Satrangi Sasural 13th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 13th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan and Arushi’s residence
Vihaan’s mothers are discussing about what to give Devika, as their first gift, and Devika walks in. she is pampered by them, but she wishes to go to Vihaan first, for his session. She is amused, as she heares them talking in hushed tones, about her as vihaan’s wife. When she enters, she finds vhaan coming out of the bat, bare torsoed. He is embarassed and instantly asks her to go out. She is amused asking if he hasnt been barechested in front of a girl before, and asks why is he so shy.

He says that he hasnt gone, and asks her to look away, and give him the tshirt, without looking. she agrees but on a condition, but he doesnt comply. she asks him to hurry up. He wears the shirt, and then asks her to turn. She asks him, what kind of a girl does he like, for marriage. He is boggled, and asks howcome this marriage topic came, and if his mothers have to talk to her. She asks if they had to. vihaan explains whats the matter, and says that she would have been shocked to hear this. She pretends to be shocked. He says that he is in love. She becomes happy. Then he adds how can he marry her when he loves someone else. she is distraught, and composes herself, so that vihaan cant see, as he considers them just friends. She too complies. he says that even his parents dont know, and he doesnt know how to tell. She says that its good that he told her, before they discussed anything. He says that he wanted to, since this is going on for a long time. Before she can react, the mothers come in, and after seating them, they express their desire for her as their bahu. She stands up and says what are they talking about. They are tensed. She says that she cant marry someone, and love someone else. They start thinking about vihaan, while she says that she is in a relationship and that she loves someone else, and even though vihaan is a nice guy, and feels sorry that they went ahead in their thoughts. she clarifies that vihaan was just a patient, and can be anything more. she apologises and leaves. Vihaan is boggled and tensed. The mothers are heartbroken.

Later, the ladies dejectedly sit down and are tensed and sad, that one more relation didnt work out. Narmada starts crying, saying that everytime some problem is there in his marriage. she is composed by everyone, saying that god would fulfill this wish, that is common for everyone. granny listens to all this tensedly. then she gets up, and silently goes inside. They get tensed, and wonder if granny doesnt want vihaan to get married.

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Scene 2:
Location: Arushi’s residence
While arushi is continuously trying girish’s phone, it doesnt get through, and she gets tensed. gattu hears this from the outside, as he is drinking with prahlad, who is ranting praises in his name, for their changed lifestyle. Gattu thinks that he doesnt help for free, and that he shall have to pay a big price for this luxury. Just then, she comes and asks prahlad when did he last talk with girish. Prahlad assures her not to be tensed, as he would soon come. she gets Vihaan’s call, and gets tensed, to pick the phone inside. gattu is tensed. She picks the call, and then tells him about girish’s disappearance. He says that girish must have been stuck in traffic jam, and then assures that her brother is very smart. He is asked if he talked to devika. He tells what happened. He says that he talked her heart out, and she rejected him. He says that he has to marry fast, as his mothers are heartbroken, and then rectifies it as mother, saying that his mothers hopes are dashed everytime. She asks him to marry then. He says that he hasnt proposed her yet. She says thathe should go ahead, as he loves her, and hence should have the guts. He asks if right now. she asks him do it nicely in the morning. He complies. She asks him to make him meet his would be wife. He smiles, saying that he wont be able to marry her, without her meeting her. She thinks that she shall always be good friends with vihaan, and hopes that vihaan is happy with his family.

The next morning, arushi starts trying out hospital numbers to find if girish had an accident. they are all distraught and tensed. gattu too expresses tension, wondering where he disappeared. She says that they should go to the police station. Gattu stops them, saying that he has run away with the company bike, and this shall taint his reputation forever. All are tensed. Meanwhile, Prahlad gets gattu’s man’s call, saying that they have Girish, and if he tries to go to the police, and act smart, he would send him back in pieces. He is shocked, and asks him to make him speak to girish. The man says that girish has run away with drugs and either they return it, or else they shall kill the man. Gattu hears the goon’s name and pretends to be shocked. dadaji asks if he knows him. Gattu says that he is the most dangerous criminal in Delhi, and wonders how girish got involved in this. Arushi’s mother asks what did girish do, that they kidnapped him. Prahlad says that he was involved with drugs. She says that she is sure that girish had turned over a new leaf. Prahlad doesnt let her go to the police, remembering the threat. She asks who shall help them, if not the police, and prahlad goes to gattu, begging him to help them. gattu says that he has no idea what he is saying. Gattu scares them, that Bhairo Singh, is a very mean man, and they should pray that he doesnt kill girish. they are heartbroken.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
While vihaan is tensed, wondering why isnt arushi picking up the phone, and then gets the message saying that she shall call him later. He hopes everything is okay. meanwhile, devika comes as her usual chirpy self, while geeta gives her a cold shoulder, and asks her to do whatever she is here for, as its her last day anyways, and not waste time in idle gossip. she leaves hurt. Granny sees all this. granny is tensed to find geeta’s weird and rude behaviour with her, and questions her. She says that she didnt do anything wrong. harpreet too advocates for geeta, while granny says that she isnt at fault, as they all forsaw their dreams, and that its not her fault, that she told everyone clearly. She tries to show them where are they wrong. granny says that iuts good it happened with them, as this shall serve as a lesson. they are all tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Arushi’s mother asks arushi to ask for vihaan’s help, while she asks how can she, after what girish has done, as Vihaan has led a respectable life, and she doesnt want him to be involved in this. she says that they themselves would have to find out. Her phone rings and she picks it up. Finding gattu, she gets enraged. He asks her not to speak, and listen instead. Gattu tells arushi on the phone, saying that she has to come to meet him, as they have to discuss things about girish, which he cant in front of everyone, and hence she would have to come out, and without telling anyone. Arushi angrily asks him to come home, and discuss whatever he has to, infront of everyone. Gattu tells her that if girish has to come out of this drug fiasco, then she too shall have to step out, and not get adamant on her stand. Arushi is tensed but she complies nevertheless. Gattu congratulates himself, thinking that now his life shall change, as from now on, arushi’s heart shall only have place for him. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Gattu tells arushi, that he saved girih, at the risk of his own life, and wants a relation with him now. she is boggled and asks what. He leeringly asks her to be his, and that he shall become Girish’s brother in law. She is distraught. Later in the house, Prahlad tells Arushi and instead begs her, to do whatever gattu asks her to. she is shocked and apalled. the neighbours find huge band arrangements and are surprised, that somebody came with much grandeur, to see the girl. Vihaan comes surprised, at the arrangements, and is shocked to know that its all for arushi.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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