Hamari Sister Didi 21st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 21st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The men point the gun towards Amrita. Lalit shouts at the man, that he won’t do any such thing. Karan hears this, passing by the corridor. He runs towards the room, and is shocked to see the gun pointed at Amrita. The man loaded his revolver, when Karan shouts and runs towards him taking his hands up. The man throws Karan away, on stand. He is injured, but moves to hold Amrita. Someone switches the lights off. Amrita and Karan look at each other. The nursing staff looks at them. Amrita was fainting, they both fell down. Amrita had blood on her hand. Karan asks is she alright, she says yes, he tells her he is fine and struggles to stand up. Amrita asks about the blood, but Karan fells down suddenly. Amrita is shocked, and shouts his name. His eyes were closing. She calls Dimple, and they call everyone. Amrita was panicking. Mehr asks isn’t any other doctor on duty today, on phone. Amrita asks Karan to breath, and speak. Kiara is worried in her room, her mother asks Vaiji to close their door as there has been a gun shot. Veer runs after the criminals, and takes them along. Amrita calls Amrita, and says the doctors are in their way. He says the poison will spread, she must take the bullet, they can’t wait the doctor. Amrita nods, he was closing eyes. She thinks what should she do, and remembers he had said to her while heart puncture that she must not panic. She calls them to prepare the OT. Dimple says he is her friend, she is a nurse only. Amrita shouts that she can’t let him die.

Amrita holds Karan, and calls for stretcher. They hold Karan to OT. Dimple says they must wait for the doctor, but they drag the stretcher to OT. Karan held Amrita’s hand. They shift Karan to OT bed. Babay asks him to keep talking. Dimple knocks the OT door, which was locked. Amrita dresses up into OT dress. She sends Babay out, Babay tells Dimple to concentrate her. Dimple prays for her. Amrita asks Karan to wait for doctor. Karan says she can’t do it. His blood group is A+, he has no allergies except peanuts. She asks is it a time to joke. She says they must wait for doctor, but he says they can’t wait for doctor. He asks is he with her. He says he has no choice. He was fainting, she promises she will do it. She cuts off his shirt. She asks him to stay stable as it might pain a bit. She picks the bullet up in light, Karan was fainting. She was afraid, has she cut an artery as there is a lot of bleeding. She asks about arranging a blood. The doctor comes then. Mehr tells Dimple they need blood. Amrita tells Karan nothing will happen to him. She tells doctor that she plucked the bullet, but there has been a lot of bleeding. The doctor says they will have to stop the bleeding. Babay cries for Karan, and then consoles Dimple. Lalit was panicking while Bobby made him calm down.

The patients pray for Karan. The media come at the reception. Babay blocks their way, and says there is no news for them. Mehr takes the blood for Karan. Veer tells the reception that there is nothing here Veer tells them that two men come here with guns, but now everything is under control. Dimple shouts to stop it, police is inquiring. The reporter asks the reason. She says it happened because of nurse. She asks them to leave now.

Amrita panicked as the heart bead went low. The doctor says the body is going in shock.

Babay stops Dimple and says that Amrita is the one because of whom they have a hope, why is she opening up her fight to the outer world. The heartbeat went low. Amrita was shocked, as was everyone else. The ECG shows no heart beat. Amrita calls Karan! The doctor says maybe he was late. Amrita calls Karan, and says to doctor he can’t give up. The doctor asks for defibrillator. Amrita hopes this treatment is safe for Karan. Amrita prays, and calls Karan. She says he has to get up. The doctor gives the shock.

PRECAP: Dimple and Mrs. Kapoor blame Amrita. She cries, that Dimple was right, she did the wrong thing.

Update Credit to: Sona

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