Tum Aise Hi Rehna 21st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Tum Aise Hi Rehna 21st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aanchal makes Ria fall in the bathroom. She shouts Abhi. Just then Abhi comes to the room and hears her shout. He rushes to her and makes her sit on the bed. Ria tells him that Aanchal made her fall in the bathroom. Abhi applies balm on her wound and says you think much more about her. Ria sees Aanchal standing right infront of her and tells Abhi. He says no one can come in between us. Abhi gets romantic with Ria. Aanchal cries and blood comes out of her eyes. She writes something on the window. Ria sees and tells Abhi. Abhi says he can write I love you on the window. Abhi gets closer to Ria. Aanchal tries to enter into Ria’s body, but gets pushed away. Ria says she is feeling light now. Abhi and Ria get romantic under the blanket.

Aanchal sees that and cries. She goes in the jungle and cries. Tantrik asks her to come infront of him. Aanchal apologizes to him and says she needs his help. She wants to get her love through entering Ria’s body. Tantrik says you can’t get your love. You will be defeated by her. She is more strong than you. She has the strength of love, mangalsutra and sindoor. Aanchal requests him to help her. He tells her that eclipse is coming after so many years and asks her to enter into Ria’s body during that time. Aanchal thanks him and tells that she will hug Abhi while residing in Ria’s body. She says you will be the mediator between Abhi and me. She laughs and writes Abhi is mine on the sand.

Guruji comes to Maheshwari’s house and says he is returning to his yatra. He asks is everything fine. Rukmani says yes and tells him about removing the show piece. She asks him to check her house. Guruji closes her eyes and feels something. Dadisaa tells him that she got Aanchal’s things buried in the jungle. Guruji says he is feeling the presence of negative energy and asks for a lemon. He starts following the direction leading him towards the storeroom. A cockroach is seen looking at him. Sheetal asks Ria to boil the milk for Guruji. She tells her about Guruji finding negative energy in the house. Guruji tells them that the bad spirit is inside the store room. They get shocked. Rukmani goes to bring keys. Aanchal goes to the kitchen and makes the milk boil. Rukmani is about to open the door and just then hears Ria’s scream. They go to Ria and finds her burning hand. Ria says just now she kept the milk on gas and it boiled in a sec.

Guruji says it is because of that spirit. He asks Ria to be careful as the spirit is around her. He tells about the eclipse which will make the spirit stronger. He asks her to be in the room after the eclipse. Ria says she doesn’t believe on all this being a doctor. Rukmani says he is saying right and we don’t ignore his sayings. Guruji says he have to go else he would have explain to her in detail. He says if you step outside of your room then your life will be ruined. Someone is trying to harm you. Rukmani says we will do as you say and says they will make the arrangements for the puja. Guruji do the havan. Rukmani tells Guruji that she is worried. Guruji thinks truth is dangerous and everyone will afraid. He thinks to hide the fact. He tells her that he is doing this for the peace of house. He asks everyone to attend the puja. He tells Rukmani to make sure that Ria stays in her room. Ria opens the door of her room and finds Guruji marking the line with something. He then places lemon on it and tells Ria not to cross this line until eclipse is finished. Ria says ok. She thinks what is happening with me?

Ria comes out of the room and calls for Abhi. Aanchal smirks as she stands in the form of Abhi. He says time has come for your win.

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  1. Haha ikr! For a new show, this kind of track is completely unnecessary!

  2. This line of story is so wrong for this story that it does not make sense at all. My family and friends are not going to watch this crap until the story changes for good

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