Kaira love story (episode 11)

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Guyz m so so happy for getting so nyc reviews …n also because some of u joined  the twitter group for kaira n is helping us trend for kaira!!

Guyz vot for kaira as the best new jodi for ITA awards …. link –  Click Here

Answer for last tym’s ques was little tricky…i just asked u one action  done unknowingly by kartik which showed us the viewers  tht kartik has started feeling something  spcl for naira without realising!!

Answer: kartik keeps naira’s bracelet  aftr rishikesh episodes saying something lyk ab pata nhi hum kab millenge  miss rishikesh shayad humara  saath yehi tak tha ..

Many of u were so close to the answer but the actual answer was guessed correctly  by Srivalli  n Anshika  congrates!! ☺

Same day at night 

Naira calls kartik 

Naira: hello frog prince how r u feeling now!?

Kartik: hmm ok (with painful voice)

Naira: liar …u r not feeling well na …

Kartik: no no its nothing like tht …just putting antiseptic 

Naira: y did u open the dressing i had done ..tum kabhi nhi sudhroge na!!

Kartik:arrey i will do it ..will call later ok ..u sleep gud nite ..luv u 

Naira: hmm gud nite luv u too …take care n call me even if its 3am !!

Kartik: ok my lovely  sherni!!

Call is disconnected kartik thinks i never thought aftr miss rishikesh becomes my gf she will be so caring!! N smiles

Aftr some time kartik was doing some office work suddenly he hears some noise ..

He sees tht his room’s window is opening so he thinks thieve is comming ..i should have locked the window properly!!

Kartik slowly goes towards the window …

There he sees his lovely sherni  trying to come in!!

He smiles seeing this..

Naira finally comes in n says show me ur hand!!

Kartik is busy adoring her

Naira shakes him n says ohh mister ..i took a initiative to come here n u r still in ur own world

Kartik shows her the hand …n says movies mein always boy comes through girls window ..n yahan even girl can come through boy’s window

Naira: m not like other girls so thts y all tht logic  will not be applicable ok

Naira cares his hands 

Naira: i knew u wont be able to do even this much

Kartik: kya?

Naira: the dressing of bandage is so shabby! Let me do it again! 

Naira does the dressing ..while doing tht it hurts  to kartik!

Naira: even now is it paining so much?

Kartik: yes …it just needs one thing!

Naira: wat

Kartik: a chance to become prince from frog

Naira is clueless 

Kartik: uffo! U call me frog prince  n u dont know anything about it na …the princess has to kiss the forg to make him prince

Naira feels shy at first ..then says nautanki!!

Kartik points towards  his cheeks asking for a kiss on his cheeks

Naira hesitates but then kisses him on cheeks

Naira finishes kartik’s bandaging …

Naira: ok bye …take pain killer if it pains too much!!..n take haldi milk it will be better for healing ..n…

Kartik: bass bass miss rishikesh …i luv u

Naira: i luv u too

Kartik: naira come i will leave u in singhania mansion …as its too late!

Naira: ohh ..didnt u listen to my words…i told u na take rest! N m sherni i have handled myslef earlier also n now also i can ..so chill

Kartik says ok bye atleast msg me wen u reach not only ur house but ur room !!

Naira smiles n nods yes!

Next day!
Kartik wakes up n sees msgs ..

One is of naira asking how he is feeling so he replied to her n then kartik is shocked to see a msg ..it was from his mamu! 

Msg: hello lovely bhanja ! So wat have u decided u want a good relation with naira ya u want a good deal ! Ur call !

Kartik fumes  with anger …krishna ji u really enjoy troubling me na …i dont want to think about my past but ryt now i cant help but m forced  to think about it!

Kartik calls naitik! 

Kartik: gud morning sir …

Naitik: gud morning …is everything ok!?

Kartik: actually sir i think u should rethink before dealing with vivan group of industries  … coz m not finding it profitable ….n i would request u to look at it ..

