FAB5 AUR MANAN (Chapter – 9)

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Heya guys, wassup?? Missed me?? Hmmm, I don’t think so but lets see what’s in store for us

Chapter 9 – Cavya, Dhrulya n Mukbhi

Precap: Manik shocked to know about Nandini.
Manik(angry): who was that person Amms?
Amms: 2 years ago, Nandini had a singing teacher or Pundit as I was busy with business so he used to teach her. Nandini loved Music, her life revolved around Music but after that incident she lost Music, whenever she tried to sing, she couldn’t.
Manik: where is he now??
Amms: we sent him jail, but don’t know anything about him now.
Manik: if u like, I can become her friend.
Amms: thik hai r ek promise bhi karo ke tum uski life me Music laoge.
Manik: I promise. With this Manik left for his house.

Manik reached Malhotra Mansion, Nani was waiting for him as she saw him coming she asked

Nani: kaisi hai wo?
Manik: thik hai Nani.
Nani: acha hai.
Manik: waise Nani, Twinkle ne apko btya hoga na I have to leave tomorrow.
Nani(sad): haa btya
Manik: aww, Nani sad mat ho. Mai aplog ko next month apne sath le jaunga or apka jab bhi mann kare aaja na. Thik hai na
Nani(happy): haa. Ab jao r kapde change krlo.
Manik: k , N he went to his room to change clothes. He called someone n came to the lounge. Nani called him to have dinner, they all had dinner.

Meanwhile, Amms n Rishu had dinner with Nandini in her room, Amms ordered Nandini that she vil not go office tomorrow. First Nandini denied but as Amms said she had to accept. They all had dinner n with some Good Night pecks left for their rooms.

Next Day Nandu woke up at 10. She freshen up n sat at her bed with her lappy to see any office mails. She got an email n checked it.
Miss Nandini Thakkar
We would like to inform u that u   r going to board flight with Manik Sir To Mumbai. Today at 4pm. So please be ready, as we will send a driver.
From Manager of Malhotra Industries.

Nandini was surprised as she didn’t know that being his PA she has to go with him to Mumbai as Manager informed her whenever Manik appointed PA he wouldn’t take them with him. She was happy n sad too. She went n informed Amms about this, firstly she was sad but then she knew y Manik was doing this, she hugged her n said Rishu will drive her to Airport. She didn’t wanted to disappoint Amms so she called the Manager n said no need to send the driver as Rishu vil drop her. Manager said k. After this Nandini packed her luggage n dressed up.

After dressing Nandini came downstairs with her luggage n took blessings from Amms n went with Rishu to airport. It took 30mins to reach airport for Nandini too. Manik’s car also parked at the same time as Nandu’s. As both came out of their cars, they both got shocked. Nandini saw Manik’s outfit.

Nandini was shocked as she saw Manik was wearing the same colour she was wearing n Manik too. Rishu came out n Twinkle too out of their cars n they both were shocked seeing Manan’s same colour. Manan got lost in each other’s eyes while Twinkle n Rishu were smiling seeing them. After almost 5mins, Twinkle coughed which broke their eye contact, they both started looking here n there. Twinkle started

Twinkle: k guyzz, everything is alright n Bhai don’t forget to bring what I said.
Manik(pulling her cheeks): yah yah I know
Twinkle: n Nandini u didn’t forget anything to bring right?
Nandini: no.
Twinkle: k take care guys.
Manan: u take care too n they both smiled at each other
Rishab: dii, ap mujhe bhul rahe ho r apne mere liye Manik Bhaiya ka autograph bhi nhi laya
Nandini: k min…Bhaiya, ye tere Bhaiya kabse hue
Rishab(fist to Manik’s fist): aaj se hai na Bhaiya
Manik: haa.
Twinkle: k guyzz u should leave n she hugged Manan. Manan said bye n came inside the airport, as they entered Nandini asked

Nandini: Manik, we could have gone by car then y flight?
Manik: actually when I came Mangalore, I came by car n there were so many ghaddas here(sorry guyz don’t know the word) so I decided to go by flight.
Nandini: hmmm k. They both finished the formalities n after 1 hour they reached the flight. They were in business class, their seats were together. Manik thought ki ye flight takeoff hote waqt dar jayegi but nothing happened like he thought, Nandini was very comfortable. She dozed off n kept her head on Manik’s shoulder. He was reading a magazine when he saw, her hairs were all over her face n disturbing her sleep. He slowly moved her hairs back of her ear n smiled at her angelic face. He too dozed off.

