Manmarziyan – Hamari Adhuri Kahani Chapter 24

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Nandhini was in peak of anger that she lost bs again. She was not able to take the defeat. Rathore that onewas new to her list his words were ringing in her head u r eyeing which is not yours. Nandhini shouted and said who are u to decide which is mine and not mine. I will not leave u rathore not to this nandhini.


Neil came all rushing inside the office and was searching sam. She was busy talkinh with sasha. Neil from the behind hugged her and shouted on her ears and said ; saminder singh bird song is now the part of creative and jumped. Sam was out of words she too jumped and hugged him tight and said ” never leave me neil…..” he smiled and pulled her cheeks and said ; jahaan samunder singh vahaan uska idiot. She hugged him and said marry me idiot. He pulled her back and saw her. She was looking at him with only love. He said i will surely but need to sort something. She saw him and said what thing ?? Neil pulled her cheeks and said yaar big big things can’t be able to understand in small mind of urs. She saw him and punched his stomach. Neil smiled and side hugged her. Sasha came back and knocked the door to bring them out of their world.

Sasha ; guys if u r done can we work chief pls. Neil nodded and sam smiled and sam patted his shoulders and they made a train where sasha was the first and neil pushed her and sam was behind and neil made a sound of the train and they went to their place to do the job where when sasha left sam kissed neil’s cheeks and hugged him from behind and left him and started to work. Neil smiled and went to his cabin and first thing was he called his chasini.

Radhika took the call and Neil was sounding excited.
Neil ; CHASHNI……………….
Radhika ; wow looks like my best friend sounds happy ?? SO what is the matter how many times did sam kissed u ?? Neil frowned
Neil ; How do u know that ?? Sounded all surprised.
Radhika ; rocket science stupid i can sense the happiness in ur talk so guessed it. (lowered her voice) so how many times did she kiss u was that a lip lock ?? Neil turned all red and got goose bumps when she was sounding so much romantic when she spoke and that was all shameless.
Neil ; Chashni hold on i never knew u have this side… i mean all these kinds of talks. Radhika giggled.
Radhika ; u donno much about my this side neil i am way more talented in this side. If u have any doubts feel free to talk to me my friend i will explain u very deeeeeepppply and clearly so that u can never forget that even in ur dreams.
Neil ; i guess i spoke to u at the wrong time and for heaven sake never speak like this to me bye … he at once cancelled the call and first thing he did was rubbed his face to dry his sweat she made him sweat so badly.

Radhika was laughing holding her tummy. She turned to see Arjun standing with his hands folded and eyes popped out and jaw wide open. She gave a proud look and came close to him and locked him his either side and said ; Arjun u have to learn more son….. saying so she kissed his cheeks and he frowned at her sudden gesture. Radhika winked and left out for the party.


The whole creative was in celebration mode as rathore has banged one of the reputed ad agency. They made a private arrangement for their celebration.
Teji was standing on the table and made an announcement about the success and ron was shaking the champagne and radhika was the one who took the full bottle and started to drink it. Arjun who was watching this entire thing started to panic when she drank the bottle and started to blabber and started to dance with all the people and they were dancing with her. Arjun somehow pulled her and she saw him with shrinking eyes.
Radhika ; (in between the laugh) arjun………. he he he what are u doing here ??
Arjun ; im here to make u normal panoti.
Radhika ; That day u asked me something but today i want to take that from u …….. he gulped and saw teji where he was tying his tie over his head and stared to dance. Arjun banged his head and saw radhika who was busy counting his buttons in his shirt and making her hands all over his neck which make him goose bumps and arjun held her hand and shook her hard.

Radhika clutched his shirt and shouted earthquake…… earthquake……… arjun save me earthquake and she shook him and ran and sat under a table and called arjun. Arjun bend down and saw her . She was clutching her hand and called him by waving her hand asking him to come in.
Arjun ; what are u doing ??
Radhika ; earthquake earthquake come and sit next to me i will save u. He nodded and pulled her out but she held the table’s leg and shouted ooh help me help me arjun come and save me from this monster.
Arjun smiled and spoke ; panoti……
Radhika ; hmmmm…….
Arjun ; come my baby….. come to me my baby….. she nodded and hugged him and said ; u will not say to rathore na ?? He will scold me when i drink but i drink here for the 3rd time and showed 5 fingers. Arjun smiled and pulled her and picked her up and saw Luna holding Teji and both were laughing loud because of the effect of alcohol.
Arjun called cook and he who was waiting outside held teji and picked him and placed him in the car. Luna was not that drunk but was not stable either. Arjun called Danny to inform the same but Rathore picked the call.
Rathore heard radhika’s blabbering voice and understood she is drunk. He knew what will she do when she was drunk.
Arjun ; Rathore i am taking Teji, Luna and ur sister to ur house is that ok ?? I mean i have to stay there this night to take care of them as all are swimming in the ground. Rathore giggled.

