Did you like ongoing love and hate track in Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi?

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Ranvir is in a state of shock to see the snaps of Ishani in a compromising position with Chirag. Ranvir who is shattered, disowns Ishani from his property and vows to give her the pain till the time his revenge is completed. Ranvir has developed hatred towards Ishani as he feels cheated and looking at her son’s pain Amba plans to throw her from their house. Ishani who is trying to prove herself innocent, makes all efforts to make her place in Ranvir’s heart. Amba tries to find prove Ishani mentally challenged as that reason will help her to throw Ishani out of Ranvir’s life legally. Thus she uses the big party event where Ranvir’s clients and high profile people come to attend the party. Amba misleads Ishani by saying that it’s a kids party and so will have to become a clown to entertain the kids.

Ishani follows Amba’s order and gets dressed like a clown. All the guests start laughing on her and then she realizes that it was Amba’s plan and Amba did it purposely to insult her. Amba tries to make people believe that Ishani is mentally unstable and need to be sent in a mental asylum. Amba tells the guests that Ranvir is unhappy with Ishani as she is mad. Amba asks the doctor to give a mental certificate to her. The dog bites Amba’s leg. The doctor asks them to give Amba first aid, and go find the dog for tests, if he has rabies she will get mad. Amba gets pain while the dressing and takes injections. The doctor tells the family that Ishaani is not mad. Ishaani says she is mad, her mother in law Amba is not wrong. Will Ishani’s sacrifices and goodness not melt Ranvir’s and Amba’s heart? What do you think about this revengeful track in the show? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. boring show. amba called ishani mad and got dog bite funny one


  3. I don’t like ran virus behaviour, I don’t want is shanti to stay with him anymore. Why have to be something bad happen all time. Watching this is too sad now

  4. No It is good to see that Ishaani is realising her love and responsibility day by day and after these sacrifices their love will be……………..sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo romaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaantic.

  5. Now I am feeling like one of the worst serial, always problem, always negative points…boring, who’s villan here? Oh god writer moving wrong and boring side, all the serials doing the same… Nowadays not interested to watch thz serial, I am just reading written episode, if the story changed to interesting side I ill watch again.. My view it’s going boring

    1. i agree with u totally.

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  7. if rv takes revenge on disha and chirag instead of ishani, then show wil b good.

  8. Its making the show boring and sad to watch

  9. i hate this show because unnatural acting doing by every person. And this show will confuse viewers.so i may be stop now.

  10. I am behind you ishaani dont forget

  11. the show is no longer interesting, sequences are too slow and not in details. acting of some characters are too obvious unnatural.

  12. Oh guys don’t be irritating and see I love my Ishaani and u all will have romantic scenes soon. But if there is a problem in our life then u will leave us and return only on good scenes.Sooooooooooooooo sad for all u guys. 🙁 and happy that my heart is coming behind me. 🙂

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