Do you like Ritika-Sharman’s track in Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi?

Amba wanted to get rid of Ishani, and Amba plans Ranvir’s marriage with Ritika. Amba and Lakshmi go to Javeri’s house to fix RV and Ritika’s marriage. She says Javeri that she did a mistake by marrying her son to Ishani. Amba says since Ritika wanted to marry RV and also she is a good friend of his, why not marrying them now! Javeeri says RV is still married. For which Amba says that she will break the marriage by proving Ishani has an affair with Chiraag. Well, Amba has succeeded in making Ranvir assume about Ishani’s infidelity and suspecting her having an affair with affair, and this was the reason Ranvir was hating her. Javeri says he have got the proposal for Sharman-Ritika marriage.

Javeri accepts Baa’s proposal saying Sharman is good person and is his daughter’s good friend too. Sharman comes to Ritika to tell that his family wants him to marry her as she is rich. Ritika looks impressed with Sharman’s honesty, and there is some romantic moments between them. Later on, Ritika is shocked to see what her friend is at a wrong place, and takes him home. She then confronts him as to why is he doing so much harm to himself. RV then reveals that he loves Ishani immensely and her infidelity is killing him. He says that he cannot get over the sight of the images of Ishani with Chirag. Ritika is making attempts to reconcile Ranveer and Ishani. She plans a double date for Ranveer and Ishani along with Sharman. Ritika and Sharman then leave the two love birds together to let them spend some time alone. What do you think about positive couple in the show and their chemistry? Let us know in this poll.

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  2. I want rv to accept his love for ishani in front of ishani as soon as possible..,and wanna see some romentic moments between this couple

  3. Nyc track….. 🙂

  4. When rihika and ranveers wedding was cancelled, I always hoped Rithika and sharman would get together, then Ishani’s colleague came into the picture for awhile and then she disappeared and they made my coupling happen, I only watch meri ashiqui tumse hi mainly because of rithika and sharman, they are so funny and I love the chemistry, its way better than ranveers and ishanis chemistry thats for sure.
    I am team Ritika and sharman all the way, I love them together.

  5. thank God ritika rv & ishani ko mila rahi hai na k rv ko hasil karne ki koshish kar rahi hai nice to see

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