Rathore ; if u can manage those 2 then i am ok with that. Did Meera drink ??
Arjun saw radhika who was busy counting her hairs and looking at the stars for calculation. He smiled ; No she did not drink first she was hesitant but then all forced and so she drank and then u know what will happen…
Rathore ; man u r a perfect one to cover up. She became so addict to wine but used to speak like a professional drinker. Arjun smiled at Rathore’s words. They held their call and at that time Luna was a bit ok and she with cook managed teji to bring inside the car but he was adamant that Cook should carry him in his arms. Arjun banged his head and saw Cook. He with a small smile said ; he will always the same, u dont worry AM he is manageable but she will become a sudden rock star and will sing all unknown songs all at high pitch. Arjun smiled and nodded.

Arjun ; u take him to Kundra’s mansion with Luna i will take radh….. i mean meera with me so that we can reach home. Cook nodded and carried Teji in his arms. Teji all the time talking and was making a ring around the cook’s neck and peaked his cheeks saying u r a super hero. Cook smiled and placed teji in the back seat and Luna came there and she sat next to cook in the passenger seat and she waved her hand to cook thinking he is outside.
Arjun literally facepalmed for that . He turned to find radhika who was busy cursing the moon. She kept her hand over her hip and with eyes seriously looking at the moon.

Radhika ; hey hello who so ever u r there i want that moon in my hand now are u coming here or shall i come there ?? hey…………. u donno me i am meeeeeeeeee…………rrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaa my name is this biggggggggggg are u coming or shall i come there oye………………. she was making a big sound as if she is for the fight in the local area. She kept her hands over her hip and her fingers rubbing her nose like a rowdy she was making all big noise.
Arjun took a glass of water and was running behind her but he was no match to her as she was busy making all ways to go here and there and break whatever comes in between her way.

Finally Arjun held her and asked her to drink her some water but she was busy nodding her no.
Arjun ; radhika…. pls my dear pls can u drink this water ??
Radhika ; then will u sing me happy birthday to me ??
Arjun ; anything my love but now drink this water. She took it from his hands and gulped it and kept it over the thud.
Radhika ; sing me arjun……. he nodded and said come i will sing all the way home. She nodded and stretched her hand to pick her. He picked her up and informed others and took her to the parking lot. She started her singing and all were looking at her because of her sweet voice….. Arjun was all the time closing his one eye because of sudden high decibel volume.

He made her stand and took the bike but she was wobbling. He held her hand and took her slowly to the bike and made her sit first but she kept her head over the engine tank and made all drumming sound in the tank. Arjun decided one think that what so ever happens he will never make her drink. Arjun pulled her up and immediately sat in the front seat and radhika kept her head over his back and was making funny noise and stroke his ears. He applies sudden break and turns and looks at her and sees her.

She twinkles her eyes for 5 times. He smiles at her and removes his jacket and ties it around her waist and ties it over his stomach and she keeps her head over his shoulders and the hands were in the air and she was making motor sound to match with the bike. He thinks for few seconds and takes her to his house and calls cook who said that he took them to the house and they are now sleeping.

He opens his house but she was tickling him. He was twisting and turning and finally held her hand and pulled her front and he from the back opened the door the first thing was he made her sit in the sofa. She was blabbering and shouting Arjuuunnnnn Arjun…… claped thrice then again did the same by calling his name. He came back from the kitchen with lemonade. She stood and shouted

Radhika ; u r cheating me khadoos she fell again on the sofa. She made a pout face and said tomo is my birthday but u r just giving me juice i will call my husband who is way more better than u he will atleast say me happy birthday panoti not like u.
Arjun cupped her face ; panoti…… she turned her face. Oye panoti look….. and made her look into his eyes in which she is always lost. DO u think i would have forgotten ur birthday. Come inside and then see. Saying so he gave her glass, she gulped it in one go and gave that to him. He smiled and pulled her to their living room.

