Kumkum Bhagya 21st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 21st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Tanu thinking that in the morning, she will bail out Abhi and get into his good books. She thinks Pragya must be tensed and must be still awake and thinks of checking her. She hears Pragya talking to Sarla about videorecording corporator’s confession and telling she will show it to commissioner in the morning. Tanu thinks Pragya will get into Abhi’s good books after bailing him out and she will not let this happen. Pragya looks at Abhi’s pic and thinks he will be freed in the morning. Tanu wakes up Aaliya, but she asks her to tell whatever she wants in the morning. Tanu says tomorrow Behanji will show proof against coporator and will free Abhi. Aaliya says whatever and gets back to sleep.

Mitali thinks how to convince Raj to go on vacation and thinks he took her on vacation only on their honeymoon. Raj comes and starts cribbing that people are trying to bribe him. she asks him to calm down and says she has some important work with him. He asks if she needs money, then he canot give her. She thinks she will tell him next day and says Raj that it is nothing important, says she will get him warm oil for massage. He asks what does she mean. She says she means she will get tea for him.

Tanu gets into Pragya’s room, sees her asleep and takes her phone. She transfers video to her phone and deletes from Pragya’s phone. Pragya wakes up to drink water and does not find her phone. She worriedly searches it and Tanu keeps it back. She walks out once Pragya falls asleep back. Taiji sees Tanu coming out of Pragya’s room and asks what was she doing there. She says she went to check if Pragya is well. Taiji thinks this Sautan is very good, she is taking care of both Abhi and his wife.

Pragya happily reaches police station to bail out Abhi, but sees him already out and Tanu is with him. Abhi says Tanu bailed her out and she came late. Pragya is confused. Tanu says just like she stole Abhi from her, she stole her evidence. She walks out with Abhi happily while Pragya sadly stands alone. Pragya sadly sees Abhi and Tanu getting into his car and leaving.

Mitali says Raj that she wants to go on vacation with him to Mahabaleshwar. He says he does not have money. She says she won a competition and asks him to apply 1 week leave from him office and be away from news. He asks what news. She says she wants to keep him way from boring news. He says diwali is coming and he has a lot of pending work at office. He says he can take her to Mahalaxmi mandir only. She gets sad.

Abhi reaches home. Reporters throng around him and ask why did he beat corporator. He says corporator and his men are corrupt and harrass innocent people, so he stood against them but got arrested in a false case. He says he wants to fight against corruption. He sees Pragya getting out of auto and says he helped her though she got him arrested and says he will stood against corruption and save families like hers. Pragya gets impressed hearing his speech.

Abhi sees Tanu and thinks she is the only one who deserves his love. She bailed her out of jail, so she deserves his hug. He walks towards her, but Daadi comes in front of her and says she got worried about him seeing the news and came back from yatra, asks how did he got into jail. Abhi says he went to help Pragya’s family and got into jail. Dadi gets happy hearing that and says you came out of jail because of Pragya as it is karva chauth tomorrow. Pragya comes. Daadi and her cousins praise Pragya and Abhi for helping each other. Daadi says Pragya that it is her first karva chauth tomorrow and she will teach her how to fast. Daadi says she will do as she wishes. Tanu and Aaliya get irked hearing that. Daadi says Pragya she will remember her fast forever.

Precap: Pragya says Abhi that she accepts his punishment happily as he is very dear to her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. TANU !!!! I hate you !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Its a total crap story. Give us a break

  3. This rockstar does not look like a shadow of a rocktar. He looks more like a rickshaw puller.

    1. fact…. true i tooo thought to say this Haa Haaaaaaa

      1. Hee Looks Like Loosu

  4. whatever

  5. This show really is crap! Good thing I don’t waste my time to watch. Soon I would even stop reading the updates.

  6. terrible show!!! the progress needs to be better. Every day same thing. Tanu or Aliya tries to get one up on Pragya. Even poor Purab didn’t’ get a chance with the one he loves….. It’s time to give Pragya’s marriage a real shot. BUT I guess then what would you write about!!! The constant galat family is too much.

  7. This is one of the worst serial on zeetv…everyday is the same thing can one character suffer so much? This serial makes doli armaano ki looks good

    1. I Totally Agree with you

  8. y u people r writing comments…even stop doing that…because writers are not going to change this storyline…this writers are really sick nd insane that’s y they r spoiling a good serial nd good storyline like this…I dnt watch dis serial bcoz it is nothing but turned to a bullshit which was started as a promising serial nd it gives too much pressure on head unnecessarily…u can also c that even this comments are getting less day by day…all are fade up of watching this bullshit

  9. When rubbish
    eish this serial is losing the plot .

  10. this show is becoming so boring …….

  11. hey hello how stupid is pragya that she doesn’t even know that Tanu got the evidence. One way Pragya is so strong in other way she is so stupid what kind of serial is this a rif between husband and wife how long this will last. Its getting very boring all the serial produced by eka and shobaha kapoor are always rift between husband and wife whats wrong with them is this reality of their life showing to the public get real gat a life ekta kapoor and shobha kapoor

  12. Shania sookram

    uh tanu is just horrible!! Abi is so blind !!

  13. I hate tanu and abhi he is not understnd nothing I hate this serial

  14. I hate it . . I hate this serial . .nonsense

  15. Theses writers… Prove Tanu’s falsehood in front of Abhi

  16. hate u Tanu………

  17. tanu- the smart girl
    pragya- the damdoo lady , when you will learn to be alert and smart

  18. Why did they make pragya fall in love first abhi should have fallen in love first dum

  19. Every day same story sarla is irritating

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