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Hi guys, remember me? if not please scratch your head and remember me to leave a comment. Please do tell me your reviews about the (See more) epi….
Radhika woke up with a jerk. She found herself sleeping in her room. She was sweating badly even now after her bad dream. Yes it was her dream where arjun spoke to her. Reality was quite different. Arjun hadn’t spoken to her from the second she left him. May be guilty or maybe he didn’t want to speak to her. She did go to arjun’s room while he was caressing the pic. But she came back without calling him for dinner. She was thinking of surprising him with something but her dream surprised her. Her trance was broken when arjun came to her and touched her cheeks with hot coffee mug. Arjun: yesterday when I saw you in the car, this was my reaction. Well now you are looking the same. You should have informed me about dinner you prepared. I don’t like wasting eatables, so I’m having the same. If you want you can take something in the canteen. Anyways thanks for the food. Get ready and come down, I’ll be waiting. He said and went after handing her the coffee mug. After he left radhika scolded herself for behaving weird in front of him. What must have he thought at that sight of her? But still being her husband he has all the right to know what she is, she convinced herself. She got up got ready after having the coffee prepared by her husband. They left after having the same food she prepared last night.
Neil and sam were already in birdsong and were blushing at sight of eachother but still managing with others. Anu and abhi were banging their heads seeing these two behaving foolish. But still were enjoting the view. Anu called sam and asked her to come to her cabin. Sam entered. Anu: abhi see na, my bhabhi. And sam this is my husband. I’m introducing him to you because its my duty as your nanad right. Sam glared at her and all the three burst out laughing. Anu: as I promised he is going to propose you. Sam: you said fifteen days. Anu: be grateful to me that he at least had asked you to go on a date. Sam: that’s there. At least I won’t be a spinster for life. Abhi: he didn’t even propose her for marriage, she is already dreaming. Madam come’ on you have a task to do. Sam: anu, all men are same. Donkeys kahin ke. Abhi: you…. If I’m donkey then you are monkey. Sam was about to tell something when anu closed their mouth by putting chocolates in their mouth. Anu: see Mr. donkey and Ms. Monkey, I have a lot of work to do. So sam go and call your chasni to meet me within an hour or she may has to face something as I won’t compromise with my business. Sam and abhi looked each other later turned their faces and sam went to meet radhika after nodding her head to her friend.
Radhika was now frustrated about arjun. Both stayed under same roof and travelled in same car, but still weren’t open to each other. Morning he spoke to her as if he was speaking to some stranger. Radhika wanted to know about the relation anu and arjun were sharing. She was worried about her dream and arjun didn’t care about it. Arjun and neil were speaking hours together like lovers. She didn’t know what they were talking but she was sure that they were sketching something. She wanted to ask teji about the changes that happened when she was away. She was trying to concentrate on the work given to her. She was not able to do that. She wanted to vent her anger on someone.
Sam entered radhika’s cabin with a file: cha… sorry… radhika, MD is calling you. She asked you to go her with the file. Radhika: wait. I haven’t finished that still. Sam: radhika please do it fast. She will start yelling at you. She is…. She was cut by radhika. Radhika: what else you people know sam? You blamed me without my fault. Arjun sir, he used me. At least neil was sharing something with me. But now everything has changed. I should have thought this before coming. I just thought everyone here are my people. Now I don’t feel so. While radhika was saying her heart out to sam there was someone recording all these…. that person had used some brain. He/she stood there at some distance, so that their conversation will not be recorded. Sam was now happy as radhika was sharing her heart. She let her to vent out whatever she wants to tell. Radhika continued: you are asking sorry. You said there is no sorry and thank you in friendship right. This means you don’t consider me as your friend. Neil is behaving as if he is arjun sir’s girlfriend. You people have forgotten me completely. Tell me sam have you ever remembered me? No right. Huh… leave. Now what is that girl doing here? Who is she? I know she is very beautiful, cute, bubbly and what not. But why is she behind my arjun sir? He is only mine. You know if not for you I would have never left him. I love him. I want to confess to him, but that girl is always in his mind. Who is she? Tell me sam.
