kriyam – u r my strength Episode 129

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Episode 129

Episode 130
Raj : ( Angry ) what the hell who is it ?? ( Turns back n Gets Shocked n Sweating ) sayyamm… !!
Sayyam : ( Angry n Punches Raj ) how Dare U touch my wife ?? n hw dare u even think to harm my wife n my baby ?? ( turns n pushes raj on sofa in anger ) what did u think raj ki tum kuch bhi karoge n i will be quite n won’t Do anything to protect my family ?? Don’t forget Mr Raj Sinha ki Sayyam Birla ko nothing is impossible..If He can die for his family then he can also kill anyone to protect his family ( Points His Finger towards Raj in Anger ) Yaad rakhna ( Angry )
As sayyam was Teaching a Good Lesson to Raj Krishna Gains Her Senses n the First Word She took was of sayyam even in Semi Conscious State making sayyam Overwhelmed.He Immediately Ran towards Krishna Forgetting about Raj n Sat Beside Her Taking Her in His Lap with Worried Expressions n Concern abt Krishna’s n His Baby’s Health…
Krishna : ( Semi Unconscious State ) sayyam..s..ssayyamm.Plzz Help Me..We Need U.. ( again Faints )

Sayyam : ( worried n caresses krishna’s hairs concernly ) krishna..utho ..see ur sayyam has come back.plzz open ur eyes my princess.. ( teary eyes ) ( looks at raj angrily ) no one will be able to harm u n our baby.. ( shakes krishna ) uttho krishna.plzz utho.( cries n kisses her forehead in concern )
As sayyam was busy in Making Krishna Conscious Raj takes a Revolver from His Pocket n Was about to Shoot sayyam n Krishna
Raj : ( Laughs Evilly ) Good Bye Mr n Mrs Sayyam Birla..Tum dono ka .Oops nt 2 bt Tum bt Tum Teeno ka ( Points towards krishna’s Stomach ) Game khatam…Good Bye..
As Raj was about to Shoot sayyam Keeps Krishna on a Pillow Slowly n Lovingly n after Making Krishna Lye On Pillow sayyam Gets Up n Goes Near Raj with a Winning Smile Making Raj Shocked n Confused…

Sayyam : ( Smiles Winningly ) Game toh khatam hai…lekin meri nahi balki tumhari Mr Raj Sinha ( Points towards the Door ) waha Door ke Pass dekho..
Raj who saw sayyam smiling was again confused n saw towards da door as sayyam said n when he saw towards da door he received another shock of his life by seeing rahul n yuvaan standing near the door with a winning smile like sayyam n the thing which was more shocking to raj was they were standing with police men who were all ready to arrest raj making raj fumble n scared.
Raj : ( Pretends to be Normal ) Inspector Aap yaha ?? Is everything fine ?? ( Sweating )
Inspector : ( Serious Tone ) yeh Sawal toh mujhe puchna chahiye Mr Raj Sinha aapse ?? Aap aur apne sabse bade Rival ke Ghar pe ??

Raj : ( Fake Smile n Sweating ) Woh Actually i came to see Mrs Birla. .i came to know ki No One is at Home n She is Alone in Home..Ssoo i thought to check whether everything is fine or nt with Her. Nothing else Inspector. . ( Wipes His Sweat )
Sayyam yuvaan n rahul who saw raj in such state were smiling n enjoying seeing raj in such a fearful n frightened n confused state..sayyam smiled n went towards raj to clear his doubts arsing in his mind with a winning smile on his face..
Sayyam : ( Keeps His Hands On Raj’s Shoulder n takes a One Round of Him ) So Mr Raj Sinha. what r u thinking ?? ( comes in front of raj )wait ..wait ek minute..let me guess what u r thinking ?? u r thinking na ki hw i m all fyn suddenly n hw yuvaan is here jabki he went to a party n what rahul ur employee is doing with me..then let me tell u ki its all our plan to trap u Mr Raj Sinha..