Naitik: its ok kartik ..if u r finding troubles i wll look into it …n if i take this deal foreward i will take care as even i felt its a bit complicated…but u can assist me

Kartik: thnk u sir …but i will focus on the other projects n dance academy too ..so i wont be able to manage it

Naitik: ok no problem!

Kartik ends the call n msgs his mamu ..

Msg: mr. Dixit i have asked sir to stop dealing ..n now its his call …so m not at all involved now so for godsake leave from my lyf …i dont  want any other complications lyk last tym..

Kartik freshens up n gets ready for office!

Tara is all freshen up  n now decides to wake naksh

Suddenly she stops n she recalls eveything about  last night…their spcl  night

While  tara is in her own thoughts …naksh wakes n hugs tara ….n says so wifey r u still thinking about last night! 

Tara shyly tries ti run from there

Naksh holds her tight!

Tara says plz naksh go n get ready i need to reach home by lunch as i have some work..

Naksh: work what work!?? Remember  na ma said no work ..only fun

Tara: umm actually  marraige proposal is comming for preeti (tara’s bff) ..so i need to help her …u remember na she helped us patch up aftr all tht issue …

Naksh says hmm ..i remember we should help her like she helped us unite!! ….

Seeing naksh a bit sad tara gives  naksh a kiss on his cheek …n says plz get ready now…n tht too with  a smile

Naksh watches tara acting so cute so he smiles n goes to get ready..

As soon as naksh goes  tara msgs preeti plz yr if naksh calls u say the something as if he gets to know the truth …he will be very angry ..

Singhania house 
Naitik tells gayu tht from now on he will look into vivan’s deal as kartik has other work

Gayu gets more upset…

Akshara asks naitik to take a leave tomorrow…naitik says i will as i know karwachauth  puja is tomorrow ryt ….n thts y  i took  a leave today also …n if any work is there i told kartik to come here n i will do it 

Akshara smiles….listening tht kartik is comming naira n gayu also smile…

Bhabhimaa says aftr lunch they have called ppl who will bring dress n jwellery for tomorrow’s puja ..so be ready

Karishma asks gayu n naira ‘are u guyz keeping the fast?’

Gayu: as mami said keeping fast is good so m keeping it ..

Naira: i dont think so…

Naira thinks in mind oviously i will keep it .n  i will give my frog  prince surprise…

Mishti  says dont worry mumma i will keep it …

Everyone  laughs n says mishti 

Choti ma asks akshara  if tara is keeping the fast  …akshara says i dont know …n i m ok if she doesnt keep as i want her n naksh to enjiy their married lyf ryt now

Precape: karwachauth spcl epi!! ….wats stored  for kaira …n wat is tara hiding? …

Guyz this tym i kept short as next  one will be a long n amazing one…??

Question for today: wat thing had kartik thought to start jai veeru ki frndship with? A very simple  question just tell tht thing..?

So guyz keep reading commenting n also watch yrkkh at 9:30pm on star plus  …as we need to increase the trp of yrkkh  for our lovely kaira??

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  1. I think flowers….the yellow flowers

    1. Hales

      Ok …ill let u know in next one …btw wat r ur views on the episode?! Do let me know ?☺

  2. Anyan

    Its yellow flower..
    n keep writing you wrote so well

    1. Hales

      Thnk u so much ☺

  3. Garima

    Ya it is a flower.

  4. khushali shah

    the yellow flowers…

  5. Yellow rose

    lovely episode dear I loved the way naira entered the room..good convo
    Superb waiting for ur next one
    thank u

  6. The yellow flower

  7. Vrushy

    Nice update.
    He gave her a yellow flower !!

    1. Hales

      Thnk u ☺

  8. With the flower pot that naira gave him to say thank you

  9. Sarayu(honey)

    Yellow flowers

  10. The yellow flower

  11. I think he gave him the yellow flowers as he wants to start first friendship tan love story

    1. Hales

      Ok will post the answer in the next one?

    1. Hales

      Thnk u ☺

  12. lovely epi.loved it n thanks for posting the voting link.plz vote guys.make them win.

    1. Hales

      Thnks piu ….n ur welcum! ?

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