Arjun ; u wait ok ?? She nodded and was standing but all the time dancing in the same place. After few minutes arjun came back and slowly made her blind folded and took her inside the room. It was dark but not fully he made cute candles to make the room so beautifully make the dark a nice place. She saw him with surprise. He smiled his own signature smile and asked her to move forward. When she did he made a popper to burst and that spreads over her. Radhika smiled wide when he brought a cake a small cake which was perfect for them. He lit the lamp and she smiled wide and made a wish and blew the candles and cuts the cake and both fed each other and Arjun took few selfies with Radhika to make this a special one.

Radhika just remembered her family her mother father their talks when she said that she is coming back for which Dilip retorted back. She dont know why but she remembered them. A lone tear escaped from her eyes. Arjun saw that and cupped her face. She hugged him and said ; u will never leave me na ?? what ever come u will not leave me na ??
Arjun rubbed her back and said ; i wont leave u even if u kick me out i will not. Even rathore can never separate us promise now come it is late u need to sleep.
Radhika ; is it 12 here ??
Arjun ; nope 12 noon in India she gave him a glare. He pulled her cheeks and took a dress.
Arjun ; here take this i bought few night dresses for u change and come. She changed and came and found Arjun was making the bed proper and was bending. She smiled and hugged him and layed herself over him by bending over him. He smiled and asked ; ok now what does my lovely wife want ??
Radhika ; a bed time story khadoos.
Arjun ; what story and slowly raised himself.
Radhika ; ur story i mean how did the great arjun mehra fell in love with his wife.
Arjun ; oohk come lay down i will say. She at once jumped inside the bed and saw him. He too went to the bed and she made her pillow in his chest and he started to cares her head and said how did he fell in love with her from the first day they met and what he thought with her. She was hearing and slowly her eyelids starts to shut down and started to sleep. He kissed her tip of the nose and whispered happy birthday love.


Neil wanted to surprise his sam. He went to a nearby shop and bought 2 rings they were not gold, platinum or silver they were 2 funny rings. One was hello kitty face and the other was pikachu face. He smiled at those rings and bought them . He informed prena what he is going to do. Prena laughed when she saw the rings. But then she hugged him and said ; neil im so happy to see u smile. One child is happy wish radhika gets her love back. Neil nodded and called Sam .
Sam was waiting for neil as he suddenly called her and informed that he needs to go out and he asked her to accompany him. She wore a Daffy duck T-shirt and a blue jean and made her hair a pony tail.

Neil came to Sam’s apartment and called her to come out. He was wearing a plain blue V neck t-shirt and a white pant.
Sam ; where are we going ??
Neil ; some place where we need to go.
Sam; i asked u answer not to repeat the question. He gave a glare. They started and it was a good 15 minutes drive. He stopped in front of a church. Sam was confused to look at the church as why he is coming all of a sudden to a church.
He came out and gave his hand. She held his hand and they went inside the church. They were praying and suddenly their names were called. Sam was confused but neil nodded and went front and she followed him.

The person asked for the rings and he placed it over the book. Sam then saw those rings and saw him who was smiling wide with his dimple deepening. She was overwhelmed, her eyes were pouring. Neil nodded not to and she wiped her tears and said I DO….. and Neil said I DO after few minutes, they exchanged the rings Neil wore the pikachu ring and Sam with hello kitty ring.

Now they were husband and wife. They were asked to kiss. Sam for the first time blushed so neil kissed her slightly. They came out with holding the hands tight. Both were so silent yet were smiling wide.

Neil ; hey samuder singh i forgot one thing saying so he pulled a chain.
Sam ; what is this ??
Neil ; our custom type a wedding chain not the usual one but different. He made her wore that. It had a cute hearten shape pendent, she checked that it had their pic where both were looking at each other with full love.
Sam was out of words, she hugged him tight and cried hard, Neil all the time rubbing her back to make her normal.

Sam ; neil i am sorry to hurt u…
Neil (cuts her) ; shusss hey sammy…. sammy look at me. It was not ur fault ok leave that and we promised we will never look back for us it is only u and me and our friendship. Now we are one ok and btw did u like our wedding ring ??
Sam giggled and said ; idiot it is just like u cute and kissed his cheeks.
Neil ; yaar sammy atleast have some consideration by not calling me idiot.
Sam ; nope u are my idiot did u forget jahaan samunder singh vahaan uska idiot. Neil smiled and hugged her and the first snow for that year started to shower which made them enjoy more.

All starts well ends well……… easy to say will that happen or not ?? Let us see what will happen to our Ardhika and Nesam.
Next part soon….

Thats it for today Tomorrow let me live and followed by my other ff. Sorry for making u all wait . I will update all regularly love u all. Bear hugs muhhhaaaaaa

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