Hearing the truth revelation raj was shocked n surprised n was out of words which made sayyam yuvaan n rahul smile more winningly….
Sayyam : ( Smiles Winningly ) Kya Hua ?? Where r u Lost ?? Arrey sirf itna sunke u r Shocked ?? Then i Wonder what will ur Reaction after knowing the Full Truth…Wanna Listen… Then Listen before Telling U ( Sees Krishna ) I need to Send My wife Krishna to Hospital .. ( Signals Rahul )

Rahul who understood sanskaar’s signal took krishna to hospital with a da help of one constable n soon returned back after dropping krishna to hospital as all family members were already present at hospital as per sayaam n yuvaan’s plan..after the return of rahul from hospital sayyam started telling his plan to raj making him more shocked n speechless…
[ I know this? part was little unrealistic but don’t think much about it ? ]
Sayyam : ( Smiles Winningly ) haa toh let’s continue mr raj sinha. .let me tell u our entire all started when…

~~~~~~~~Flashback starts ~~~~~~~~~~~
When Rahul came to Meet Krishna in Office was Shocked to know the Real Face n Entire Truth of Raj Sinha…
Rahul : Sun Yuvaan..i need to tell u an important matter….just listen to it carefully..
Yuvaan : ( Worried ) Kya baath hai Rahul ?? Is everything okay?..
Rahul : ( Serious ) Woh Actually I need to tell u about Raj Sinha…He is My Boss ( Scared )
Yuvaan : ( Shocked ) What ??
Rahul : Haa yuvaan..n today only i came to know about krishna n sayyam’s state n the true face of raj..n nw when i came to know about his true face i can’t work with Him fr a second i’m going to resign now from my job..

Yuvaan think for a while… Rahul was confused with yuvaan’s silence…
Yuvaan: ( Thinking ) No Wait Rahul..according to Me U should work there with Raj..
Rahul : ( Surprised n Gets Up from the Sofa ) what ?? R u in ur senses yuvaan ?? What rubbish r u talking ?? Hw can i even work with a person who has spoiled n made my friend’s life more worse than a Hell ??
Yuvaan : ( Smiles n Makes Rahul Sit ) Offo..Baba..First Listen. .then Panic Yaar…
Rahul : ( Confused ) i don’t Understand what r u telling ?? What else is there to Listen Yuvaan ??
Yuvaan : First listen na..
Rahul : ( Confused n Finally Listens ) Accha Ok Tell..what u wanna Say ??
Yuvaan : ( Smiles ) Ok Wait a Second ( Takes his mobile n Calls Someone )

Rahul was seeing yuvaan calling someone was even more confused n shocked looking yuvaan soo calm n relaxed even after knowing the truth of rahul’s boss…
Rahul : Yaar what r u doing ? To whom r u Calling nw at this time?…what’s going on…
Yuvaan : ( Smiles ) Wait a Second..u will come to know to whom i’m Calling.. ( Call Connected ) Haa Hello Sayyam…

The person to whom yuvaan called was none other than sayyam who was recovered completely in mandir only after seeing the worse scenario in front of after seeing krishna in bold avatar he controlled himself n stayed n acted as if he is in coma itself n after reaching home sayyam informed yuvaan about his sudden recovery n the incident took place in mandir n after knowing the truth yuvaan immediately called doctor n had sayyam’s complete check up n was happy to hear that sayyam is now completely fine n can live his life normally..hearing this yuvaan was jumping in happiness n was about to inform the entire family n especially krishna when sayyam stopped him n told his plan to trap raj in his own game…

Sayyam : ( Smiles ) Haa bhai..Hello..kya hua ?? Sab theek hai na ?? Is Krishna fine ( Worried )
Rahul Who saw yuvaan talking to sayyam was in Immense Shock n was Surprised n could nt Believe His Ears n was just Looking at yuvaan with His Eyes Wide Open.
Laksh : Haa sayyam..everything is fine… Krishna Left for BM Few Minutes ago only.
Sayyam : ( Relieved ) Uff..Thank God..Tumne Dara diya tha mujhe bhai….
Yuvaan : woh Sayyam actually need to tell u something hosakta hai it can help us to trap Raj.
Sayyam : ( Happpy) Ohh Really..then tell fast ..Krishna might come any moment…
Yuvaan then immediately told sayyam about Rahul n his relationship with Raj n soon Rahul yuvaan n sayyam made a plan to trap Raj n somehow Rahul convinced Raj to include him in his plan n then yuvaan n sayyam made a plan to take entire family out leaving Krishna n sayyam Alone In Home n on the other hand Rahul as Per plan convinced Raj to send him to keep an eye on Krishna n sayyam n when everyone left n sayyam who acted as Rahul called n informed raj about kriyam being alone in BM when Krishna went to washroom.. before krishna could come out of washroom he again acted as if he is in coma…

Yes the Person Who Called Raj n Informed about Krishna n sayyam r Alone in BM is None Other than sayyam Itself by Using Rahul’s Sim ( Not Explaining the Entire Conversation again as its their in Previous Parts )
Sayyam : ( Smiles Winningly ) ( Cuts thr Call ) (in mind ) Abb dekhna mr raj sinha..u r finished nw n ur bad time starts nw..

After Having a Talk with Raj sayyam Immediately Hided the Phone n again Acted as if He is in Coma and On the Other Hand as soon as Raj came to Know kriyam r Alone in BM He Left to Reach BM n Meanwhile In BM after Coming Out of Washroom Krishna Went to Kitchen to do some work n as soon as Krishna Left for Kitchen sayyam Woke Up n Fitted Hidden Cameras In His Room n before Krishna Returned He again Pretended as if is In Coma n when Door Bell Rang Krishna went to Open thw Door n when She Stepped Out of the House to see who is it Rahul Helped Raj to Get inside the House n Showed Him the Room of Krishna n sayyam n before Krishna could Return back Rahul Hided somewhere in BM n Raj Sat on Sofa making sayyam Smile on Success of His Plan.
Sanskaar : ( Smiles Winningly )( in mind )..Nw U Wait n Watch Mr Raj Sinha ki sayyam Birla kya kya karta hai tumhare saath..U have Troubled My Krishna n My Family alot na in My Absence nw U r Gonna Pay for it but … ( Teary Eyes ) Sorry Krishna I have to hand u to raj for sometime n have to give u n our baby some pain to trap this ( Angry ) Raj in Our Game..i’m really Sorry …but I Promise nothing will happen to u n our baby ( Determined ) I have Given U a sleeping pill of small dose with Doctor’s Permission in which u will fall asleep after sometime jiske wajeh se U n Our Baby will be fine.. ( Teary Eyes ) Sorry have to do this..i’m Really Sorry..
And After Sometime Krishna Entered the Room n was Shocked to Raj in Her Room n after that Everything was Perfectly Going According to Plan n Raj was Trapped..

