anyone and confess tat she is vish kanya and raja bhoj says tat he knows this and chandramukhi get surprised after hearing this and asks him tat even after knowing this truth u love me and raja bhoj replies tat yes love has no bounds and asks her to accept this truth and hold his hand while she is about to hold his hand dasi comes and tells her tat aditynathhas gone crazy and searching for her in the entire palace chandramukhi goes running to the palace and adityanath asks her where was she and he is drunk and declares tat he will now marry her tomorrow itself while chandramukhi is and raja bhoj are surprised to hear this and bhoj wishes tat mahakal helps him to give success to his plan while in palace in Ujjain maharani vallari is praying mahakal with dhvani and suddenly the kalash from which vallari is pouring milk on the mahakals idol and the kalash fells down and dhvani and vallari start worrying for raja bhoj tat this is apshakun and then comes brahmdat and informs maharani vallari tat raja bhoj has sent a message and called dhvani to kapilnagar.

Chandramukhi is telling maharani vallari tat she should leave this palace as bhoj now loves her and she is the maharani of this kingdom while maharani vallari says tat she has gone mad to talk all this nonsense and before raja bhoj arrives she will remove u out of this palace and at tat time raja bhoj arrives there

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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