Sam was in tears in the starting. But when radhika was complaining about anu she felt radhika was still a child. She was complaining like a child who lost her favourite doll. Sam knew this was the time to get her friend back. So she started. Sam: cool chasni… I thought you were not talking to me because I had insulted you in front of everyone. But I didn’t remember that my chasni is fond of forgiving. But still for my contentment I’m asking sorry. Tell me chasni did you forgive me? Radhika was about to tell something when sam stopped her: just say yes or no. radhika nodded yes. Sam then continued: you know radhika arjun has such a kind heart. He is something which no one had observed. You left him and went. After that he did not call you or came to you. You know why? Because he loves you and he don’t want to see you suffering again because of him. I don’t know if you know this. He used to call dadaji to get to know about you. Even neil has hurt him more. But he forgave him so easily. You know now he is my best friend. He is not opening to you because he thinks that he may lose you again. Vanish that thought from his mind and then he is all yours. To forget you it’s impossible. We never forgot you to remember you. Neil, I don’t know about him. These two are behaving weird when they are together. This is what I observed. And about anu… it’s better if you meet her. The person who was recording this left now. Radhika was still sitting silently. Sam went near her and lifted her face to look into her eyes. Both the girls were emotional. Sam: you are right… you are not my friend….. Radhika was shocked…. Sam continued: you are my soul sister. I should have got you instead of my idiot. Radhika and sam looked at each other and finally hugged. Now their heart was filled with joy, a bit of sorrow, a bit if guilty, and full of happiness. Sam was now full in the air. She got anu back, neil will be with her. She got her friend back. It was an unbelievable thing to sam. But everything should not be perfect right.
The person who was recording rasam’s conversation entered a house. To be precise a room. She plugged the phone to her laptop. She did something to the video. She sent it to Neil. Person: now your love story is gone before it started sam. You and that anu . Both of you have taken away my sleep. Now I’ll see how you will sleep. If I don’t separate you people and if I don’t spoil your life then my name is not MANYA KHANNA she exclaimed.
Neil’s phone beeped with notification of a message. It was from an unknown number. He saw the video. Now he was furious. In the video sam was yelling at radhika about her relation with neil. She was again blaming her character. And radhika was pleading sam to trust her. Neil had enough of this.
Neil’s POV
I thought you both will solve this for yourselves. I thought of not interfering in between you two. But this has become impossible. Sam, I thought you had changed and had learnt a lesson after losing chasni. But you would never change. I will break my ties with you. I don’t need a life partner like you. It was better if I had not met you in my life. You broke me again now. I know it would hurt me but still….
Anu was out with arjun for some official work. None got to know about rasam uniting still. Anu entered bird song running. Arjun was chasing her. Anu entered abhi’s cabin. He was busy with some file. Anu came to him and sat on his lap and hugged him tight. Arjun too came there. Everyone in the office were laughing seeing arjun’s face. He had almost all kind of ice creams on his face. Arjun: abhi leave your wife and send her to me. anu nodded no still hiding her in his chest. Abhi: aru see I’m not holding her if you want then come take her. Anu punched him on his tummy and again went near arjun. She had silk in her hand. It was almost melt. She smudged it on his his face and again started running around the cabin with arjun chasing her. They went out running and abhi banged his head. Abhi: mom you got me married to a kid. Impossible. Who will tell that she is handling two companies? What to do I can’t leave her. This stupid heart of mine loves her. He smiled at his thought.
On the other hand sam was doing her work when neil entered her cabin. He held her by her elbow made her stand and slapped her hard. Sam was shocked. Sam: neil… what did I do? Neil: you thim=nk you should do something still? Is what you have done not enough? How dare you blame chasni again? Will you ever learn something sam? I loved a girl like you who never think of something other than her happiness. I Neil Malhotra will break all my ties with you. You are not fit to be my life partner. What has radhika done to you that you hold grudge over her? She risked her life to save a person like you. She should be blamed for this. You are such an ungrateful b***h I have ever seen. I don’t like to see your face again in my life. Sam tried interrupting: neil… i…i… she was not able to complete her sentence. She tried hard to stop her sobs and talk to him. Sam: neil I didn’t say anything to…. She was cut. Neil showed her the video he had received. Sam was shocked seeing that. She tried telling him that the voice wasn’t hers. Neil did not budge to it. Neil: see sam. I don’t want to see your face in my life. Its better if you stay away from me and chasni…. You don’t deserve to be called a human being. Its better if people like you die. Ungrateful b***h. Never show me your face. He shouted at her and went away slamming the door.
Sam was unable to believe what he said. She took her belongings and ran to her car and later ended up in her house. Anu and arjun saw sam running away and went behind her. But she had left. They came back to office to know what’s wrong. Sam entered her room and slammed the door. She took the sleeping tablets and had it completely. She took a knife nearby and slit her wrist crying all the while. What neil said was too much to her. She never thought that she would die this way. But neil wanted her to die she thought. Everything was finished sam slowly closed her eyes.

So that’s it for today. I just scribbled something nonsense please bear with me and give me your reviews plssss……

Signing off
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