A married couple were sitting beside Manan. The wife looked at her husband n said

Wife: dekho na ye kitne pyaar se so rahe hai r tum ho ki?
Husband: kya yaar Simran tum mujhe galat time pe kyu sunati ho, dekho tumhari waja se kya hgya, he showed his game which was over bcoz of Simran.
Simran: tum sirf games khelo, apni biwi ko mat dekho, pata nhi kis ghadi maine tumse shadi ki thi.
Husband: dekho maine tumhare saath zabardasti nhi ki thi, tum hi mere piche ayi thi.
Simran: haa to mujhe kya pata tha ki tum movie wale Raj nhi boring Raj ho.
Raj: kya?? Mai boring hoo, to chlijao na
Simran: chali jati agar tum mujhse itna pyaar nhi karte.
Raj: acha. N he side hugged her n said pointing Manan they look cute together isn’t. Simran said they r. N they too dozed off.

Manan reached the airport after 1 hour.
They checked out n were shocked to see Cavya, Mukbhi n Dhrulya standing as if they are couple. He went to them n asked

Manik: whoa, guyz tumlog aise kyu stand krre ho jaise
Nandini: couples ho?
All in union: haa hum hai
Manan: kyaa??
Cavya: guyz pehle chalo hum sab batate hai. They both were still shocked n nodded. They all after 30mins reached Malhotra Mansion(Mumbai). Both Manan freshen n sat on couch together. All couple adjusted themselves, Nandini started

Nandini: toh ab jaldi batao ye sab kese hua.
Mukti(blushing): Mai batati hoo.
Nandini: oho someone is blushing.
Mukti: chupkar, ab mai start karo?
Manan: ha ha karo.
Mukti: Abhi called me to some place n
Mukti reached the place, she was shocked to see the place. It was the same place she imagined. She went inside n saw an arrow(right), she went right n saw a table, two chairs n a candle. It was beautiful decorated, her favorite flowers were all over there. Her favorite chocolates were on the table, a note was with it
To My Beautiful Lady
She was very happy, she called Abhi, he came from back n called her. She turned n saw Abhi on his knees. He said
I don’t know how to say it, I know u know ur beautiful but for me ur very beautiful, from the day I have known ur inner beauty, I love it n I love u. Do u luv me? He removed a ring from his blazer, Mukti was in tears as no one has done this to her, she was in many relationships without make-outs n kisses but no one loved her truly. But today she was very happy, she too sat on her knees n said
I love u too Abhi n with this Abhi made her wear the ring. They both stood up n hugged each other tightly.
(Flashback over)

Nandini: so sweet.
Manik: aur tum chaaro ke saath kya hua
Cavya n Dhrulya: jaise inke sath hua juz the same.
Nandani: iska matlab tum sab ne ek hi tarah ke lines mari
Navya: nhi aisa nhi, deco waise hi the par dialogue Cabir ne sabse ache kahe the
Manik: acha kya kaha isne
Cabir: ab chod na yaar. Navya tum bhi na
Navya: acha sorry na.
Manan: acha thik hy nhi bolte. Alya noticed them n said
Alya: guyzz tum dono baar-baar ek hi saath kyu reply krrhe ho.
Manan: kya matlab?
Alya: dkho phir kiya
Manik: acha, humne sirf abhi kiya, pehle kab kiya?
Cabir: yhapar ane se pehle, hamari khabri ne inform krdya.
Manik: acha. With this they all started pulling each others legs.

So how was it?? I know no Manan scene, but sorry for that, liking the friendship bond?? Waiting for response……..
Lots Of Love ❤️❤️️❤️️

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