~~~~~~~FlashBack Ends~~~~~~~~

Sayyam : ( Smiles ) Toh Mr Raj how was Our Plan.. Ek Plan tumne banaya mujhe Trap karne ke liye n U were Successful also n Ek Plan maine Banaya to Trap U n i’m also successful this time I Made a Full Proof Plan to Trap U ( Points towards the Hidden Camera ) abb tumne jo kuch bhi kiya ya Kaha na everything is recorded in that Camera n has been Sent to Police too..Nw tell Me My Biggest Rival hw will U escape this time ( Smiles Winningly )
Raj who heard the entire plan of sayyam was really in immense shock n was surprised to see himself hand cuffed n being arrested by the police who were once afraid of him never used to talk in high tone were arresting him . whereas sayyam who was seeing raj being arrested was happy n relaxed to give justice to his wife who has suffered alot due to his helplessness… he immediately rushed to hospital to meet his drlng wife n his baby with teary eyes but this time the tears were of happiness n excitement….

Sanskaar : ( Excited ) i’m Coming My Krishna..i’m coming to meet u n our baby..Be Ready for the wonderful surprise from my side..3 months back u decided to give me surprise n nw 3 months later its my turn to give u ready.. ( Teary Eyes )
Episode ends with sayyam’s excited face…

So guys here it’s getting over… Raj signha’s track is over now… I have noticed less comments in my previous episodes… Annie, Hafsaa,dwidha,swetha,uf,jenita,zainab,zani saleem,yura… Thankx for all others also… I hope everyone will comment on this as I ended raj’s track…

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  1. Plan was awesome. …
    Nice episode
    Waiting for next….

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much?

  2. Saiyyamlover_17

    Yaaaayayayayayayyaaaaaaay!!!!!!! Saiyyyyaaam is awake!!!!! Plz update soon ❤️✨???

    1. Shaani

      ? I’ll try to upload soon..?

  3. Nice episode?

  4. Ahhh this was awesome❤❤❤perfectionist yew are❤excited about when kriyyam will meet?✌when Krishna will be able to feel his touch❤when sayyam will be with her and their baby❤I’m so excited

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much ?

