kriyam – u r my strength Episode 129

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Episode 129
As Krishna was busy in her work related to office she heard a door bell from outside which disturbing her in her work for the third time which made her frustrated n irritated… but she again went to open the door..As She opens it she sees no one yet again n gets even more irritated n shouts in anger…
Krishna : ( Opens da Door n Goes little Forward to see ) Who is it ?? Kaun Hai ?? ( Angry ) what the hell !! Who is it ?? Agar Aana nahi hai toh Y the Hell Knocking n Disturbing Us again n again.. ( Closes the Door in Anger )
After Closing the Door Krishna Climbs Up the Stairs in Much Pain n Tiredness due to Repetitive Climbing of Stairs but Krishna somehow Manages to Climb Up n Reaches to Her Room…As She Enters Her Room She gets Shocked to See a Person Sitting on Her Sofa in a Boss Style with a Evil Smirk on His Face n which Makes Krishna Shocked n Speechless…
Swara : ( Shocked ) tum.. ? ( enters the room in anger n stands in front of da person ) how dare u raj enter my room without my permission ?? ( Confused ) aur haa ek minute hw did u enter inside my home ? ( shows the door ) get out of my house ryt now.i said get out..warna i will call da police in real this time ..( Angry )
Raj : ( Smiles Evilly ) Itni Jaldi kya hai Krishna .. ( Gets Up from the Sofa n Heads towards krishna with a Evil Smile ) abbi abhi toh aaya hu..won’t U Serve ur Guest with what he wants ?? ( Moves More Closer to Krishna )

As raj was moving closer to krishna,krishna kept on moving back in fear by holding her stomach due to pain.
Krishna : ( Sweating ) D-d-kkho Raj..Stay away from Me..don’t u Remember the 2 Slaps which I gave U Last time..if u Keep One More Step Near Me then u will get another Slap From Me..Sssoo Stay Away from Me ( Keeps on Moving back in Fear )
Raj : ( Laughs Evilly ) ussi ka toh jawab dene aaya hu main mrs krishna ( smirks evilly ) ( angry ) hw can i forget those slaps ?? in my entire life no one has even dared or tired to talk with me in high tone n u ( holds krishna’s shoulder tightly in anger ) but u have slapped me 2 times n that too in front of whole office staff n a driver..hw u i forget it ?? ( pushes krishna on bed ) so i m here to teach u a lesson fr messing up with raj sinha..first ur ( points toward sayyam ) husband sayyam snatched my project from my hands n when i attacked him, u came instead of him to complete that hw could i manage that ha. n on that when i tried to solve this problem with love ( touches his cheeks ) u slapped me.. ( shouted ) hw dare u slap me krishna ..nw u r going to pay for it…

As Raj was Screaming n Torturing Krishna in Anger,Krishna was really Scared n was Crying in Fear n was Pleading Raj to Leave Her.
Krishna : ( Scared n Sweating ) Rraj..Plzz kuch bhi tumhre saath hua it was ur mistake..if u wanted the project then u cud have worked hard na instead of attacking sayya or misbehaving with me..what all u did was not the solution fr just a small ( Moves back on Bed in Fear ) plzz Leave least for humanity show some goodness.. leave me..nt about me bt think at least about the child inside me…. ( Pleads )

Raj who was enjoying krishna’s pleadings n weak side… he started unbuttoning his shirt with an evil smile making krishna more scared n frightened n in fear she held sayyam’s hands while sweating making sayyam angry n helpless..soon raj through his shirt n came on top of krishna n stared her with a evil smirk making krishna more scared n feel disgusted n angry n as result she spitted on raj instead of pushing him to protect herself as she was weak due to sudden shock n pregnancy weakness…
Raj : ( Feels da Spit ) what The ( Touches His Face ) U spitted on me..nw u just wait n watch mrs krishna sayyam birla..i won’t spare u..i will torture u n ur baby in front of ur dear husband n he wont be able to do any if u can Save Ur Dignity n Ur Baby..Save Them ( Smirks Evilly n Leans Towards Krishna )
As Raj was Leaning Towards Krishna,Krishna Closed Her Eyes in Fear n Tried to Defend Herself from Raj but As She was Weak n Scared n was also Suffering from Pain in Her Stomach due Sudden Stress n Tension She was Failing in Her Each Attempt n was Loosing Hope Hence Leading Her to Unconscious State Making Raj Win His Game,Seeing Krishna in Unconscious State Raj was about to Lean towards krishna’s Neck bt before He could Proceed in His Evil Game He Feels a Strong Grip on His Back Making Him Angry n as He Turned to See da Person who Disturbed Him All He Received was a Biggest Shock of His Life Same Like sayyam Received at Delhi Airport when Raj was Attacking sayyam n Hence Making Raj Shocked,Surprised n Speechless….
Raj : ( Angry ) what the hell who is it ?? ( Turns back n Gets Shocked n Sweating ) Tum??

Precap- kon hai Wo aadmi??…

  1. Last part samjh mai nhi aya but amezing updates that next uplod plz

    1. Shaani was a mistake… U have to read 128th episode before reading this one… U will understand it..

  2. Saiyyam!!!saiyyam!!! I am literary cheering for Saiyyan..come on man wake up…its like many months… Anyways… I loved the level of Raj’s torture…he is a true villain…and and the dialogues of krishna was awesome… I am loving this track sooo much..i can’t wait to see who is in the back… I won’t tell u to update ASAP becoz u already updated tons of I will just wait for the next one..u r doing great.

  3. Hafsaaa

    I know I know?? our Saiyyam baby is backkkk…yassss man finally he’s back ?✔️✔️ Now let’s see what he outta do ?? I simply loved it shaani?

  4. Is it sayyam???
    Nice episode…
    Love ur ff

  5. It’s saiyyam??. I am so happy ? Raj tu toh ab gaya.. well done shaani. Update ASAP

  6. I thnk the person is rahul krishna’s cousin……aur may be yuvaan or maan

  7. RAOne

    i could imagine man protaganist holding man…. and bhar do jholi meri song playing….. great want to see this in next part giving punches to him(raj)….. waiting for fight b/w between brown strowoman(Raj) and roman reigns(sayyam) and bhar to jholi mari….. after fight sayyam faint and next morning all is well…… Buddy as you are exprienced i need the list of RASAM because i need that in my episodes so… please help me buddy……… way the carry your work…….. and all the best for OS Championship………and for you FF and exam too…….. keep writing please help with that I need this….please tell me… thanks in Advance

  8. raj u r gone…go saiyyam go…u got a punching bag today take out all the the pain n guilt u hv faced on this stupid guy…hit saiyyam hit…

    im so happy finally saiyyam thek hogaya

  9. I think it is Sayyam who woke from coma seeinng his wife in trouble.

  10. It ssayyam yay I’m so excited for the next part it was beyond amazing the episode was on ???

  11. Wow……saiyyam come on gve him a big bunch on his face n protect ur krishna..
    Eagrly waitng fr next one pls pls pls update asap pls dr

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