Sinhasan Battisi 13th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 13th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,vetal is seen hanging upside down and cursing bhadrkal as he did not fulfilled the promise made to release the other ghosts and he also fooled samrat and then suddenly samrat appears and says tat he has not fooled him and now he wants to know tat wat went wrong between their friendship but then vetal asks him to stop talking all this and leave but then samrat asks him to atleast tell where is singhasan while listening to this vetal is disturbed
In caves bhadrakal and mahamaya fight with their powers and everytime bhadrakal gets defeated and then he disappears and again appears with the aim to threaten the goddesses but then mahamaya says tat no one can chase them and win and then mahamaya send two goddesses to fight bhadrakal and then the two of them hit bhadrakal while bhadrakal gets angry and says tat he will get u all goddesses under his powers with his powers
Then samrat says to vetal tat he knew bhadrakal and he was right u dint took the singhasan for urself it was for bhadrakal and then samrat asks wat made u do this and vetal tells tat it was bhadrakals trap but he is the only one he chose to fight u then samrat tells him tat previously bhadrakal has sent a duplicate of him to achieve singhasan vetal then says tat he will tell everything and then starts telling tat it was then wen he left Ujjain after meeting u he was waiting at a place for rest and telling people tat life is precious and u should value it and there comes a man who tells chitragupt tat he was finding him from long time and wants him to do a yagya and gives reference name of samrat vikramaditya chitragupt then listening to samrats name gets ready to help him and goes with him samrat then asks y did u believe him as he has not told it to anyone but then vetal tells tat he got to know wen he reached the place where he wanted to do the yagya reaching the caves chitragupt asks y yagya at this place then the man tells tat it is for the poor people and then chitragupt starts the yagya and asks the man to sit in yagya but the man then leaves and even the people around vanish chitragupt starts yagya but hears tat it is bhadrakas trap where bhadrakal says tat it was his trap to bring him here so tat he can achieve singhasan with his help and so he has to help him now and chitragupt refuses to help him and starts running but bhadraka catches him and asks him to co operate and let him get his body but then chitragupt releases himself and kills self and then bahdraka says tat killing urself is not enough chitragupt and then calls its atma i.e ghost and then he tells tat he is not chitragupt now but vetal
Samrat says tat chitragupt u r great u killed urself to save the singhasan battisi but then vetal says tat he had to do this for our friendship and then says if u talk in middle i will not tell u the story and then he continues and tells tat he comes in front of bhadrakal as vetal but then bhadrakal says tat even now he has to helphim bring the singhasan battisi and u will have to do this as u follow dharma and bhadraka shows him tat he has hostaged the ghosts and if vetal wants them to be released then he has to bring the singhasan battisi and vetal agrees to it and vetal then tells samrat and so he asked for singhasan to u and then samrat asks did bhadrakal released the ghosts and vetal dissapointedly tells tat he didn’t released the ghosts and easily got the singhasan and then samrat tells vetal tat now he has to take him to bhadrakal so as to save singhasan and release the ghosts but vetal refuses and says to samrat that do u want to die bhadrakal wil kill both of us but then samrat tries hard to convince him in the caves bhadrakal uses tamsik power to get hostage of the goddesses of the singhasan and he starts successfully geting captured one by one and mahamaya looks worried by the bhadrakals move while samrat is requesting vetal to please take him to bhadrakals place as the goddesses of singhasan are in danger and then vetal agrees to it and samrat rides on a horse following vetal to the bhadrakals place.

Samrat and bhadrakal come face to face while samrat says bhadrakal u have been defeated previously while bhadrakal says tat it was a representative then but now he himself will defeat him and kill him and they are seen fighting.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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