  5. Swetha7

    this is great.shaani there may be less comments.that doesn’t mean your fans have become less.i know there are many who read your ff but they must be very busy to comment.keep writing dear.your ff becomes mere and more exciting day by day.waiting some kriyam romance and another twist.a twist of naina’s true face may abt naina falling for sayyam and try to snatch him and krishna tries her best to sayyam……..

    1. Swetha7

      i mean krishna tries her best to save sayyam

    2. Swetha7

      oh….. i have just seen someone requested you not to make naina villain.but this track would be a big twist,but you have already agreed not to do so.i have just seen it in your previous episode.then you have to think about another twist.may be you already have it on your mind.i know what ever it is it will be damn exiting.eagerly waiting for the next episode.

  6. So sad raj track end this epi good

  7. Thank u shaani u ended raj’s track waiting for kriyam meeting 🙂

    1. Shaani

      Ur welcome.. Here after I’ll try to give kriyam cute wala scenes

  8. Yayyy? finally❤❤ now pls no more sad scenes ?

    1. Shaani

      Yeah.. No more sad scenes…?

  9. Ema

    I was amazing and our sayyam is back again and want alottt not alott ton of kriyyam romantic scenes pregnant romance ( like baby kicking ,mood changing ) and thank u very muchh i ❤❤ todays epi ur the best ff writer in this world keep updating !!! And lve u lot sis ??????? ur an angle ????

  10. if we doesnt comment dat doesnt mean v arent enjoying ur ff…i love it…n so raj ka kaam tammam…yoooo…so happy the SAIYYAM is back…hannnn

    1. Shaani

      ? yeah u r right ..

  11. The damned and cursed actions of raj in the last few episodes had indeed left me fuming till the last straw was added in the last episode. All of his deeds had in reality enraged me to such an extent that I could not even find enough words to disgrace him. All of his words and thoughts depicted his extremely down-trodden and disgusting personality which was truly a great curse to have befallen me. The way in which he performed his actions and spoke his dialogues was flawlessly portrayed which gave this story a truly hate-worthy antagonist. All the words used to depict him were perfectly used and helped to lower his position in the society in the best possible way.
    Krishna’s bold side and the humongous change in her attitude had truly enthralled and inspired me. Her behaviour, gait and words in the last few episodes have been supremely amazing and shocking. The huge turn of events besides the exemplary change in her life was indeed a present to readers and showed her immaculate personality. There can be not enough words found to praise and glorify her character enough.
    The support and love offered by the family is seriously unique and unconditional. The way in which they assisted krishna and acted as her strength in times of distress and strife is just stupendous. The actions and words of the family members and the way in which they helped her at every step and during every problem is simply one of a kind. There are seriously no expressive words right now to glorify and pay reverence to this immensely beautiful and lovely family.

  12. Amazing and fantabulous episode. All the conversations and subsequent actions were perfectly conceptualised and presented. The episode was intensely intriguing and made the storyline a true suspense-thriller. The plan was indeed awesome and stupendous. Sayyam’s actions and his words took my breath away for sure and as it was the case, it has returned right now. His was the best plan I have ever read or heard about until now. The way in which he managed to remain still even in the toughest of situations is just unimaginable. The conception and execution of this plan cannot be embodied in mere words. This was surely a deed performed by some immortal because defeating and suppressing an antagonist like raj is surely not the work of a human.
    The episode has left me speechless to the truest sense…

  13. Awesome shaani. What a plan made by saiyyam. Feels good to see saiyyam in action. Raj ka tho The End hogaya yayyyy. Eagerly waiting for kriyam meeting

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much..yea here after there will be kriyam cute wala scenes

  14. I loooove tour FF
    Waiting for the next update

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much..i have uploaded the next part..

  15. AnahitaAnnie

    Woow..Shaaaaniiii.that was a marvellous episode.. I mean the twist and Saiyyam’s entry was so perfect.. Mostly I just loved the plan… Really that flashback was something I read twice.. As the dialogues were soooo good… How can u write so beautifully being a human.. Reallt today’s episode was one of the best episodes till date… It was toooo fascinating.. Keep going and can’t wait for the next one..?

  16. Hafsaaa

    Woooah that entry of Saiyyam was dressed up man ?? he just blew the place,though the flashback was a bit long but I loved it ♥️

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much..

  17. Akankshanna

    Awesome….Mind blowing plan

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