Eternal love… manan (Episode 2)

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Guys ,some of you told me that this track is similar to ssel old track. I know it. It was intentional as i have a different story. Its just that the beginning is kinda ssel types so chill. Please do comment and tell me your views. And , thank you for your support . (bore kiya na..sorry??)

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Recap: alya in Malhotra mansion. Nyonika manipulates her to fall for Manik. Dhruv realises his,mistake.
Continues :
It was morning. They all were having breakfast. Nyonika comes. She sits beside alya. Manan are sitting together.
Nyo: look alya, here you are sad and she is sitting with her husband . You call her your friend ?
A: you are right aunty. She’s changed.
Nandini: arre, alya, look what i made for you.
A: wow! Honey pancakes! My favourite.
Alya looks at Nyonika fuming. She keeps the plate down.
Na: what happened , eat it.
A: no, i am not feeling like . Its ok. You have.
Ma: what Nandini, everything for your friend? What’s for me?
Na: for you? This .
She gives Manik a plate. He opens it and makes faces.
Ma: Nandini! What the hell is this? Mashed potatoes? Yuck!!
Nandini starts laughing. Manik looks at her mesmerized. Nyolya fume.
Nyo: what kind of a joke is this you girl, how dare you .
Nandini stops laughing . Manik looks at her.
Na: sorry mom, actually , i made this for Manik.
She passes another bowl to Manik. He prays to god before opening it. Nandini giggles slightly. He opens the plate and gets shocked.
Ma: Nandini, what is this,?
Nyo: what did you do now?
Manik : mom, its Mexican salad!!! ????My favourite!!! Nandu, how did you know?? And btw, how did you know how to make it?
Na: Manik, i remember once you told my mom, when she asked you. Then, i looked up the internet for recipe.
Manik in excitement gets up and hugs her. And gives a kiss on her cheek. Nandini is astonished as this is the first time he kissed her. Manik also shocked. Nyolya get even more angry and go away. Nandini is blushing.

Manik ‘s POV:
Nandini made this salad for me! Wow, i was so happy that the next moment , i got up and kissed her . Yeah right, Manik how could you. Like seriously. You stupid , idiot . Now Nandini will be sure that ii have loved her ever. How do i tell her the truth? She will be shattered.
End of POV.

He looks at Nandini smiling .
Na: now. Taste it Manik ! She feeds him.
Ma: Nandini, this is the best salad i have ever had. Its so yummy. Taste it.
He feeds her they smile. Alya looks in from outside.
Al: i have to execute the plan today itself..
Alya: Nandini, i have a plan for you.
Nandini ‘ what plan?
Al: come here.
She takes her to the room . And gives a dress. It was a beautiful white dress with pearl settings. Nandini wore it and was looking beautiful. Alya did her make up and jewellery. Nandu was now looking like a princess .
Na: alya, can you please tell me what is it today??
Alya: shush!! We have kept a
secret party today.
Nandini: what for?
Al: for dad’s business success.
Na; oh wow. I don’t even know. Who are coming!?
A; arre, its just us, some friends and cavya, mukbhi.
Na: ok. You go get ready.

Nandini ‘s POV;
Alya took me to a room and got me ready. For dad’s success party. But, mom didn’t even tell me once. She could have told me at least. I hope i am looking fine. What will Manik say?
End of POV.
The decorations are in full swing . Everyone was ready. Alya wore a blue and purple saree and was looking sweet. Nyonika was in a green saree. Then , came our Manik. In black denims and white shirt . He was looking sooooooo hot(like seriously!?) alya saw him and went near him .
Al: manik, you look really good today.
Ma: thanks alya, you look nice too.

Manik ‘s POV:
I came out ready when alya came and started flirting. God what was wrong with her. Then, Nandini entered. She was looking ethereal. I literally felt i was falling for her . God! She was becoming too hot to handle now. She came near me and i started blabbering like an idiot.
End of POV.

Everyone was partying. Alya went to the drinks counter. She saw Manik coming and mixed a pill in her drink and went
away. Manik came and picked up that drink. But, suddenly Mr. Malhotra called him. He went there and left the drink, someone else comes and takes the drink. Alya was about to go the drink , when she got Dhruv ‘s message. It read:
Alya, i am really very sorry. I know i have been mistreating you a lot. But please , just talk to me once. Please! I am outside Malhotra mansion. Will wait for you.
Alya got very happy . She started crying out of joy and ran outside. There, she saw Dhruv waiting. She rushed in and gave him a tight hug. Dhruv was taken aback but he soon realized and gave in the hug. They closed their eyes and absorbed the moment. Tears brimming up. Dhruv broke the hug and looked at her.
D: alya, thank you so much for forgiving me. I love you.
Al: i love you too , Dhruv.
They have a cute eyelock. Suddenly, it ticks in her mind.
A: i shit! Dhruv, i have to go.
D: what happened?
A: actually, i mixed a sedative in manik’s drink, to know if there was anything between him and Nandini. We have to go!!
D: what? Come fast!
They rush in.

Precap: manik ‘s shocking revelation to Nandu .

So guys… What do you think about this episode? Please do tell me and thanks for reading.
Loads of love ??

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