Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 13th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 13th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

RV comes between Lakshmi and Ishaani. He turns to face Ishaani and then leaves. Both are quiet, he opens the door to find Ishaani’s family standing out. He leaves outside Ishaani following him. n the corridor, Ishaani comes to him. He says she is doing opposite to what he has told her to. She must now stay in the house, and stay near to his family; this means she will do the opposite this time too that she will leave the house and stay away from his family.
Amba was still in pain. The doctor says they must keep the conditions hygienic now. Amba cries that she will take the revenge from Ishaani.
The next morning, RV asks why is everyone gathered in the hall. Amba says he had called them here. Ishaani comes with the mental doctor, and says she called them. She says some work of him was left yesterday, so he brought him here. She knows some people doesn’t like delayed works. She says she told them yesterday, why she wore a jokers dress. He was about to do her mental test. Baa regrets what Ishaani is doing, and says she is being crazy. She is showing Amba the way. Falguni says that she is doing all the rights things to get her husband.
The doctor questions Ishaani, she replies. They were all bored at it. The doctor says to them that she isnt mad at all, the way they had said. Ishaani says no, her mother in law was right. She is mad, but no pshychiatric test can tell the condition of her heart. She says she loves Ranveer, how much she doesnt know, only she knows and can tell about it. Ranveerlistens to this, Ishaani says that Amba must ask whatever she wants to about Ranvee. She must ask since when she loves Ranveer. Ishaani says to RV that they can ask her why he likes samosa, and why he left eating them. SHe knows what he asks, and when. She must ask her whatever she wants to. Ranveer sat chill.
Ishaani asks why she isnt asking anything. She wants to clarify that her love will keep her with her husband. No law can throw her out of the house and no doctor can seperate her from her husband. THe doctor announces that she is perfectly fine. Ishaani asks him for a certificate, he hands it to her.

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Derwash and Pratik celebrates Ishaani’s victory. Falguni also caresses her.
Chaitali listens to Sharman talking to do some work and meet some person in a cafe. He gets Chaitali over hearing him, and asks. Chaitali says he must get Ritika caught by now, as she had the insecurity about getting out of his home. Sharman had cold and was coughing, Chaitali thinks about making him her special kadha, to make him close to Ritika.
Ishaani was in the kitchen, Chaitali comes there. Ishaani says she is making kadha for Amba, Chaitali says she has cold. Ishaani offers to make kadha for Sharman as well, but Chaitali says she has to make it herself, mixing love of a mother in it. Chaitali mixes the powder in kadha, she keeps two glasses and marks as the left glass as hers. THery were too hot, she changes their place. Ishaani comes there, Chaitali takes the wrong glass along her. Chaitali hopes her kaada will work on Sharman.
Lakshmi tells Amba that her fever will get off. Amba was still angry at Ishaani and denies taking the soup. She asks what the lawyer said about the other way of throwing Ishaani out of the house.Lakshmi reminds her that it was proving herself betraying her husband. Ishaani comes to the room and says she brought kadha for her. Amba asks how would they know she hasnt mixed poison in it. Ishaani is shocked at hearing this.

PRECAP: There is a promo about 17th january special telecast.

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  1. Somewhere in d heart i know rv loves ishu pls come back get well soon plssss dnt live in dumb fobia rv recover fast ishu is not at fauult she is pure hrt nd by her soul

  2. Todays episode was sooooooooooo intresting for me and my frnds.

  3. hey guys something is missing in this updates where is chiraag’s scene chiraag and rishi going to hospital and watch sanheela brother…… Where is it sona……

  4. i think the writer and director of this show needs some more review because the show is no longer interesting, sequences are not in details and too slow. some scenes and acting are too obvious unnatural or unrealistic.

  5. I’m not having holidays coz I’m in 10th
    But I’m going to watch “I”in big screen

  6. Happy pongal frends

  7. Ishani is behaving more and more stupid day by day…Am disliking her to the core. And the actress is just making things worse; watching her on screen is highly irritating for me. I just wished she was giving a supporting role instead of lead. She is doing no justice to that stupid, dumb character – Ishani. Am so fed up of this serial. Beginning was so nice. Now Ekta’s flavour has diluted the original essence and hence not liking it anymore.Phewww!!

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