Tumhari Pakhi 21st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 21st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Jiji ask charu to make food and bring it I my room, we will have lunch in room only here too, charu agrees, jiji gives apples to charu and ask her to eat these. Veer comes there, pakhi comes there too, they find earring on veer’s shirt, they teases him, he says I am not understanding what you are saying, jiji says if you like wearing earrings then tell me, I will gift you, nandini says he is not interested in earring but in pakhi, jiji takes out earring from veer’s shirt, veer is embarrassed and leaves from there, jiji thinks that I know pakhi is pregnant that’s why love has increased between you both, she ask pakhi to drink juice as she has to take care of whole house, she makes pakhi drink it, nandini taunts that jiji never loved us so much, jiji ask her to bring grunt, she brings, jiji gives grunt( jewelry gift) to pakhi and says we give to our daughter in laws, pakhi says then we should give to nandini, nandini says don’t look at me, I don’t need it, she leaves, jiji says don’t think about her, she leaves too, charu says to pakhi that nandini is very sad, her husband brother of veer left her alone after marriage, he loved someone else and left nandini in pain, jiji was hurt by him so she broke her relation with veer’s brother, now we have only you people, jiji has so much hopes from you both. servant comes there and says store room has become dirty, pakhi goes to see.
Pakhi comes in store room, she stands on stool but falls from it, jiji comes there and takes pakhi to room.
Pakhi is in room, jiji ask are you fine? we should call doctor, jiji says I will apply ointment, pakhi says no don’t touch my feet, jiji says nothing to worry, you should not think about yourself only, jiji says I will take care of your food from now on, I know that you don’t wanna tell us but I know everything that you are pregnant, pakhi is shocked and says no I am not pregnant, jiji agrees, Jiji says look Pakhi, veer married late so you have to give children soon, pakhi is tensed.
Veer comes home with earrings, Riya sees him with earrings, she ask what is happening, veer says you made me afraid, Riya takes earring from him and says diamond earrings, these are amazing, it will look good on pakhi, veer says no its not for her, Riya says ok I will take it then, veer says no, its for her only, Riya says she will like it as she got injured today, veer goes to see pakhi.
Veer comes to room, pakhi is applying ointment, veer says I will call someone to help you, pakhi says no its done, pakhi goes from there, veer practice how to present gift to Pakhi, he says don’t be shy veer, pakhi comes there, he hides earring, pakhi says we should tell truth to jiji, its not good to hide things from her, today she thought that I am pregnant, veer is shocked. Pakhi says see she gave me your family sacred thing and asked me to put in mandir with my hands.

Scene 2
Nandini says I am getting bored in veer’s house, she is roaming here and there and finds one album, she see picture of Anshuman, Ayan, Pakhi and Aryaman, she is shocked, she ask one servant that one guy is anshuman, who is this other guy same like him? servant says he is aryaman, don’t ask about him, he leaves, nandini says there is something wrong in this house but what.
Pahki says to veer that she will get hurt, we should tell them that we are not like husband and wife, we should tell them in which circumstances we married each other, veer says I will tell her truth, he leaves from there, he sadly looks at pakhi.
Veer comes to jiji, he says you are timeless classic, jiji ask how is pakhi? veer says you gave her ointment so it will work, jiji says love works on anyone, I think pakhi need your love, give her so much love that happiness come in her life, you know because of your younger brother, the stain we got on our family, I bear that pain with much difficulty, I cant bear an more pain, I am happy that you married, now I want this house to be full of happiness, this will happen? veer nods.

PRECAP- veer says to pakhi that I know e should tell truth to jiji that we don’t live like husband and wife. Veer goes to sleep on sofa while pakhi sleeps on bed, nanadini see it and is shocked, she says how will pakhi be pregnant, they don’t even sleep together, she goes to jiji and ask her to come, she wanna show something to her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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